The Fox News Confessional: Dinesh D’Souza Begs Forgiveness

Pray for Fox NewsMost news editorial pages are devoted to expressing opinions on issues of significance to the public. However, as with everything else related to journalistic ethics, Fox News has different perspective.

Dinesh D’Souza, the director of the widely debunked crocumentary, “2016: Obama’s America,” was recently accused of having an extra-marital affair and brandishing his new, young, blonde, fiance in public. D’Souza, it should also be noted, is the president of King’s College, a Christian institution on Manhattan. [Update: The King’s College board announced this morning that D’Souza has resigned amid allegations of infidelity] The charges against D’Souza swirled around conservative circles due to the sensitive nature of a devout, right-wing, demagogue being caught with his pants down (again).

Of course, this is far from a unique occurrence in the hypocritical world of sanctimonious piety peddlers. Preachers like Jimmy Swaggart and Ted Haggard have been been embroiled in sex scandals. Politicians like Larry Craig, Mark Sanford, and David Vitter, have had to explain their adulteries and whore mongering. And Fox News was always there to defend them. In the case of thrice-wed Catholic Newt Gingrich, Fox’s own psycho analyst, Keith Ablow, actually wrote a column arguing that America would be stronger under Gingrich precisely because of his multiple sins.

What’s interesting about this, however, is that Fox News has given D’Souza a platform to press his case for absolution. Posted as an “opinion” column, the headline declared “‘2016: Obama’s America’ filmmaker — I am not having an affair.”

Fox News D'Souza Affair

Well then, that’s a relief. Apparently D’Souza was separated from his wife while he was prancing around with his new squeeze. And he was unaware that getting engaged while still married was verboten in the Jesus-sphere. [Update: D’Souza’s mistress was also married] D’Souza’s article is nothing more than a rebuttal of personal allegations of infidelity. Why is that a subject for an editorial published by a so-called “news” enterprise?

This is further evidence that the word “news” has no business being associated with anything Fox does. They have a mission that is in stark contrast to what the rest of the world calls journalism. Now it’s not enough that Fox is a blatantly biased mouthpiece for hardcore, right-wingism, but it is also assuming the role of confessor, where wayward Republicans can be redeemed by its magic glow.


3 thoughts on “The Fox News Confessional: Dinesh D’Souza Begs Forgiveness

  1. D’Souza is,in my opinion, one of the creepiest conservatives out there. Unlike a Beck or Hannity, who we all know are psychotic, D’Souza tries to pass himself off as some sort of itellectual who has a grasp on reality, which he does not. I am convinced these people are so frustrated that Obama has not given them a scandal to latch onto, i.e. Whitewater, Lewinski, they have had to resort to making things up and what will happen if Obama is reelected as in his 2016 nonsense.

    Bill Maher did a thing on his show Friday where he castigated focus on the family in particular about all the stupid predictions thay said would come to pass if Obama were elected in 2008. As we know he was elected and of the 34 things(all very dire) not one came to pass, 0 for 34 as Maher put it. I had a personal experience with a right wing idiot on inauguration day 2009 who said Obama would remove “In God We Trust” from the currency. I told them I would put up $10,000 against anyone foolish enough to take that bet and if at the end of his first term that did not happen I would collect on the bet. That person shut their mouth immediately!

  2. I totally agree that D’Souza (and the rest of his phony-baloney ilk) is a complete charalatan. If it were back in the 19th century (and who’s to say that a Romney presidency [OMG!!!]wouldn’t throw us back to a Dickensian time, complete with debtor’s prisons, workhouses, and flogging for unwed pregnant women!) D’Souza would be fast-talking off the back of a horse-drawn wagon, selling his idiocy to unsuspecting individuals!

    I remember back when his first book, “The Bell Curve” was popular (as much as a totally racist screed can be). I (and my fellow economists at my firm in NYC)shook our heads at the excerpts we were able to get, at how totally flawed his research and sampling techniques were, making his totally off the wall “analysis” of the so-called genetic predisposition of white folk to be “smarter/more intelligent” than black people. (Interestingly, he didn’t use the term “people of color”, because he obviously made a subliminal case for an odd belief that people like him were even “genetically smarter” than anyone! Yikes! So, racists loved him; intelligent and more learned people dismissed him as “ridiculous”; a buffoon. Sadly, he became impressed with himself, and promoted his “snake oil” right into the Christian Right and FOX! Then, he makes a hateful film about our president. Why? Perhaps he’s jealous, but more likely, he’s just a racist!

  3. I have known about this man five years ago when his hat emails began to surface at the start of the presidents first term
    He was despicable then and he still is now.

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