Trump Makes Scary, Math-Challenged Claim to Explain Biden’s 7 Million Vote Margin of Victory

For nearly two years now, Donald Trump has been peddling his dangerous and preposterous allegations that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. Now, just in time for Halloween, Trump is proposing a new and frightening horror story for how President Biden and the Democrats stole the election.

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Donald Trump, Walking Dead Voters

Throughout the past two years Trump has been utterly incapable of providing a shred of evidence to support his claims of voter fraud. Even though he and his minions have pushed their conspiracy theories in over 60 court cases that they lost. They have produced and promoted (with the help of Fox News) pathetic and easily debunked crocumentaries that failed to expose any fraud whatsoever. They have promised to present their proof dozens of times, with each promise going unfulfilled. They seem to have an obsessive need to humiliate themselves with their persistent, but fruitless, crusade.

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The latest episode of Trump’s election fraud fallacies took place on Tuesday when he joined Dinesh D’Souza (himself a convicted election fraudster who Trump pardoned) for yet another discussion of Trump’s election disinformation. And Trump didn’t hold back the crazy as he sought to advance his “Big Lie” to new heights of absurdity…

“And then, of course they voted 6, 7, 8 times, as much as they could in the local areas. Some of the people went back, I guess, they said 28 times in one day to vote at different places with numerous votes. but they can’t put in 1,000 because it wouldn’t look right. They’re very smart. They go in with 5 votes, 6 votes, 7 votes, and then they go to another one. But it adds up to millions of votes.”

Of course it does. Trump has obviously given this a great deal of thought and is convinced of the accuracy of his claim. So let’s break it down.

Biden won in 2020 with seven million votes more than Trump. For him to have amassed that many more votes by deploying an army of voting criminals submitting as many as eight phony ballots each, the Biden conspiracy would have had to recruit 875,000 people willing to risk going to prison in order to rig the election.

Where would those people come from? How would they have been recruited and trained? And how would all of that been done without a single person spilling the beans, or a single slip up exposing the whole scheme?

Even if we use Trump’s highest number of ballot cheats (28), it would have taken 250,000 of them to hit the seven million mark. It would have been the biggest mobilization of criminals in history. If Biden could have planned and pulled this off, he deserves to have won. And remember, this is someone that the Trump camp says is senile and totally incompetent.

What’s more, all of these millions of votes would have had to have been cast in someone’s name. They couldn’t just be duplicates because those would not have counted. So apparently Trump believes that there were seven million phantom voters with valid registrations whose ballots could be hijacked. Perhaps they’re all zombies.

With the 2022 midterm election now less than two weeks away, Biden should reassemble his voter fraud army and deploy them to win supermajorities in the House and Senate, as well as in state houses and other local offices. There wouldn’t be a darn thing that Trump and his Republican losers could do about it.

But don’t be too scared. If Democrats prevail in the midterms, Trump will surely claim that that’s exactly what happened. And still with no evidence whatsoever. Since the GOP has abandoned any attempt to shape a party platform (other than gutting Social Security and Medicare, giving the government control over reproductive choice, and cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy), they have plenty of time to contrive these crackpot conspiracies. What’s really scary is that with all that extra time, you’d think they would be better at it.

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Trump’s Spokeswoman Keeps Committing the Same Violations on Twitter that Got Trump Banned

On January 8, 2020 – two days after the deadly, Trump-incited insurrection on Capitol Hill – Twitter finally made the responsible decision with regard to Donald Trump’s rancid and reckless rhetoric, saying that “we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.” And with that the Internet was immediately improved by a whopping 73%.

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Donald Trump, Twitter

However, Trump’s decadent and dangerous voice was still heard regularly thanks to his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Liz Harrington. Despite repeated calls for Twitter to comply with their own terms of service, Harrington has inexplicably been allowed to act as Trump’s ventriloquist dummy, dispensing his lies and hatred. And her Trumpified tweets continue to pose real threats to America’s political stability and civil tranquility.

For the past couple of weeks Harrington has been promoting the crocumentary, “2,000 Mules,” produced by convicted election fraudster, Dinesh D’Souza (who Trump pardoned), and the disreputable hacks at “True the Vote.” The film falsely alleges that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from Donald Trump. In fact, the film is a hodgepodge of unsupported innuendo and grossly distorted misinterpretations of data. It is rife with the sort of depraved diatribes that incited the storming of Congress on January 6, 2021. And in support of this farce, Harrington baselessly accuses Democrats of committing crimes and trying to “destroy” America.

The movie has been debunked by credible experts as a scam that is devoid of factual basis and worse, is deliberately deceptive. It is “based on faulty assumptions, anonymous accounts and improper analysis of cellphone location data.” It has even been repudiated by “news” outlets that are generally friendly to Trump and his brand of dishonesty. For instance, D’Souza himself has blasted Fox News, whining that “Tucker Carlson and his team specifically instructed Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote NOT to mention the movie.”

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D’Souza also complained about the Trump-fluffing Newsmax network, saying “BTW @newsmax is also blocking coverage of ‘2000 Mules.'”

Even the One America News Network recently had to walk back their incessant election fraud ranting as part of their settlement of a lawsuit by two election workers that they defamed. Which may explain why the other bootlicking Trump nets are avoiding this movie. They are already being sued for billions of dollars for lying about election fraud

See Dominion sued Fox News for $1.6 billion, and Smartmatic sued Fox News for $2.7 billion, and Newsmax and OAN added to lawsuit.

The scam that D’Souza is perpetrating was apparent in the way the movie premiered. He charged online viewers $20.00 each to watch it remotely. If you believe his claim that 80,000 people watched, that would be a $1.6 million dollar haul. And that doesn’t include the $499.00 charged to in-person guests at the Las Vegas and Mar-a-Lago premieres.

This film contributes to the madness and hostility that Trump seeks to inspire from his glassy-eyed cult followers. Harrington’s promotion of it is just another example of her role in provoking more violence. And the fact that Twitter lets her get away with it is appalling and only makes them complicit in whatever harm results.

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And to make matters worse, if Elon Musk’s bid to acquire Twitter goes through (which is not certain), he has already said he’ll restore Trump’s account. However, Trump says that he won’t return to Twitter even if the ban is lifted. But considering Trump’s proclivity for lying, take that with a pound or two of salt.

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Tucker Carlson Hysterically Hypes Bogus Election ‘Fraud’ Film By Convicted Election Fraudster

A year and half ago, Donald Trump decisively lost the presidential election to Joe Biden. But the sting of that humiliation continues to torment the twice impeached, former reality TV game show host, and failed real estate con man. And in his desperation, Trump persists in peddling his “Big Lie,” the delusional, factless allegations that the election was “rigged.”

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Fox News. Tucker Carlson

Throughout that same period of recent history, Fox News has embraced and dispensed Trump’s lies to their willfully gullible viewers. And now a new film is being pitched that purports to blow the lid off of the election fraud scandal. Surprisingly, its title, “2,000 Mules” is not a reference to the numerous jackasses who produced it. But unsurprisingly, it was featured on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program on Thursday night, between segments where he is fawning over Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin.

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Carlson introduced this segment with a trio of Democrats asserting, correctly, that “the 2020 election was the most secure in history:”

Rep. Adam Schiff: The American people chose Joe Biden to be their next president by an enormous margin. The successful conduct of that election, among the most secure in American history, was not an accident.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren: The 2020 election was the most secure conducted in modern history.

Rep. Eric Swalwell: You’re gonna see states like Arizona and Georgia learn the wrong lesson from 2020, the most secure election ever.

To which Carlson replied with a maniacal laugh…

“That’s just the most secure election ever. Really hair hat? Tell us how. He can’t tell us how. He’s just lying. Maybe it was the most secure election ever, but we have a right to determine for ourselves if it was the most secure election ever. Period. We have an absolute, god-given right.”

And the video of this malarkey was posted by Donald Trump’s Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Liz Harrington:

“Hair hat”? Let’s just set aside that boneheaded attempt at an insult. Carlson is complaining that those who claim that the election was secure can’t confirm it. Of course the obligation to confirm rests with those who allege fraud. And they have had a year and a half, and more than sixty court cases, to prove their allegations and have failed entirely. It is Carlson and his cohorts who are lying. If he is so intent on “determin[ing] for ourselves” whether the election was rigged, what’s stopping him? Why hasn’t he, or Trump, or Fox News, done so yet? Perhaps because they know they are lying.

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On this episode of Carlson’s propaganda-fest, he interviewed the film’s producer, Catherine Englebrecht. She’s the president of True the Vote, a rabidly partisan and thoroughly disreputable band of wingnut activists. Englebrecht worked with the convicted felon, Dinesh D’Souza, on “2,000 Mules.” For the record, after pleading guilty, D’Souza was convicted of – wait for it – campaign finance fraud! A crime so heinous that, naturally, Trump pardoned him. Now he’s using his experience as an election cheat to make false allegations about election cheating.

Needless to say, the film that Carlson and Fox News are promoting contains no evidence of voter fraud whatsoever. If they had anything incriminating they would have already presented it in court, under oath, where legal remedies could be addressed. But they continue to have nothing but wild accusations without a shred of proof. In fact, all the proof is held by those who certified the election.

The New York Times contacted election officials in all fifty states, including Republicans, and every one said that there was “no evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities in this election.” That’s the same conclusion made by a “voting integrity” commission formed by Trump himself. And several members of Trump’s administration also upheld the legitimacy of the election. For instance, the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Chris Krebs, said that

“The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. […] There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

And that’s not all

Christopher Wray, FBI Director: We have not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it’s by mail or otherwise.

Benjamin Hovland, of the U.S. Election Assist­ance Commission: Time and time again, when the rubber hits the road, there’s no evidence — whether that’s in court cases, whether that’s in the presidential commission that was … an embarrassment.

Ben Ginsberg, Veteran Repub­lican Party Election Lawyer: As he confronts losing, Trump has devoted his campaign and the Republican Party to this myth of voter fraud.

Karl Rove: Mr. Trump must prove systemic fraud, with illegal votes in the tens of thousands. There is no evidence of that so far.

Attorney General William Barr: To date, [DOJ invest­ig­at­ors] have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a differ­ent outcome in the elec­tion.

Attorney General Barr later elaborated on his view telling ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl (in his recent book “Betrayal”) that “My suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bullshit.” Which, come to think of it, is actually a pretty good description of Carlson’s crackpot conspiracy theorizing, as well as the whole four years that Trump was occupying the White House.

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Trump Hypes Convicted Election Fraud Felon’s Crocumentary About Election Fraud

For more than a year now, Donald Trump has been frantically scampering to scam suckers who are even more intellectually and emotionally damaged than he is. But his crackpot campaign to persuade people that the 2020 election was corrupted by a massive cabal of conspirators – despite never having been able to produce a shred of evidence – is just a pathetic pursuit to paper over his attempted coup, to which he publicly confessed.

Trump Lies

The latest display of Trump’s derangement came on Monday when he tweeted (via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill) an endorsement of a documentary that he claimed “shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen.” The statement gushed that…

“Highly respected Dinesh D’Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, ‘2,000 Mules,’ that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the ‘most secure election in history.’ It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot box was stuffed, and stuffed like never before—and it’s all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed.”

To refer to Dinesh D’Souza as “highly respected” is like referring to Hannibal Lecter as a distinguished gourmet. For the record, D’Souza is a felon who was convicted of – wait for it – campaign finance fraud! He pleaded to guilty to charges of multiple unlawful campaign contributions. So naturally, Trump pardoned him. Now he’s using his experience as an election cheat to make false allegations about election cheating. And D’Souza’s partners, True the Vote, are equally disreputable.

Trump whines that it was the “Fake News” that called the 2020 election “the most secure election in history.” Actually, that was Trump’s own Homeland Security officials. You have to wonder why, if the alleged “evidence” in this crocumentary is so solid, why haven’t they introduced it in court? Why did they make it into a movie that contains nothing verifiable and makes baseless allegations by known liars that are not under oath? Perhaps because the Trump team has already lost more than sixty court cases asserting election fraud that didn’t exist.

This is just another impotent attempt to spread Trump’s lies. It has no more legitimacy or proof of election fraud than the hilariously named “Absolute Proof,” a film by Mike Lindell (the MyPillow guy) that had so little proof that even the One America News Network (OAN) that aired it had to attach a legal disclaimer to distance themselves from the flagrantly bogus propaganda pic. It didn’t work. And neither will D’Souza’s pitiful effort to disseminate disinformation on Trump’s behalf. But that won’t stop Trump from slobbering all over it.

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Newsmax: Ted Cruz Can Do More For Texas Storm Victims By Fleeing To Cancun

Never let it be said that Republicans are afraid to march into controversy no matter how unpopular or self-serving. They have spent decades proving that there is noting too asinine for them to pursue with gusto and shamelessness in the face of universal criticism.

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Ted Cruz, Cancun

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas helpfully demonstrated that reputation for abhorrent audacity on Thursday as he packed his bags and jetted off to the balmy climes of Cancun, Mexico, while his constituents were freezing and dying, back home. While Texans were suffering without power, heat, food, or water, Cruz was languishing in the sun at a luxurious resort. As CNN reported…

“Sen. Ted Cruz and his family flew to Cancun, Mexico, he confirmed in a statement to CNN, as a winter disaster in his home state left millions without power or water. Cruz, a Texas Republican, said in the statement he flew down for a night because his daughters ‘asked to take a trip with friends.'”

It was clever of Cruz to blame this fiasco on his minor children. He’s learned a lot from his crush, Donald Trump (aka Cadet Bone Spurs), about evading responsibilities. Likewise, Cruz is beginning to master outrageous hypocrisy. CNN also reported that “In a radio interview Monday, Cruz told people to ‘stay home’ and not ‘risk it. Keep your family safe and just stay home and hug your kids.'” Good advice – for the little people.

This sort of insensitivity is nauseating on so many levels. It is an affront to the people who made the mistake of voting for him. It exposes his callous disregard for people in distress. Just the horrid optics of this behavior alone would have prevented a decent person from boarding that plane with his privileged family.

Naturally, Cruz has his defenders and apologists. They begin with the right-wing media that has so staunchly propped up Trump for four excruciating years. Fox News has been busily blaming green energy for Texas’ problems. And the arguments trotted out to justify Cruz’s vacationing were predictably galling. Let’s start with the ultra-conservative Newsmax:

So the Newsmax crowd believes that Cruz was selflessly relocating to a better command post to help his fellow Texans? To be sure, there are problems with power and communications in the state. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t places were those resources are available. And even if they weren’t, Cruz could have gone to a neighboring state rather than a ditch the country. Not even Cruz tried to peddle that nonsense excuse. In his statement he admitted that he was going on vacation.

Moving on, Longtime Trump shill and election fraud felon, Dinesh D’Souza, had a similar take on how Cruz was acting in the interest of his constituents. “What could @tedcruz do,” D’Souza tweeted. He elaborated saying that…

“If he were here in Texas? I’m hard-pressed to say. If he’s in Cancun, that means he’s not using up valuable resources of energy, food and water that can now be used by someone else. This is probably the best thing he could do for the state right now”

Wasn’t that thoughtful? By skipping out Cruz left a bounty of power and other resources for some other fortunate family. I hope they realize how lucky they are to be in Texas consuming Cruz’s share of the food and energy, while he’s sacrificing on their behalf in Cancun.

Finally, uber-jerk Ben Shapiro managed to pound out another of his painfully illogical diatribes. He observed that…

“It’s not a real time crisis that Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, can do anything about […] Do they expect Ted to go there with, like, a blowtorch and start defrosting all of the pipelines?”

Shapiro is right. Cruz would have been utterly useless had he remained in Texas. But then he was equally useless in Cancun. His uselessness has nothing to do with where he is physically. That’s just the way he is anywhere. For an example of a Texan who contributes to his community, see this from Beto O’Rourke:

In the end, the notion that Texas is better off when Ted Cruz is far away is difficult to argue with. But that being the case, he shouldn’t be representing the state in any official capacity. And the same goes for the rest of the Republican wankers who believe that government shouldn’t be helping people. Any political party whose philosophy rests on the jungle theory wherein everybody fends for themselves fails to understand why there are governments at all.

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Fox News Guest Dinesh D’Souza Honors the Humanitarian Slave Owners of the Old South

Leave it to Fox News to find the bright side of slave owners. While the rest of the civilized world condemns human trafficking, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends managed to produce a segment that highlighted the freedom loving Confederates on the old plantations of Dixie.

Fox News, Dinesh D'Souza

Co-host Steve Doocy interviewed one of Fox’s favorite shameless disseminators of flagrant lies, confessed felon Dinesh D’Souza. Earlier this year Donald Trump pardoned D’Souza for the federal crime that he had pleaded guilty to. The Fox segment began as an attempt to mock Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for what they asserted was a gaffe. It wasn’t. She tweeted that:

Ocasio-Cortez was replying to a tweet that noted that two recent presidents who lost the popular vote have put four justices on the Supreme Court. Doocy then asked D’Souza “Why does the Electoral College matter,” and “what do you think she was talking about?” D’Souza’s reply began by mansplaining what Ocasio-Cortez really meant (video below):

“Well, first of all, I think she’s confusing the Electoral College with the “three-fifths” laws. The three-fifths laws was about slavery, and it had to do with an argument between the North and the South over representation. Ironically, the North, which was the anti-slavery side, wanted blacks to count for zero because they wanted to reduce the representative power of the slave states. The South wanted blacks to count for a full person. So the three-fifths laws which was usually presented to show that the founders didn’t consider blacks to be fully human, doesn’t actually show that at all.”

D’Souza is almost right. The problem is that he leaves out the fact that the South only wanted to count slaves because it gave the region more clout in the federal government. Slaves would still be denied any rights and considered to be property. The South wanted it both ways: to own blacks like chattel, but count them to increase the political power of their white masters. Then D’Souza swung back around to the Electoral College:

“Now the Electoral College was a different matter. The Electoral College emerges out of this contest between the large states and the small states. Not an antiquated issue. We have that now. We have large states, we have small states. And if we had a system that gave power only to the large states, the small states would essentially be unrepresented. The whole point, remember, the core of our founding is the consent of the governed. So to create the union the founders needed the consent of the large states and the small states. The Electoral College is a part of that arithmetic.”

Once again, D’Souza os only partly correct. Much of the dispute between the large and small states was still a matter of north and south. The population of the North far exceeded that of the South. So Ocasio-Cortez was correct in associating the Electoral College with slavery. What’s more, D’Souza is wrong in stating that smaller states would be unrepresented without the Electoral College. Their representation in Congress would be identical. The only difference would be in presidential elections.

However, that difference has become a useless and undemocratic anachronism. Given the boundaryless mobility of the modern U.S., we should not still be electing the president by states, but rather by voters. There is no coherent reason why the tiny populations of Idaho or Wyoming should have a greater say in presidential elections than the vastly more numerous populations of California or Texas. And it’s fair to say that there are a lot of former residents of Idaho and Wyoming who now live in California and Texas. Should their votes be diluted simply because they moved?

Ocasio-Cortez is right to raise the issue of eliminating the outdated Electoral College. It should have been done long ago. Hopefully her colleagues in Congress join her in that initiative when she gets there in January. In the meantime, Fox News needs to stop hosting racists who talk down to women and demean them personally as incapable of grasping these issues. But then they would have hours and hours of dead air.

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Hillary’s America: Ex-Con’s Anti-Clinton Documentary Whitewashes The Right’s Ties To The KKK

The architects of the long-festering anti-Clinton crusades are often people who are demonstrably lacking in ethics or honesty. Take for example ex-con Dinesh D’Souza. Two years ago he pleaded guilty to election fraud. Prior to that he was forced to resign as the dean of a Catholic university due to his marital infidelity. This paragon of virtue, who is presenting himself as a spokesman for conservative values, has a follow-up to his 2012 crocumentary, “Obama’s America,” wherein he attempted to portray Hillary Clinton and President Obama as a hippie and a street thug.

The Hippie & The Street Thug

Setting aside those sexist and racist characterizations, D’Souza utterly failed to make any coherent points and his cinematic tantrum had no impact on the election that he hoped to swing to the right. So naturally he is returning with a new screed aimed directly at Clinton titled “Hillary’s America.” If her administration wound up being anything like Obama’s, then the stock market would double again, there would be another 72 straight months of private sector job growth, the percent of Americans without health insurance would be cut in half again, and the deficit would be cut by another two-thirds. What a nightmare.

The trailer for D’Souza’s new film (video below) reveals that it intends to continue an absurd and dishonest argument about racism in America. It begins with a D’Souza voice-over asking “Who are these Democrats?” Before answering that question he whines that “It all began when the Obama administration tried to shut me up.” That’s a reference to his prosecution and incarceration for election fraud to which he admitted guilt. He doesn’t explain how that sneaky rascal Obama got him to break the law by illegally funding a Republican Senate candidate. However, he does dismiss his own criminality to claim that “The big criminals are still at large,” while showing video of Clinton and Obama.

The meat of this propaganda piece appears to be centered on D’Souza’s allegations that the modern Democratic Party is closely tied to the Ku Klux Klan and supports slavery. This is one of the favorite lies of far-right cranks and Republican apologists for bigotry. It is based on the sliver of fact that 150 years ago southern Democrats were angry with Abraham Lincoln’s abolitionist policies and formed hate groups to oppose him. But the flaky right obsessively ignores the reality that Democrats cast off those positions in the 1950’s and 1960’s as they advanced comprehensive civil and voting rights legislation.

As a result, the bigots in the party fled en masse to a welcoming Republican Party that opposed advancements in equality and swelled the ranks of the white supremacist organizations. Former Democrats like Strom Thurmond became leaders of the GOP’s segregationist contingent. And today it is still the Republican Party that is throwing up roadblocks to the voting rights and non-discrimination bills that are proposed by Democrats. It is not coincidental that Donald Trump’s candidacy is backed by David Duke and other white supremacists. And it isn’t just Trump that draws those racists to the GOP. Anyone who can deny that it is the Republican Party that is the home of Confederacy-loving racists is either lying through their teeth, oblivious to reality, or painfully stupid.

D’Souza appeared at this year’s ultra-rightist CPAC convention to promote the film. He revealed his intention to release it during the Democratic National Committee’s convention in July. Clearly he thinks he’s going to disrupt the news cycle with his wingnut fan fiction, but more likely it will get lost amid the more newsworthy events associated with launching the Democrats’ presidential nominee into the general election. So he was reduced to begging the CPAC attendees to see the film on its opening weekend in the hopes of building buzz. [Side note: D’Souza will have wasted a lot of time and his sponsors money if Bernie Sanders ends up being the nominee]

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
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WTF? Fox News Links Bill Cosby’s Alleged Sexual Abuse To Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Prospects

Earlier this year Fox News fortified their rabidly right-wing roster of Republican PR flacks by hiring Roger Stone, a veteran GOP dirty trickster and notorious Clinton hater. Stone cut his teeth in the nastiest campaigns of Richard Nixon and in 2008 he founded a group to oppose Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign that he called “Citizens United Not Timid,” or C.U.N.T. He said that the group’s mission was “to educate the American public about what Hillary Clinton really is.”

Hillary Clinton WTF

Well, Fox is getting their money’s worth as Stone makes appearances on the “news” network spewing outrageous allegations and vile insinuations that set the bar for decency at new lows. Last week Stone visited the Kurvy Kouch Potatoes at Fox & Friends to hurl his trademark insults and innuendo. He was asked by Elizabeth Hasselbeck for some “insight with Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Wall Street.” Stone’s answer began predictably by asserting that it “causes her real problems.” Of course, if she had no relationship with Wall Street that would also be a problem. Fox is hard-wired so that anything that happens, or doesn’t happen, is a problem for Democrats. But then he swerved to inject an unrelated criticism from far-right field.

“Frankly, the much greater issue is the new public Bill Cosby scandal, which is gonna cause a reexamination of the problems of Bill Clinton and what Hillary knew about those actions and what she did to suppress them. So I think the Bill Cosby issue, as it were, could be a real problem for Bill Clinton and, therefore, for Hillary Clinton.”

Yes. That’s “the much greater issue.” A twenty year old incident of marital infidelity that is in no way analogous to Bill Cosby. Clinton’s affairs were consensual and, by all accounts, they stopped twenty years ago. You can be sure that if he were fooling around now some tabloid would have uncovered it. The notion that the Cosby controversy would spark a reexamination of Bill Clinton exists only in Stone’s perverted mind. Nobody cares about any of that, as evidenced by Clinton’s high approval ratings. If anything, it would be a reminder that the Clintons worked through their difficulties and preserved their marriage, affirming their family values.

The fact that Fox News employs a despicable character like Stone is proof that they have no interest in ethical journalism. But he is only the tip of the viceberg. Fox’s cast of characterless mudslingers include Karl Rove, who said that Clinton is too “old and stale” for America; Dinesh D’Souza, who said that the young Clinton looks like a hippy (and young Obama looks like a thug); Edward Klein who thinks that Chelsea Clinton was the spawn of Bill after raping his lesbian wife, Hillary. If there is anyone who still thinks that Fox News is either fair or balanced they had better seek professional help and massive quantities of medication as quickly as possible.

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D’Souza On Young Clinton And Obama: The Hippie And The Street Thug

The arch conservative author and filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza, has a shameful reputation characterized by dishonesty and immorality. He was forced to resign as the dean of a Catholic university due to his marital infidelity. More recently, he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of election finance fraud. As a veteran of right-wing punditry, D’Souza is a frequent guest on Fox News and is the writer and producer of the acidly anti-Obama crocumentary, “2016: Obama’s America,” based on his own widely debunked book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

On the eve of the publication of his new book, “America – Imagine a World Without Her,” D’Souza is once again demonstrating his affinity for the scum stuck to the bottom of the barrels he is scraping. The Washington Examiner posted some choice excerpts from a pre-release copy. While pitching the tome as “a passionate and sharply reasoned defense of America,” D’Souza has actually produced another tunnel-blind screed attacking his political enemies as villains on a mission to “finish off” America.

Lacking utterly in originality, D’Souza seizes on the old canard famously hyped by Glenn Beck, that that all contemporary liberals were weaned on Saul Alinsky. And like Beck and his diseased spawn, D’Souza casts Alinsky as some sort of horned demon sent by from Hades to destroy mankind. Consequently, the picture D’Souza paints of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is slathered with absurd invective that says more about D’Souza than it does the targets of his animus.

Dinesh D'Souza

D’Souza: “If you see early pictures and video of Hillary, she looks and sounds like a former hippie. Overtime, however, Hillary started dressing like a respectable middle-class mother and speaking in a clipped, moderate sounding voice. Young Barack Obama, too, looked like a bit of a street thug — in his own words, he could have been Trayvon Martin. Over time, however, Obama started dressing impeccably and even practiced modulating his voice.”

It’s called growing up. Let’s set aside the repugnant and racist association of both Obama and Martin to thuggery. That’s standard rightist rhetoric. More revealing is that D’Souza is flabbergasted by the notion that American youths might conform to the fashion trends favored by their generation, but later mature and adapt to conventional styles more appropriate for business and public service. That evolution, in D’Souza’s mind, is not a natural part of growing up that millions of Americans experienced. He thinks it is an organized conspiracy to conceal subversive intentions beneath a veneer of respectability.

D’Souza: “Hillary and Obama both adopted Alinsky’s strategic counsel to sound mainstream, even when you aren’t. These are the ways in which our two Alinskyites make themselves palatable to the American middle class, which to this day has no idea how hostile Hillary and Obama are to middle-class values.”

So hidden under the pant suits and business attire are tie-dye, headbands, love beads and, of course, radical plans to replace the Constitution with the Communist Manifesto. And the fact that under Obama the economy has soared, Wall Street has hit new highs, corporations are earning record profits, and taxes are lower, the Tea Party contingent still believes that this administration is anti-capitalist.

The Hippie & The Street Thug

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Finally, if anyone is hostile to middle-class values, it’s D’Souza and his confederacy of wingnuts who are opposed to universal health care, raising the minimum wage, unions, student debt relief, clean air and water, banking reforms, and virtually every other significant initiative that benefits average Americans.

GUILTY! Republican Huckster Admits To Election Fraud

For several years now, Republicans have been engaged in a prolonged and determined campaign to suppress the votes of citizens whom they believe are inclined to vote for Democrats. They pretend that their mission is to prevent election fraud, even though they can’t document more than a handful of cases. So why is it that almost every time actual election fraud is uncovered, it happens to be by Republicans?

Today a bona fide example of criminal election activity has emerged in the form of a guilty plea by Republican author and filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza admitted in court that he unlawfully reimbursed friends who made donations to a New York senatorial candidate saying that he “knew that causing a campaign contribution to be made in the name of another was wrong and something the law forbids.”

Fox News - D'Souza

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In the harsh glare of the courtroom light, D’Souza is singing a very different tune. Earlier this year, when the charges were brought against him, he complained that he was being singled out for his anti-Obama writing and films. The news of his indictment stirred an outpouring of support from conservative media who alleged that President Obama was behind this political plot to silence his critics. D’Souza appeared several times on Fox News to assert his victimhood but, curiously, came short of asserting his innocence. He did, however, tell Sean Hannity that the prosecution may be “payback” by Obama for his aggressively negative, although thinly researched and easily debunked, screeds against the President. And Hannity was not alone in his defense of D’Souza. The lie-riddled Fox Nation website featured a commentary by Charles Hurt of Breitbart News that literally excused D’Souza’s crimes, even if it turned out that he were guilty – which we now know that he is.

Federal law includes sentencing guidelines that could result in a prison term of ten to sixteen months. D’Souza’s attorney, however, plans to ask the judge to waive any jail time because he says that his client is a “fundamentally honorable man” who had committed an “isolated instance of wrongdoing.” That’s if you consider someone whose books and films have been proven to be filled with lies, and who was forced to resign as the dean of a Catholic university because of marital infidelity, to be fundamentally honorable. It’s also difficult to regard paying off four different people to be an isolated instance of wrongdoing. But that’s the Republican perspective on law and order. It’s only really a crime if a Democrat does it.