More Obama Assassination Fantasies From The Scum At Fox Nation

This is getting ridiculous. The Fox News community web site, Fox Nation, just keeps posting repulsive items that invite the puerile trash who congregate there to exhibit their homicidal lust for President Obama’s demise. Below is the headline for an article Fox Nation cribbed from the Washington Post’s Romney flunky, Jennifer Rubin. However, while Rubin’s article was pedantic and dishonest, it did not say anything about Obama “Dig[ging] His Own Grave.” The Fox Nationalists invented that theme themselves and their readers quickly slobbered up.

Fox Nation

It’s shocking that a major “news” organization permits, and even encourages, this sort of discourse. It reveals much about the people who make these comments, and also about Fox News for providing them the platform. It is certainly not an expression of patriotism. In fact, wishing death on the American president is more in line with the sentiments of an Al Qaeda jihadist. These people clearly do not love their country or the principles for which it stands. And by “these people” I mean Fox News.


2 thoughts on “More Obama Assassination Fantasies From The Scum At Fox Nation

  1. Again< Fox Nation and Fox News are separate entities. Once again , when you say that Fox News does not love America, you are lying.

    By the way, I see that you have said nothing about all the kill-Romney comments on Twitter.

    • First of all, Fox Nation is not separate from Fox News. The URL is “” so that should be obvious.

      Secondly, there are a lot of assholes on the Internet and no doubt some of them say awful things about Romney. But this is not about random people in the wild spaces of the web. This about the user forums on a major news site that claims it is a place for civil discourse. If you can’t tell the difference, that’s your problem.

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