In The Fox Nation, Hurricane Sandy Is All About Anti-Obama Politics

In the hours preceding the landfall of Hurricane Sandy, Fox Nation posts as their “Pic of the Day” something they clearly regard as humorous. Their sense of humor, however, is perverse, to say the least.

Fox Nation - Perfect StormThe picture shows somebody’s home about to be flooded. Fox apparently doesn’t care about the welfare of the residents of the imperiled home, their physical safety, or the financial calamity they will suffer. What Fox is focused on is how hilarious they think it is that the family, whose lives are about to be turned upside down, are Democrats who support President Obama.

Hysterical, isn’t it? What could be funnier than thousands of Americans being evacuated from their homes and facing uncertainty as to what they will return to? Add to that comedy gold of millions more who are anticipating severe hardships due to flooding and power outages. First responders must be laughing their asses off as the threat to human life escalates.

What makes this sorry attempt at “photo-journalism” even more pathetic is that the Fox Nationalists have completely mangled the message conveyed by the picture. Rather than symbolizing a sunken Obama campaign, it is more representative of a campaign whose indomitable spirit is unsinkable. The sign has not been crushed by the elements or submerged. It is standing above the waterline, spread out and readable. It is more reflective of the star-spangled banner that gave “proof through the night that our flag was still there.”

Nevertheless, Fox chose to malign this inspiring vision and simultaneously trivialize the suffering that presently awaits this household and millions of others. Nice work, Fox.

Bonus Fox Nation Politicization:
Just to affirm that the above politicking at the expense of disaster-stricken Americans is not an isolated event by the Fox Nationalists, here is a sampling of their other postings today:

Fox Nation - Sandy Politics

While all of these are the result of ignorance and dishonesty, a couple deserve extra attention. First, the charge that the “Obama Sequester Proposal Slashes Funds For FEMA, Disaster Relief,” is a deliberate misreading of the law. What the administration did was simply to comply with legislation that calls for the White House to enumerate what cuts would take place. The law explicitly prohibits the administration from deciding what the cuts would be, so the responsibility was entirely with Congress to determine the amounts.

Secondly, the “outrage” expressed by Fox over the possibility of the jobs report being delayed is absurd in the extreme. Such a delay should be considered plausible under the circumstances, but even so, the Labor Department issued a statement that they expect the report to be issued on Friday as usual. What makes this ridiculous is that Fox and their conservative comrades all thought that the last jobs report was falsified by an Obama-friendly Labor Department. So why would they conspire to delay the report now if, according the right-wing nut jobs, they were going to fake it anyway? Wouldn’t they want their phony report showing another drop in the unemployment rate to get out before the election? Fox obviously can’t keep their conspiracy theories straight.


5 thoughts on “In The Fox Nation, Hurricane Sandy Is All About Anti-Obama Politics

  1. The people at Fox who put this stuff out there are so incredibly devoid of any positive human qualities. If this qualifies for journalism then I guess I don’t understand the definition of journalism.

  2. Been waiting all day for the headline: Fox News agrees it’s a Frankenstorm, blames Senator Al Franken. But seriously, I do hope that, as when Katrina hit, our current FEMA head has a strong background in Arabian horse shows.

    • Al Franken – That’s great! I may have to ‘visualize’ that.

  3. Fox and their friends must also write the absurd and complete fiction that is forwarded to my inbox daily from every occasional Romney supporter I’ve ever met. Most is worthless propaganda trash that is based mostly on lies. It takes a small IQ to think that the waste of bandwidth they use forwarding it to others will change opinions. Don’t think so.

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