Fox News: A Fundamental Threat To American Democracy And The Enemies Of The American People

On Tuesday’s edition of the Judge Jeanine Pirro show on Fox News, Pirro hosted a discussion with celebrated media analysts Ann Coulter and Pat Caddell. The segment was predictably filled with partisan histrionics and wild-eyed hyperbole aimed at what they perceive to be the “liberal” media.

Fox News

Setting aside the hysterical irony of Fox News pretending to make a neutral assessment of the bias of any other media, the Coulter/Caddell team managed to outdo themselves and the network for which they so ably shill. Caddell, in particular, articulated an emotionally unhinged rant about how fatally biased the media has been in favor of President Obama. Caddell stammered and came close to slobbering as he vented his extreme disgust for the press. And then, in a fit that seemed more like a seizure, he spilled the unvarnished truth that had been swelling his pea-brain to unnatural dimensions:

“The leading mainstream media…they have become a fundamental threat to American democracy and the enemies of the American people.”

Good Lord! That’s a striking revelation coming from a devoted Fox News flunkie. And the only logical assumption is that he is talking about Fox News itself. Since we know that the “leading mainstream media,” based on viewership and circulation, is Fox News and its corporate parent entities (i.e. the Wall Street Journal), Caddell is indicting his employer as an enemy of the American people. And not a minute too soon.

Anyone tuning in to Fox News can see an unending stream of bile spewed at President Obama and Democrats/liberals in general. They seek to blame Obama for a wide array of invented scandals. They hype survey data by disreputable pollsters who always seem to find Obama trailing. They interview a familiar cast of Obama-haters who never disappoint in lavishing insults on their perceived ideological adversaries on the left. And many of those guests are actively employed by right-wing organizations and candidates, but Fox never discloses those affiliations.

I couldn’t agree more with Caddell that such blatant dishonesty and misrepresentation is the work of America’s enemies. I just didn’t expect it to come from a Fox News wingnut who is paid to serve that enemy. The proof of their dastardly misdeeds is seen in surveys that show that Fox viewers are significantly more ill-informed than viewers of other media, or even people who watch no news at all.

What’s really funny, though, is how upset Fox gets when other media fail to jump on their bandwagon of lies. For some reason Fox can’t comprehend that legitimate reporters don’t want to tarnish their reputations by disseminating the same kind of falsehoods that are the hallmark of Fox News.


6 thoughts on “Fox News: A Fundamental Threat To American Democracy And The Enemies Of The American People

  1. That’s why I love reading your stuff….you have an almost British sense of sarcasm and irony, and the biting wit and repartee is my favorite afternoon read.

    “celebrated media analysts” …. well done! That one had me mopping the coffee cough off my laptop keyboard.

    Keep up the good work squire.

  2. Can we please refrain from referring to Ann Coulter as a “celebrated media analyst”. She is nothing more than a very angry person who somehow garnished some notoriety by siding with an ideology that conflicts with her own genders role within our society. Her negligible contribution relies upon being able to con low information followers into purchasing her latest diatribe at their local bookstore or most likely online because they all support ‘job creators’ and ‘small business’ such as Amazon since price matters.

    So can we please call Ann Coulter what she is, a ‘professional hack’. Note I’ve included ‘professional’ to give it some measure of authority.

    Have you ever thought about watching Morning Joe? It’s Fox and Friends light.

    • Fox celebrates her. And pays her well, too.

  3. I firmly believe Fox is a threat to our democracy. The fourth estate is supposed to be an unbiased nonpartisan purveyor of information for the public’s consumption. The founding fathers envisioned a free press as the guardians of truth so the people could be informed as to what their political leaders are doing. Fox is a corporate perversion of the free press and is nothing more then the propoganda arm of the republican party. They are so enraged over the rest of the media not falling for their Benghazi bullshit scandal they are venting about it daily. They have succeeded in the past creating bogus scandals like this but this time the msm is not buying into their load of crap. This shows me that the free press is still working as the founding fathers intended, to a degree, and it obviously is something Fox doesn’t like. If Obama wins reelection, they will continue with this bogus reporting on all things Obama and will claim he won because of ‘liberal media bias’, which is nothing more than not buying into their bs.

  4. Fox News tells the truth. Pure and simple.

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