National Papa John’s Depreciation Day – Or How To Buy Health Care For 14 Cents

Well, here’s a bad idea, if there ever was one. “National Papa John’s Appreciation Day.” This is brought to you by the folks who supported Chick-Fil-A’s bigotry with an assist from Fox News.

Let’s say there is a nationwide pizza franchise that earns $1.2 billion annually, and whose owner is worth about $350 million. And this cheesy enterprise decides that providing health care for the employees who are central to its success is just too expensive, despite the fact that it would produce healthier, more productive employees and release the federal government and all other insured Americans from the burden of picking up the tab. Never mind that the company gives away millions of pizzas in promotions with the NFL, or that the total additional cost of the health care is only about $0.14 per pizza, or that the owner’s projections are that the program will only cost about $5-8 million a year (less than 1/2 of 1% of earnings)

Then let’s say that this pizza vendor announces that, rather than reducing his profit margins fractionally, or finding other ways to cut costs (like the exorbitant executive salaries), he’s planning to layoff already struggling, low-income employees or reduce their hours so that they don’t qualify for health care – not to mention making it harder for them to buy groceries or pay rent.

Who in their right mind would promote a campaign to support this fiendish and greedy scheme? Fox News of course. Today they are featuring two stories that directly benefit a social media effort to “Stand With Papa John.” The plan is to get people who are in favor of exacerbating the hardships of workers and their families to patronize the pizza parlor on November 16. No doubt they’ll find a few tasteless schmucks who will participate. But screwing your employees to avoid offering them health care over just 14 cents is nobody’s idea of fatherly.

Papa John - Deadbeat Dad

John Schnatter has officially became America’s Deadbeat Dad. And Fox News is his enabler. Just like the Chick-Fil-A affair earlier this year, it is so disappointing to see people rallying around businesses that make hatred and greed the prime ingredient in their product. That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing decent people would turn into a cause celebre. And since that isn’t a particularly good idea, here’s a better one: Print out copies of the “coupon” above and take them to a Papa John’s on Appreciation Day. Leave a few around for other customers so they know exactly how immoral the owner of this pizzeria is.


13 thoughts on “National Papa John’s Depreciation Day – Or How To Buy Health Care For 14 Cents

  1. I don’t know why Schnatter thinks it is good for his business to show how little campassion he has for working people. Who the hell does he think buys his crappy product? Certainly not the crowd he runs with.

  2. Doesn’t matter to me — their pizza’s lousy. Give me Numero Uno any day.

    Though I note the ad that popped up on my page is for BJs. Go figure…

  3. Why is it that the super rich bitch about such small sacrifices?? He basically said that he doesn’t care that being under his employ is not livable and he certainly doesn’t give a shit about making it livable, or even making it closer to livable. Why would he? He only has a billion and a half dollar a year company and it costs $10m. I mean look at that math, it would totally crush him!! OBAMAAAAAA!!!!!!

  4. You liberal crackpots are out of your minds. I’m in a go order a pizza from Papa John’s right now.

    • You might want to pick up some Pepto Bismal on the way.

      And while you’re there, be sure to tell the server that you’re buying this pizza because you’re too cheap to pay 14 cents more and you agree that their boss should deny them health care by laying them off or cutting their hours.

      • That’s a great idea – I may just do that – but their pizza isn’t too good so it may not happen.

  5. Yeah, keep it up, Papa John, and all the other greedy bastards, like the owner of the Denny’s franchises. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they piss off all of their workers enough to cause a National Spit In Your Food Order Day. $.14? What a jagoff!

    • As the Forbes article states, it’s not EVEN.14 cents per, it’s more like .5 cents.

      So the guy worth 300 mill and the house with a moat and the car turntable and the guest house worth 7 million and the annual income of 2.7 mill a year can’t afford to part with an extra .5 cents for his employees so that they can stay healthy and we don’t get an extra helping of influenza or TB with our pizza?

      How much is enough?

  6. U guys are a bunch of idiots, u haven’t got a clue. Why on earth do u think free health care is going to make anybody healthier, ur morons and u all need to go away. Free health care is just going to make a bunch of fat slobs like u. U haven’t got a clue how much money this guy makes, u go by what other people tell u which is a bunch of bull crap. I work for a restaurant and they make about a nickle on the dollar after they pay out everything. So where the hell is the 14 cents coming from to pay for everybody’s health care. Looks like they’ll be 9 cents in the hole. Now quite blaming it on the company’s and put the blame where it needs to be and that’s in that worthless Obamacare. Now next time you vote maybe you’ll vote for a real leader…

    • Thank you Tammy, for showing up to represent the unhinged demographic.

  7. These “job creators” are convinced that are of a different breed then the regular folks. Their smarter, their richer, and they have every right to take advantage of the benefits of operating a successful business in this country. In fact they tried to buy this country during this election. We can never let that happen. We must be on the ball for the 2014 midterms.

  8. The CEO says that his first obligation is to his shareholders. That tells you something right there.

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