Dick Morris Hopes People Aren’t Mad At Him For Lying About The Election

The undisputed champion of political idiocy is still Dick Morris of Fox News. In a play to solidify his standing, Morris visited with Sean Hannity to commiserate about their monumentally incompetent analysis of the presidential election. Attempting to defend his fatally flawed punditry, Morris told Hannity…

“Sean, I hope people aren’t mad at me about it … I spoke about what I believed and I think that there was a period of time when the Romney campaign was falling apart, people were not optimistic, nobody thought there was a chance of victory and I felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what I said.”

So Morris abandoned all the reality-based data that had driven Mitt Romney’s campaign into despondency in order to raise their spirits and to deceive the public into believing that Romney still had a chance to pull it out, contrary to what the actual numbers said in the most credible surveys, including those within the campaign. And now conservatives wonder how they could have been caught so off-guard by Romney’s decisive loss. It wasn’t skewed polling. It was the fact that they were deliberately lied to.

Dick MorrisThis shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Morris’ prior work. This is the guy who said that Bill Clinton was going to vote for Romney. This is the guy who said that the Todd Akin “legitimate rape” controversy was a “big plus” for Romney. And most significantly, this is the guy who confessed last year that he intended to be a political hack on Romney’s behalf:

“I decided a couple of – a month or two ago to stop dumping on Mitt Romney, for example … Not because I approve of Romneycare, not because I approve of his flip-flops, flip on abortion, but because I may have to be one of those who carries this guy for a couple of months when he’s running against Obama and I don’t want to make my own task harder.”

You see, it doesn’t matter what his actual opinion is about anything, he is only going to comment in a manner that benefits his GOP clients. That’s what Fox News is paying him for.


8 thoughts on “Dick Morris Hopes People Aren’t Mad At Him For Lying About The Election

  1. DOH!!! …and all those who are surprised, raise your hand and submit to the public humiliation you deserve.

    Actually, I do feel a little sorry, but only a little, for some of those who were duped by the likes of Morris and his ilk. Most just didn’t seem to have the capacity to see it. And I have acquaintances who fit that mold. Others are just intellectually lazy and should be called out for their complicity.

    IMO, Rush and Sean, are despicable human beings. I think even they know it but don’t care. They’re making millions off of the ignorance of their audience.

  2. The part I love is what Morris didn’t say explicitly but implied: that his vouching for Romney is particularly influential.

    • Ha. That’s true. Although, if you’re a desperate wingnut looking into the abyss of four more years of a Kenyan socialist president, you might listen to anyone, even Dick Morris.

  3. He almost blamed Romney for his being wrong…nope, he DID blame Romney for his being wrong.

  4. When I hear that someone I like is a Republican, a FOXFan, I’m usually dumbfounded. How can this person listen to Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Steve Doocey, Sean Hannity. . .and say, “I like that person, I believe that person, I identify with that person?” It’s almost impossible to fit in my brain. My own mother is an arch conservative, and I can’t square it with her other qualities. I mean, DICK MORRIS. DICK MORRIS!!! Such a boozy, theatrical, moist-mouthed, always-wrong, utterly ick-inducing douche. Mom, how could you?

    • If you’re a blind follower of the party, then I could totally see someone being a close follower of those guys. Once you see the party for what it is TODAY, then Fox news becomes hard to watch. I’m as extreme a right winger as you could meet and it’s not hard to walk away from Fox News – in fact it’s quite easy.

  5. Politico edited out the rest of Morris’ quote. Morris said he fully believed his own analysis and his election predictions. But Politico and Newscorpse didn’t include that part of the quote. So dishonest.

    • If he believed his crap that only makes him look even more stupid considering how wrong he was. However, given his previous statement about “not dumping” on Romney, it’s fair to presume that he would lie on cue to help his Republican clients.

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