Here We Go Again: Fox News’ War On Christmas Lunacy Returns

It happens every year at this time. Chestnuts roast over open fires; Jack Frost nips at your nose; and Fox News declares that there is a “War on Christmas” that only they can see.

Fox News War on Christmas

Of all the phony stories that Fox News can invent, this is one of the silliest. This a nation in which a sizable majority is Christian. And many who are not also celebrate the Christmas holiday out of convenience. It is a national holiday for which most people, Christian or not, get the day off of work. Every store in America features Christmas sales with products designed for the holiday. Christmas decorations adorn homes, restaurants, offices, lampposts, and anything else that tinsel can be wrapped around. And amid this all-consuming, orgy of Candy Cane colors and Bing Crosby tunes, Fox News still thinks that Christmas is facing some sort of hostile threat.

Never mind that there is good reason for many Americans to feel slighted by the rampant yuletiding going on all around them. Jews don’t get a national holiday. There are no Muslim films scheduled to run non-stop for eight weeks on thirty different TV channels. Hindus and Buddhists and even Unitarians have to fend for themselves. And don’t even bring up atheists.

Nevertheless, the War on Christmas is something that seems to dominate the Fox News Channel every year despite having no evidence that any war is in progress, except against all of the non-Christians. And if it weren’t enough that Fox is once again ranting over a non-existent war, take alook at what else they are railing about as this holiday season commences:

Fox News Doomsday

Yep, that’s a real thing. “Countdown to Doomsday.” Fox News Reporting is covering this vital subject beginning this Wednesday. They are outraged over a made up war on Christmas, but they are producing specials about an expired Mayan calendar. They are committing their awesome journalistic assets to uncover the truth about an alleged Mayan prediction of the demise of planet Earth. Mark my words, brothers and sisters, Fox will get to the bottom of this and declare it to be an ancient hoax. They will firmly denounce any possibility that a civilization from the past can accurately prophesy the end of the world in an apocalyptic holocaust.

Oh wait a minute. I guess there is one ancient civilization’s prophesy of an apocalyptic holocaust with which Fox concurs. And that’s the one that is at war with … someone, maybe the Mayans.


5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again: Fox News’ War On Christmas Lunacy Returns

  1. I’ve never understood this ultra-right wing obsession with the modern celebration of Christmas. Back in Puritanical America celebrating Christmas was frowned upon. As a national holiday it didn’t really take off until there was a retail push to actually exploit the very secular aspect of profitability. And the political fore-runners of the “war on Christmas” were the anti-Semitic John Birch society that saw Jewish influence as being communist driven. It seems idiotic or ingenuous to attack retail stores for saying “Happy Holidays” when their investment in the religious aspects of Christmas are absolutely zero. As for Nativity scenes and the like, as an atheist I would love it if there were thousands in every town and city. Just on private property and not sponsored by the government. That’s not a war, that’s Constitutionally provided.

    • Christmas was originally a pagan holiday to celebrate the Goddess of Nature. Jesus was more likely born in September, not December. Christian leaders of the time made December 25 Jesus’ birthday to encourage Pagans to convert to Christianity.

  2. This notion of the End of Days as predicted by the Mayan culture and calendar is a misnomer at best. The Mayans may have eluded to the beginning of something new by the end of something old but they did not predict the end of the world. Aside from what we are being told by investment firms on TV, the world will not cease to be. Countless scholars cannot even agree upon what if anything might happen, much less on the date we are being informed it will be.
    It’s easier and much scarier to tell people that the end of the world is coming but how do you tell people that the possibility of an undetermined change in some facet or aspect of the known world may or may not present itself on or about the 21st of December 2012?

    As for the War of Christmas. I’m all for it provided its waged on the over commercialization and insipid notions that if I don’t sell everything I have to buy, buy, buy all the right as well as expected presents that my entire life will have been for nothing.
    How am I supposed to run around town delivering unwanted presents in a Cadillac if I’m out shopping for a Lexus, Audi, or that one special diamond ring that will make all others seem like Cracker-Jack toys…

  3. I don’t understand why they’re so worried: Dick Morris says Christmas is gonna win.

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