The Fake Fox News ‘War On Christmas’ Just Created Some Very Real Victims

For several years now Fox News has been engaged in a raging “War On Christmas.” For the most part it is a conflict that is wholly the product of their warped imagination. And despite the fact that victory was declared by its general, Bill O’Reilly, several times, peace has still evaded us. And now this phony war is having all too real consequences.

Fox News Todd Starnes

An elementary school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, made an administrative decision not to put on a Christmas show this year. The principal cited the fact that its production requires 15-20 hours of classroom time that couldn’t be spared. However, the program’s cancellation was all that Fox News needed to bolster their war propaganda. Host Todd Starnes put out another in his series of bogus tirades against imaginary assaults on Xmas. According to LancasterOnline (via Media Matters):

“A Hempfield elementary school is under fire for ending its longstanding production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” and a Jewish family has fled the county in fear because it’s being blamed for the cancellation. The unfolding controversy at Centerville Elementary School played out this week in national conservative media outlets including FOX News and Breitbart News Network, which portray the school’s move as part of a ‘war on Christmas.'”

After the play was canceled, classmates were reported to have harassed the Jewish student whom they blamed for the cancellation. The parents denied that they had complained or asked that the play be canceled. All they did was to request that their child not be required to participate. The principal responded to the rumors about parental objections by posting a notice stating flatly that they weren’t true. But that didn’t stop Fox News, Breitbart, and other right-wing outlets from exploiting the contrived controversy.

As a result, the family was forced to flee their home in order to avoid the hostile reaction from Fox viewers. [See update below] LancasterOnline reported that:

“Since the Fox and Breitbart stories, a spokeswoman for the school district said, the school has received at least 200 emails and phone calls either supporting or objecting to the decision or asking for additional information. The Jewish student’s parents say some of the reactions to the stories frightened them. After seeing reader comments like ‘It would be nice if we had the addresses of those concerned citizens and, I bet, this info is known to people living in the area’ on the Breitbart story, the parents pulled their child out of school and headed out of the area for a bit. ‘There’s no way we’re going to take a chance after the pizza incident,’ they said, referencing the man who fired an assault rifle in a Washington D.C area pizzeria after reading a fake-news story that said Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of there.”

The stories from Fox and Breitbart focused on the false assertion that a Jewish family objected to the play’s Tiny Tim character saying “God bless us, everyone.” That’s absurd on its face because there would be no reason for such an objection. Jews are not averse to blessings from God. However, the attempt to stigmatize a Jewish family reeks of the anti-Semitism that frequently portrays Jews as Christ-killers. Casting Jews as opponents of Christianity and its holidays was a favorite tactic of the Nazis in 1930’s Germany.

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Now Fox News is carrying on that loathsome tradition in an effort to advance their Christmas Wars agenda. And they are not the least bit concerned about the harm it is doing to innocent families. They are devoted to their campaign of hate and division without regard for the victims. And it is perfectly aligned with Donald Trump’s divisive agenda. He often fires up his rallies by promising that “If I become president, we’re all going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.” It’s that 1930’s totalitarianism that makes him think he can decide what we are all going to say.

UPDATE: The Anti-Defamation League investigated the claims that the family fled their home due to threats following false stories about the cancellation of a school Christmas play. They found that the family actually left on a planned vacation, but the other facts remain unchanged. There were stories that accused the family of being responsible for the cancellation, and they were harassed.

Merry (War On) Christmas From A World Without Rupert Murdoch

The classic film, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” has become a tradition in the holiday season. And despite the attempts by Fox News to wage a divisive and exclusionary war that pits Americans against one another for merely offering different versions of the season’s greetings, the movie’s message continues to uplift each new generation of viewers.

Wonderful Life

But the film was not always so well received. In fact, during the “Red Scare” in the late 1940’s the notorious anti-communist persecution conducted by that era’s Tea Party Congress had labeled the film as commie propaganda. A 1947 FBI memorandum alleged that

“…the film represented a rather obvious attempt to discredit bankers by casting Lionel Barrymore as a ‘scrooge-type’ so that he would be the most hated man in the picture. This, according to these sources, is a common trick used by Communists.”

It seems like satire now, but they were deadly serious (unlike Jimmy Kimmel’s Mr. Potter and the Commies of Bedford Falls). What these pathetically inept film reviewers apparently failed to notice was that the film’s hero, George Bailey, was also a banker (as head of Bailey Bros. Building and Loan) – just not a greedy, insensitive, and criminally corrupt one like the villainous Mr. Potter. And the lesson he learned in the course of the story was that he had made a difference in the lives of those he touched, and that they reciprocated in kind.

The heartwarming notion that the world would be worse off without the likes of George Bailey still makes eyes moist and brings families together in appreciation of their good fortune. However, in a re-telling of the “Wonderful Life” by comedians Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, the fate is very different for the arch-conservative media baron, Rupert Murdoch. So, in what is becoming a Christmas tradition for News Corpse, here is Fry & Laurie’s profound and hilarious production of “It’s A Soaraway Life,” which looks at what the world would be like if Rupert Murdoch had never been born.

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Ted Cruz Launches A New (Allegedly Humorous) Front In The War On Christmas

The annoyingly sanctimonious evangelicals that dominate the Republican Party are constantly reminding everyone else how serious they are about celebrating Christmas as the remembrance of the birth of their savior. If anyone should divert from the path of reverence even slightly, they lash out with accusations of blasphemy and sacrilege. It’s gotten so bad that Walmart greeters are forbidden to wish patrons a “happy holiday,” and Starbucks is required to print reindeer and wreaths on the coffee cups. So you have to wonder how these martinets of virtue will respond to the new Ted Cruz ad (video below).

Ted Cruz

In the ad, scheduled to run during Saturday Night Live, Cruz makes an attempt at humor with a Christmas theme, but this insult to the solemnity of the season ought to make real Christians wince. At least that is what they would do if President Obama or Hillary Clinton ever tried to pull off something like this. Just the thought of Obama exploiting his children for a political ad that mocks the sacred holiday would send right-wingers into fits of holy rage. But that’s precisely what Cruz did.

The ad turns beloved traditional tales into parodies of political controversies. It is based on the sort of infomercials that peddle top 40 hits from the big band era. Some of the targets of Cruz’s comedy are “How ObamaCare Stole Christmas,” “Rudolph the Underemployed Reindeer,” and “The Grinch Who Lost Her Email.” It’s a veritable laugh riot. But by far the funniest part was that Cruz chose to remind people of his ridiculous reading of a Dr. Seuss classic during a senate filibuster. The ad opens with an announcer saying “Imagine the greatest Christmas stories told by the senator who once read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ from the Senate floor.” Yeah, just imagine that.

There is an unsettling sense of absurdity seeing Cruz in what he obviously believes is a hilarious ad. After all, this is the candidate that just called for carpet bombing of cities in Syria where ISIS members might reside. Never mind that such a tactic would slaughter thousands of innocent civilians, including women, children, and even Christians. Cruz brags about his leadership in blocking any legislative reform to address gun safety after twenty kids were murdered at Sandy Hook. He later exploited the gun issue in another failed attempt at comedy by using an AR-15 to make what he called “Machine Gun Bacon.” And now he wants people to see his humorous side?

The ad closes with a line that he certainly regards as having a serious message. The announcer says “If you are not completely satisfied with this collection of Cruz Christmas classics, you probably hate Christmas – and America.” Anyone who has observed Cruz for any length of time knows that this is exactly what he really thinks about those who disagree with him. However, his fans will likely eat this up and consider it a heartwarming look at the jovial family man who boasts about his endorsements from preachers who advocate killing homosexuals. You know, peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. Just like Jesus said.

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It’s A (War On) Christmas Miracle: A World Without Rupert Murdoch

Subscribers to the Dish Network woke up this weekend to find that the level of ignorance and dishonesty that is pumped into their homes by their television provider had dropped precipitously. Due to a contract dispute between Dish and Fox News the network pulled their programming depriving the Dish subscribers of the feast of lies and propaganda that dominate Fox’s schedule.

Wonderful Fox-Free Life

For many viewers it is a Christmas wish come true. Of course, for many others it is like being unable to connect to their supplier of wingnut crack.

Fox is mounting a campaign to denigrate Dish and blame them for the stalled contract talks. But what Fox isn’t tell you is that they are using the negotiations to add new Fox networks to Dish’s service and triple the fees for their sports channels (which would likely result in higher rates for customers as those increases are passed on). Neither of those issues are a part of the current contract that is up for renewal. So this is a case of Fox attempting to strong-arm Dish into capitulating to their demands and using Fox News as the cudgel. Further evidence of this is that Dish offered Fox a short-term extension to keep the network on the air while negotiations continued, but Fox turned them down.

Unfortunately, this holiday good news has been tempered by an utterly boneheaded decision by Dish to temporarily replace the blacked-out Fox News channel with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. That’s a little like pulling a fork out of your eye and replacing it with an ax. And you can rest assured that Beck will take full advantage of this accidental good fortune to escalate his lunacy to much larger and dumbfounded Fox audience. That oughta be fun.

Still, the notion of a Fox-free Christmas holds some appeal. It means that Dish subscribers will have to look elsewhere to be indoctrinated into the latest Fox scams. The result for many families is that their holiday gatherings may be free of Fox-itized relatives dampening the festivities with their conspiracy theories, hoax peddling, and hate mongering. It’s a prospect that was brilliantly imagined by the comedy team of Fry & Laurie (yes, that was Hugh Laurie of TV’s “House” fame). They produced a hilarious short film inspired by the classic “It’s A Wonderful Life,” that had a look at the world if Rupert Murdoch had never been born.

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And have yourself a merry little (war on) Christmas.

Christmas Warrior Bill O’Reilly Links Phony War To Climate Change Denial

The war on Christmas began in earnest in October when Fox News went into a frenzy over new federal regulations aimed at reducing the number of injuries and deaths caused by faulty electric holiday decorations. After all, losing a few Christian soldiers in the name of festive light displays is totally justifiable.

Today the battle rages on as Bill O’Reilly, Fox’s general in the annual war, uncovers evidence that the combat has only just begun (video below). And in the process he equates his fairy tale war with the scientifically confirmed dangers of Climate Change.

O’Reilly: We do have a bunch of “War on Christmas” deniers who say that I, and others, are making the whole thing up. Well, here’s the first evidence this year. A billboard put up by an atheist group telling children to skip church on Christmas day. […] If somebody denies global warming they’re all over them, but [the War on Christmas is] right before your eyes. There’s the sign. What generates that denial?

What O’Reilly is presenting as proof of the Christmas conflagration is the appearance of a single billboard in Tennessee that depicts a young girl’s letter to Santa saying that “All I want for Christmas is to skip church. I’m too old for fairy tales.” If that is all the evidence that is required to validate O’Reilly’s Christmas War theory, then he has a pretty low bar for validation. It is rather remarkable that he is so easily convinced on this matter, but he and other Climate Change deniers remain skeptical even after 97% of the scientists who study atmospheric science agree that Climate Change is occurring and is man made.

The segment on O’Reilly’s program consisted mainly of his interview of a psychotherapist wherein they spent the better part of five minutes maligning atheists as sadistic, nasty bullies. It was a display of overt hostility toward nonbelievers, even as they complained, without evidence, that nonbelievers were themselves hostile. They agreed that the billboard was “horrifically insulting” and an affront to the traditional values of this season of goodwill. Which is interesting because O’Reilly never expressed any outrage over the politicization and commercialization of Christmas by the Republican Party last year when the NRCC sold a tee-shirt proclaiming that “All I want for Christmas is to be rid of ObamaCare.”

Republican ObamaCare Christmas

So it’s perfectly OK to wish for the abolition of a program that has literally saved lives and made it possible for millions of Americans to get health insurance for the first time – people who previously could not afford it or who were denied due to preexisting conditions – but to wish to voluntarily exclude oneself from a ceremonial assembly in which one does not believe is a declaration of war. That is the sort of hypocrisy that Fox News is foisting on their faithful and dimwitted viewers during this season of joy. So just go to church and God will provide for your sick child. And Merry (War on) Christmas.

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Robot Chicken Has Enlisted In The Fox News War On Christmas (Video)

Fox News kicked off its annual War on Christmas early this year with an October 16th report that slobbered buckets of panic sauce over the Obamanazis attempts to prevent unnecessary deaths from faulty Freedom Ornaments on Jesus Trees. And now the cold weather war escalates as Robot Chicken joins the fray.

Robot Chicken Fox News War on Christmas

Before I go any further… Yes, this is a real program. The Adult Swim animated fowl’s entry into the battle was announced in a press release that reads…

“The Nerd unleashes holiday havoc in this sneak peek of the Robot Chicken Lots of Holidays But Don’t Worry Christmas is Still in There Too So Pull the Stick Out of Your Ass Fox News Special.”

This offensive is certain to produce a stern response from Fox’s X-MAS Wolverines who will assuredly retaliate in farce. Expect Fool King Eric Bolling to name Robot Chicken his “Fool of the Week.” And don’t be surprised if Bill O’Reilly declares the Nerd a pinhead and lackey to the tyrannical Obama goose-steppers. Glenn Beck, of course, will uncover the clandestine relationship between the Cartoon Network and George Soros, who he’ll accuse of collaborating to install a Cartoon Caliphate in the Middle East Earth.

This escalation of hostilities is a harbinger of the apocalyptic doom that is rapidly approaching. There is no way out. So either pledge allegiance to the Fox Brigades defending traditional values or submit to Santa’s will in Hell. And have yourselves a merry Chicken Little War on Christmas.

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Mark October 16 As The Official Start Of The Fox News War On Christmas For 2014

Today Christians across the Fox Nation are celebrating the beginning of the high holy days that usher in the season of spiritual hostility better known as the “War On Christmas.” As tradition dictates. Fox News made the official announcement with a declaration that the government is trampling on some perceived religious liberty.

This year the devotees are honoring their German brothers by swapping the War on Christmas language for “No Tannenbaum: Federal Regs to Target ‘Hazardous’ Christmas Lights.” And as usual, the disciples weigh in with their own righteous testimony.

Fox Nation War on Christmas

The Christian soldiers of Fox Nation are up in arms over new federal regulations aimed at reducing the injuries, including fatalities, caused by faulty lighting and other electrical decorative products. The Consumer Product Safety Commission proposed the new requirements saying that…

“Consumers can be seriously injured or killed by electrical shocks or fires if seasonal and decorative lighting products are not made using minimum wire size, sufficient strain reliefs, or over-current protection.”

The agency noted that since 1980, more than 250 people have been killed when decorative lights malfunction. However, in the view of the anti-Big Government Tea-Publican Crusaders, that’s a small price to pay for festive home ornaments. So Happy Holidays everybody. The war is on.

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Merry (War On) Christmas: Bill O’Reilly Declares Victory – Again

The Fox News driven War On Christmas is a peculiar conflict that only seems to flare up every year after Thanksgiving. Apparently both sides go into retreat between New Year’s Day and Halloween. But that isn’t the only peculiarity about this war.

Bill O'Reilly
Fox News’ general in the battlefield is Wily Bill O’Reilly. He is by far the most dominant figure in the war. And for proof of that, just ask him. Not only does he take the point every year by exposing any alleged assault on a nativity scene that his staff alerts him to, he proudly boasts about the success of his warrior crusade. Just this week he declared victory, an announcement that hopefully will put an end to the seemingly endless conflagration:

O’Reilly: We challenged them! So, therefore, it isn’t a mythical war on Christmas. It’s real and we just won!

That would be a profound turning point in the Christmas Wars except for the fact that O’Reilly had previously declared victory five years ago:

O’Reilly: “The Factor’s” reporting on Christmas is one of the most important things we’ve done. The underlying assault on this federal holiday is spelled out in my book, “Culture Warrior” if you have an interest. But the bottom line is this. We won.

How many times will Wily Bill claim to have emerged victorious in the same war? Generally when you have vanquished your enemies you do not have to re-vanquish them the following year. But that’s the peculiarity of a war that is waged for ratings, profit, and the adoration of dimwitted troops bravely manning their sofas with remotes at the ready.

So America can thank O’Reilly for saving Christmas – twice – and for preserving the true spirit of the holiday season that he described with such heartfelt earnestness when he said…

“Every company in America should be on its knees thanking Jesus for being born. Without Christmas, most American businesses would be far less profitable.”

If that joyful expression of profit over prophet doesn’t jingle your bells you are two steps lower than Scrooge. So get with the program and join O’Reilly’s crusade for the traditional values that honor greed and corporatism. It’s a vision of the holiday season that was expressed so artfully in music by Miles Davis and Bob Dorough in this classic Christmas carol: Blue Xmas.

Fox News Is Right: There Really Is A War On Christmas – By Racist Christians

Last week Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly stirred the War On Christmas pot again while adding a new racially charged component by insisting that “Santa Claus just is white” (and Jesus too). That declaration of epidermal elitism is both offensive and historically wrong. Nevertheless, Kelly doubled-down after receiving a barrage of criticism. And she was joined by her colleagues at Fox who agreed with her.

Fox News

Now Fox has published an editorial that that addresses the larger question of the long-running “War on Christmas” that is largely the product of their bigoted imaginations. The author is Kelly Shackelford, the president and CEO of the Liberty Institute, a Texas-based (where else?) conservative legal foundation that opposes the separation of church and state and defends the rights of Christians to force their beliefs on others on public property and with public funds.

Shackelford’s article is nothing more than an enumeration of some recent legal disputes wherein Christians were prohibited from exploiting public assets to impose their religious beliefs on others. Shackelford accused those who defend the separation of church and state of bullying and intimidating the poor oppressed Christian majority that gets all of its religious observances declared legal holidays and whose celebrations are shoved down the throats of all Americans with non-stop proselytizing, parades, and television programming that is steeped in Christian fervor for weeks on end.

The War on Christmas that is imagined by Shackelford and his ilk is really just an attempt by Americans to keep the government from establishing the sort of state religion that the Constitution explicitly forbids. But zealots like Shackelford are determined to force everyone to bow to their God. They could be satisfied with promoting their faith on the grounds of the tens of thousands of churches they have built and on other private property where they are free to express themselves. But their fanaticism is defined by an unceasing need to coerce others into accepting religion on their terms.

It is in this regard that Fox News has inadvertently stumbled onto the real War on Christmas. It is a war that soils what Christians claim to be the spirit of the season. While they speak of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men, they practice discrimination and foment hostility. They are fighting a war against their fellow citizens in an effort to punish them lest they conform to the spiritual will of the majority. And make, no mistake, their purpose is not to save souls, but to shape a political environment that adheres to their conservative principles.

This is the real War on Christmas. It is the exploitation of Christmas as a political cudgel, and it is nothing new. In 1959 the rabidly right-wing, anti-communists at the John Birch Society issued a pamphlet titled “There Goes Christmas?!” that warned:

“One of the techniques now being applied by the Reds to weaken the pillar of religion in our country is the drive to take Christ out of Christmas — to denude the event of its religious meaning.”

That’s right. Fifty years ago the War on Christmas was in full swing. Then, like now, it was attributed to leftists seeking to undermine society and weaken our moral foundation. This imaginary assault on values has been a staple argument for the right for decades. But it goes back even farther than that. In 1921 Henry Ford’s repulsively racist tract “The International Jew,” stated:

“The whole record of the Jewish opposition to Christmas, Easter and other Christian festivals, and their opposition to certain patriotic songs, shows the venom and directness of [their] attack…And it has become pretty general. Last Christmas most people had a hard time finding Christmas cards that indicated in any way that Christmas commemorated Someone’s Birth…Now, all this begins with the designers of the cards.”

There you have it. It is a cabal of Jewish greeting card designers that is behind the whole War on Christmas thing. And of course the blame had to eventually be shifted to Jews who the right believe are in control of the media, the law, and all the money.

The fact that this War on Christmas meme evolved from such repugnant historical beginnings says a great deal about the hate mongers who perpetuate it today. It is exactly the same sentiment that drives this message, even if the messengers like Shackelford, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Sarah Palin (whose new book is wholly consumed by this subject), refuse to admit it. The people promoting the so-called War on Christmas are themselves waging a war on Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and even other Christians who respect religious and Constitutional freedom.

If these right-wing pseudo-Christians were really concerned with preserving the spirit of Christmas, they wouldn’t allow it to be exploited and trivialized by commercial enterprises and greedy corporations. They wouldn’t shove it down people’s throats. And they wouldn’t join the ranks of anti-Semites and bigots to perpetuate a campaign of hate.

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War On Christmas: Sean Hannity And Glenn Beck Join The Other Side

With Thanksgiving safely out of the way, it is time for Fox News to buckle down and concentrate on the ongoing (and fake) War on Christmas. Bill O’Reilly is doing his part by declaring his intention to continue his watchful policing of the secular-progressive forces who are bent on the elimination of Santa Claus and Christianity.

However, there is an ominous development in Foxland. Sean Hannity welcomed Glenn Beck to his program on Monday to discuss the rift in the Republican Party between their insane, right-wing establishment faction, and their insane, right-wing Tea Party faction. But prior to the fascinating conversation between these two deep-thinkers. Hannity greeted Beck with a hearty “Happy Holidays.” Which Beck graciously returned.

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If that isn’t a harbinger of Armageddon, what is? While the rest of the wingnut-osphere is railing against efforts to remove Christ from the pagan holiday that was falsely converted into the birthday of Jesus, Hannity and Beck are exchanging salutations that advance Satan’s mission of tolerance. Will O’Reilly condemn this atrocity? Stay tuned.