Rupert Murdoch: It’s Very Hard To Be Neutral

News Corp. Chair, Rupert Murdoch, lets loose with another truth eruption. He previously confessed that he tried to shape public opinion on the war in Iraq. He also admitted that his new business channel would be business-friendly. And his second in command, Roger Ailes, tried to pass off this Orwellism:

Now Murdoch strikes again. At an appearance at Georgetown University he addressed a matter that most conscious observers settled long ago – the ideological impartiality of Fox News.

It’s very hard to be neutral. People laugh at us because we call ourselves ‘Fair and Balanced.’ Fact is, CNN, who’s always been extremely liberal, never had a Republican or conservative voice on it. The only difference is that we have equal voices on both sides but that seems to have upset a lot of liberals.

It’s so hard to be neutral that Murdoch and Co. have stopped even trying. Well, he’s right about one thing – People are laughing at them for calling themselves ‘Fair and Balanced.’ When people hear this latest blather they are going to double up with guffaws.

For Murdoch to allege that CNN “never had a Republican or conservative voice” is the peak of hilarity. What side of the aisle does he think Robert Novak was on? Or Pat Buchanan? Or Mary Matalin? Or Tucker Carlson? Or Lynne Cheney? Or Lou Dobbs? All of these uber-rightists were veterans of CNN and were featured regularly.

And for some real comedy, chuckle along with Murdoch’s claim that Fox has equal voices. Perhaps he thinks that whatshisname (Sean Hannity’s sidekick) balances out Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, John Gibson, Greta Van Susteren, Brit Hume, Steve Doocy, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, Tony Snow, Rick Santorum, Robert Novak, Karl Rove, etc.

I’m crackin’ up just thinking about it.


5 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch: It’s Very Hard To Be Neutral

  1. Great piece Fellows,

    However, no where is the spontaneous admission of News Corp being like the Jesuits, mentioned… How can you cover that speech at Georgetown, the Washington bastion of Right Wing Jesuit-led New World Order, and leave out such a revealing acknowledgment? This confession to me is more important than all the other compromising statements, or denials. Here Mr. Murdoch admits to beign a Jesuit coadjutor, whose main priority is to defend the Bishop of Rome, and his pseudo-religious political world hegemony.

    Thanks again. Remember next time listen for that “J” word; I did and it left me flabbergasted. Here’s where I heard that news brief:

    Arsenio A. Lembert Jr.
    Florida, USA.

    • Well, Murdoch said a bunch of funny things, including his denial that he is monopolist.

  2. Isn’t CNN also the home of Glen “Douchebag” Beck? You don’t get too much more right wing Christofacist nutjob than him without holding up sides on street corners that say “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”.

    • I only left Beck out because he is a more recent CNN wingnut. I wanted to list those that were there at the beginning.

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