Craig's JournaList

Craigslist, the Internet’s answer to The Recylcer, may be just the beginning for it’s founder, Craig Newmark. Speaking at Oxford University, Mr. Newmark said that he is working on a project that would employ the “wisdom of the masses” in the service of news gathering and reporting. He made it plain that he views contemporary media as an institution that is not fulfilling its mission.

“Things need to change. The big issue in the US is that newspapers are afraid to talk truth to power. The White House press corps don’t speak the truth to power – they are frightened to lose access they don’t have anyway.”

I think he meant to say, “…the White House press corpse…” Either way, this is a view that I heartily endorse, and I am anxious to see what materializes.

There is speculation that he may invest in, or acquire and transform it into a citizen-based media platform. This idea has potential, but, as with any idea, execution is the key. I will be watching these developments hopefully and report on any progress.


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