Bill O’Reilly Asks: Did Martin Luther King Despise America?

In the event that anyone requires further evidence of Bill O’Reilly’s overt prejudice, he was kind enough to oblige last week with yet another example.

On the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, O’Reilly distills the legacy of King down to one question. The question O’Reilly considers the key to understanding King’s life-long work is whether or not King despised America. And how does O’Reilly’s respond? “…that question is very difficult to answer precisely.”

There is nothing new about O’Reilly spewing vitriolic diatribes accusing his perceived enemies in the Culture War of hatred and treason. But choosing this occasion to sully King’s reputation sets a new low, even for O’Reilly. However, O’Reilly isn’t satisfied with merely smearing one of our nation’s greatest voices for freedom and equality, he also denigrates the whole of the population for which King fought and died. In discussing African-Americans and others who defended the reputation of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, O’Reilly used his Talking Points Memo last Friday to disparage the very people most harmed by the sort of prejudice that is still with us forty years after King’s death.

O’Reilly: “Now there is no question that millions of Americans do despise the USA. I hate to say it, but it’s true. And they see themselves as victims of oppression from a corrupt government and system.”

In context, there is no question that the millions to whom O’Reilly refer, who despise America and see themselves as victims, are African-Americans. These are the same Americans that surprised O’Reilly by how civilized they were when dining at Sylvia’s in Harlem:

O’Reilly: “I couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks, primarily black patronship.”

O’Reilly has been hammering the Wright issue ever since it broke. Of the thirteen Talking Points Memos he delivered on the Factor since the pastor became news, Wright was raised in ten of them. That’s 77% of the signature essays he reads at the beginning of every program. Every other issue, from Iraq to health care to immigration to the election, etc., is subjugated to the national catastrophe of a few sermons by a Chicago pastor. This is a pretty good indicator of what O’Reilly thinks is important.

Obviously, what he thinks is important is repeatedly pouring salt into racial wounds and driving Americans further apart. This has become the recognized mission of the O’Reilly Fracture. And just when you thought he could sink no lower, he condemns millions of black Americans for hating their country. In the process he has the arrogance to speak for King. After showing a video clip of John McCain being booed for his opposition to a federal MLK holiday, O’Reilly asserts that…

“Dr. King, of course, would have forgiven John McCain.”

Isn’t it wonderful that we have O’Reilly here to channel America’s martyred heroes? Especially those whom he believes might have despised America.


6 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Asks: Did Martin Luther King Despise America?

  1. Oh, gee, what a surprise. If MLK were alive today, Fox’s gang of “fair and balanced” “foxperts” would’ve thrown him under the bus, called him “unAmerican” and “racist”, then chastised the Dems for being too spineless to stand up against his form of “extremist” behavior.

  2. BillO loves the US, he wants the country to return to a simpler time… Somewhere around 1800 where white men had all the power, the black man was in his place and women and children were seen and not heard.

    It’s a pity that he and those like him can’t accept that the rest of the world has moved on and demands little things like equality.

  3. O’Reilly is a real journalist. He reports the important news. That candidate Obama has been mentored for 20 years by an anti-White fanatic is news. That there are large black churches that are subversive and anti-American right here in the U.S. is news.

    Want to talk about rubbing salt into the wounds – that’s what the “Reverend” Wright does every Sunday.

    But O’Reilly’s not perfect. If he said Martin Luther King would have forgiven Sen. McCain then that is wrong. McCain has done nothing King needs to forgive.

    • You know, I might have responded to some of your comments if you hadn’t begun by saying that “O’Reilly is a real journalist.”

      Now I can’t stop laughing long enough to answer any of your other nonsense.

  4. So, Bill thinks that, “Now there is no question that millions of Americans do despise the USA… [and who] see themselves as victims of oppression from a corrupt government and system.”

    Yes Bill, there are. This is what Obama was trying to get at in his “racism speech”. There is anger on both sides, but as John Stewart said, “someone’s talking to us about race, like we’re adults..” I think Bill still needs to be sat down and talked to like a small child in order to understand complex things like “perspective”.

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