Bill O’Reilly vs. The Race Hustlers

Bill O’Reilly’s campaign to inculcate racism into society is in full swing. A few days ago, after wondering aloud whether Martin Luther King despised America, he accused millions of African-Americans of hating their country. Today, in his Talking Points Memo, he advances his argument to attack anyone who has the temerity to suggest that racism actually exists:

“As we’ve been reporting, millions of Americans of all colors are fed up with race baiters and accusations of racism.”

Who these millions are, O’Reilly doesn’t say. But he does list some of their “victims.” Here are a few with some related commentary I’ve added.

  • George W. Bush: Will speak at racist Bob Jones University but not the convention of the NAACP (five years in a row).
  • Ronald Reagan: Declared in 1980 that the Voting Rights Act had been “humiliating to the South.” Plus he was a staunch supporter of apartheid in South Africa.
  • Don Imus: Of “nappy headed hos” fame.
  • Trent Lott: Who thinks Strom Thurmond’s segregationist agenda would have solved our nation’s race problems.
  • John Gibson: Pleads with whites to have more children to keep America from being overrun.
  • Glenn Beck: Views the predominately black victims of Hurricane Katrina as scumbags.
  • Michelle Malkin: A Filipina, wrote a book defending the interment of Japanese-Americans during WWII.
  • Sean Hannity: Benefactor of neo Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner.
  • Rush Limbaugh: Whose racist ranting about Donovan McNabb got him booted from football broadcasting. And who could forget “Barack the Magic Negro?”

These are the people O’Reilly is defending against charges of racism. He thinks it is inexcusable to label such people and thinking as racist. It makes you wonder how far someone would have to go before O’Reilly would concede that some form of prejudice is present. Instead, he considers these people to be pillars of racial harmony who are unfairly tarnished by those he calls “race hustlers.” He clearly prefers that people refrain from any mention of racism. He insists that even raising the issue will “hurt minorities by inhibiting sincere discussion.” In other words, Shut Up! O’Reilly warns that dire circumstances await those who fail to heed his demand:

“The result of all this garbage is that millions of white Americans will no longer even think about discussing race with blacks. It is far too dangerous.”

Once again, O’Reilly doesn’t offer even a hint of who these millions are. But no matter, O’Reilly’s solution to racial discord is to never mention it. On this he is in agreement with William Kristol’s call for benign neglect on matters of race. And just to be sure you don’t think he’s fooling around, he lays down this threat:

“…you race hustlers out there, you race baiters, you better watch it. We’ve got your number, and the gloves are off.”

O’Reilly loves to throw his weight around. Here are a few of his classic threats from the past:

  • “If you dodge us, it is at your peril.” – Directed at Democrats who decline to appear on his program.
  • “No one on this earth is going to block a shot from The O’Reilly Factor. It is not going to happen.” – Directed at anyone standing between his camera and some object of his infection.
  • “Every corrupt media person in this country is on notice, right now. I’m coming after you…I’m going to hunt you down.” – Directed at his legions of enemies in the press.
  • “There is a chance that before this presidential election year is over somebody is going to get hurt.”Directed at presidential candidates.
  • “Every company in America should be on its knees thanking Jesus for being born.” – Directed at businesses that deign to wish their customers a Happy Holiday.

And then there’s this old favorite:

For the record, O’Reilly has now referenced Rev. Wright in 11 of the 14 Talking Points Memos he has done since the story broke a month ago. There certainly couldn’t be any racist intent in that. His repeated assertions as to the racism of Rev. Wright, and by extension, Barack Obama, don’t count in his campaign against calling people racist. Or perhaps it only counts when someone other than himself is doing the calling.