So F**king What? Fox News Panics Over Spanish Speaking Muslims

Can anyone explain what the Fox Nationalists find so newsworthy about this?

Fox Nation

A billboard that gives information about where people can go to learn more about Islam doesn’t seem like something that would stir up much controversy. It isn’t espousing a point of view. It isn’t disparaging any other faith. It would only be of interest to people who have a desire for the information.

Nevertheless, Fox manages to fire up the panicky bigots who populate their web site by focusing on a small disclosure at the bottom of the billboard that simply says “Se Habla Espanol.”

So F**king What?

It’s not enough that Fox News routinely maligns Muslims by associating them all with terrorism. Now they seem to be matching up their viewers fear of Muslims with their anxiety over Latinos, whom they regard universally as illegal aliens. It’s a Fox twofer. With a single news item they can whip up hysteria about Islamic terrorists sneaking into the country, taking our jobs, and blowing them up, all while refusing to learn our language. Ethnic and religious bigotry all rolled up into one posting about a conventional advertisement that has the audacity to address Spanish speakers in (of all places) south Florida.


3 thoughts on “So F**king What? Fox News Panics Over Spanish Speaking Muslims

  1. Why is this news? I mean seriously. A billboard. News.

    I didn’t understand when atheist billboards were news. Yes, some religious people were offended (the worst were those who complain about political correctness and the fact that people are offended by anything, i.e. racist comments, sexist comments, bigoted comments), but was it news? Maybe someone should make a news item about the billboard with a Bible quote that I pass when I go through Philly.

    But to the point, you are right that this is a Fox twofer – slam two groups at once! OMG, it’s a BILLBOARD!!! OMG it’s PROMOTING Islam! Sharia law! Terrorists! And they have the nerve to try to appeal to Spanish-speakers! Oh noes! Why can’t those “Spics” get their terrorist indoctrination in God’s language!! Learn English before you betray the country you’ve chosen to live in! There must be some connection to the New World Order and the Amero… there’s just gotta be….

  2. So, yet another example of Shlox Snooze attacking anyone who isn’t one of them: white, male, filthy rich, and brain dead.

  3. All while refusing to learn our language.

    HAHAHA!!!! That’s fucking hilarious!! Shit that was funny.

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