So F**king What? Students Pledge Allegiance To The United States In Arabic. Fox Freaks Out

Isn’t this a good thing?

Fox Nation

The rabidly Islamophobic racists at Fox News have found yet another manufactured threat over which to obsess. It seems that a high school in Ft. Collins, Colorado, has taken the radical step of embracing the patriotism of all of its students. The horror of this activity prompted the Fox Nationalists to rush out a story with an alarmist headline saying “School Pledges Allegiance in Arabic, One Nation Under Allah?”

So F**king What?

What we have here is a group of students with diverse national and cultural backgrounds who are proud to be Americans. They are explicitly articulating that pride by pledging their allegiance to the country they love. Where’s the harm in that? Apparently the bigots at Fox are only comfortable with stereotypes of foreigners who are angry or violent or otherwise cast as enemies of the United States. The Foxies simply cannot comprehend the notion of patriotism unless it is expressed by white Christians.

One thing we can rely on with certainty is that Fox Nation is either lying or they are oozing bigotry on many levels. First of all, The question as to whether these students are making an oath to Allah ignores the fact that there are millions of Christians in the world who speak Arabic, which is a language, not a religion. Fox is making an assumption about the faith of these students that is based on prejudice. Which brings up the second point: What’s wrong with Muslims pledging to their God that they will be loyal to America? Would Fox prefer that anyone who believes in Allah reject this country? Or does Fox think that in order to love America you first have to convert to Christianity? Where would that leave Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Native Americans, atheists, etc.?

While this is just the latest example of the blatant racism that is frequently expressed on Fox News, it is still unnerving to witness this sort of overt hate speech emanating from a major so-called “news” network. And it is more than a little ironic that a man named Al-Waleed bin Talal, a Muslim and a Saudi prince who has not pledged his allegiance to America in any language, is the largest shareholder of Fox’s parent corporation outside of the Murdoch family.


8 thoughts on “So F**king What? Students Pledge Allegiance To The United States In Arabic. Fox Freaks Out

  1. Well yes. They want a white Christian and male universe. That has been quite obvious for some time. If they keep pushing the anti-contraception meme, they will soon get what they want, as all women of child-bearing age will refuse to have sex with these hateful men. I think a world of women (once these old rich white males are gone for good) would be a lovely, peaceful thing.

  2. The problem I see here is that God was ever dragged into this thing in the first place. The pledge never mentioned ‘one nation under God’ until 1954 when it was added by Congress during the Eisenhower administration. This was the height of the cold war and partly a reaction to the ‘godless communists’ we were fighting at the time. It generated some controversy over the years and has been challenged in court several times as a violation of our rights of freedom of religion as guaranteed and stated in the free exercise clause of the first amendment. Even before ‘under God’ was added the pledge was challenged for forcing people to even make a pledge and as a result, no one can be forced to say it, if they really don’t want to. Whenever the government favors one religion over another in legislation it does nothing but create problems. This should have never been done in the first place and now we all can plainly see why, if they don’t like people saying ‘under Allah’ then change the pledge back to its’ original form and remove ‘under God’ and ‘under anything’ from it. The arrogant religious fanatics in congress would never consider this because they cannot resist playing politics with it, so they will never do the right thing concerning this. We certainly will never see a joke like Fox Nation point out the real problem here is a reference to God at all, and as stated in the first amendment “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”, the pledge as it is now, is a clear violation of this and they would have to admit that neither ‘under God’ or ‘under Allah’ belong in the pledge.

  3. I find the idea of pledging anything to the state rotten – we should get rid of it all together.

  4. I hate to play devil’d advocate but what about the sub heading “Parents object to Arabic pledge of Allegiance”? You didn’t address that. Though I agree Fox Nation is ridiculous and appears to be run by Middle School students I am interested in the Parents issue too. The parents don’t really have anything to worry about but perhaps there is something to the story that should be mentioned in that regard.

    • Actually, that is not a subheading. It is a graphic from a local news broadcast that is not entirely accurate. While some parents did object, the principle said that “The response has been mostly positive.” Regarding the objections the principle said “I guess I’m getting worn down a little bit by how intense their sense of hate has been.”

  5. Thank you, that’s the information I was looking for.

  6. Interesting article. I would just like to add that “Allah” is not, as some people believe, the name of the Muslims’ God. “Allah” is just the word “God” (or “the God” to be more specific) translated into Arabic. Christians and Jews also say “Allah” in the Middle-East.

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