Breitbart Refuses To Apologize For Hagel Story Proven To Be False

In a typical display of arrogant obstinance, Breitbart News is refusing to acknowledge or take responsibility for a false story that was apparently based on a joke.

Breitbart News

BreitBrat Ben Shapiro posted an item of February 7, asserting that the White House was “Duck[ing] Questions On Friends of Hamas” with regard to Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be Secretary of Defense. Shapiro wrote that his investigation had turned up several sources claiming that Hagel had received donations from the terrorist sympathizers with the unlikely name.

However, it turns out, as it often does with the BreitBrats, that there was no truth to the rumor. In fact, it wasn’t even a rumor, it was a joke. When investigated by real reporters it was learned that Friends of Hamas does not even exist. But upon being revealed as a hack who never bothered to look into the claims of his alleged sources, BreitBrat Ben is now stiffening his back and defending his journalistic incompetence.

Shapiro is attempting to divert attention from his bumbling reportage by attacking the reporters who actually did what reporters are supposed to do. Meanwhile, his phony story is bubbling up the conservative food chain and has even made it to Fox’s Lou Dobbs program. So far, none of these disseminators of the debunked story about the fake group have issued corrections. But that’s to be expected from “news” enterprises that have such a devoted aversion to the truth.


15 thoughts on “Breitbart Refuses To Apologize For Hagel Story Proven To Be False

  1. Truth doesn’t matter. All that matters to the Right is to throw as many smears as possible at Liberals and Democrats because they know their base of bigots, homophobes, and liars will accept it and craves it.

    • Didn’t know Harry Reid was part of the Right, but I guess anything is possible.

      • Harry Reid is throwing smears against liberals and Democrats? Proof, please.

        • Can’t reveal my sources, but if truth doesn’t matter to the Right, only as many smears as possible, Mr. Reid qualifies.

          • In other words, “it’s true because I say so.”


            • Unnamed sources only count when a Lefty uses them. As concerns Hagel, shouldn’t he just reveal his donors or be vilified, much the same as Gov. Romney was concerning his failure to release tax returns? If Hagel has nothing to hide, let’s see the entire list. If no list, we can assume he’s hiding something.

            • John, you seem to have a compulsion to always avoid the topic at all costs. Either you think I should be writing about something other than what I wrote or, as in this case, you desperately seek some other situation that you think is similar, even though it isn’t.

              Is this because even you know that the BreitBrats are scumbags and you can’t defend their BS, especially when they double-down after getting caught? Or are you just incapable of forming a coherent argument so you drift off into other, unrelated subjects?

  2. BreitBrats ‘scumbags?’ Shirley…erm, surely you jest. Douchebags more accurately reflects their entire being.

  3. Mark, Scumbaginess, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure you’ve been seen as both in your day by those who love and hate what you have to say. The comments I made were in response to another commentor, not your article.

    A coherent argument about one group exclusively because you disagree with them, while ignoring the same behavior by those with whom you agree, is no argument at all. Call it pontificating, call it ideological blindness. I call it a compulsion.

  4. And when Senators like Rand Paul use this fake story as the basis for their vote regarding confirmation of Hagel, it makes you wonder in astonishment at the lack of competence and intelligence of said politicians. And if he’s “playing along” for voter support from the knuckle dragging mouth breathers, soon they will be his only support.

    BTW, his chances at a presidential bid was already a fantasy but he keeps reducing that possibility every time he speaks.

    And to be honest, I don’t mind the constant reminders of how stooopid the rwnj’s like the brietbarts and fox and teaparty types are. Your trolls might not ever figure it out or even want to but eventually others will see it.

    • @Bigtoe: This is the Romney tax return/transparency argument flipped on Democrats. Suddenly, this ploy wreaks of incompetence and stupidity. It worked pretty well for POTUS’ re-election. I don’t recall Sen. Majority Leader Reid being called a knuckle dragging mouth breather. It kinda fits him, though.

      • Your Romney/tax return comparison is irrelevant. This isn’t about anonymous sources. I have no problem with reputable journalists having sources who they cannot identify with good cause.

        The problem here isn’t that Shapiro’s sources were anonymous, it’s that they were proven to be lying. They told Shapiro that Hagel had received donations from “Friends of Hamas,” which DOES NOT EXIST. And Shapiro will not apologize or correct the story after having been proved false. That’s the problem.

        The Reid situation would only be comparable if he was proven false but stood by his comments anyway. That didn’t happen. In fact, Reid was proven to be right. Shapiro, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge, in the face of clear evidence, that he was wrong. That’s what makes him and Breitbart News scumbags.

        • It’s irrelevant because you say it is. When Harry Reid made his comments, he was doing so without details and used unnamed sources. At the time, absolutely nobody even questioned this tactic.

          You are perfectly willing to accept reports without the backup, ie. you don’t have Romney’s tax returns, while not scrutinizing Sen. Reid. He is not a journalist. He was throwing dung against the wall knowing it would stick.

          You’re right that this isn’t about anonymous sources – it’s about lack of scrutiny.

          • Well, apparently you didn’t get my previous explanation and I don’t have time to walk you through it, so have a nice day.

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