The Fox News Community Reveals Their Racist Vulgarity – Again

Those who have been paying attention are already aware of the blatantly dishonest practices of Fox News, particularly on their community web site (see Fox Nation vs. Reality) The only thing more repulsive than their disregard for the truth is the disgraceful conduct of their audience. So for anyone out there who hasn’t had the displeasure of meeting an actual Fox News viewer (a truly endangered species whose numbers are dwindling), here is a sampling of how they express themselves when informed about something as incidental and non-controversial as a new official portrait for the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Fox Nation

There isn’t much to add to that except to note that it isn’t a new or isolated occurrence. It is, however, important to acknowledge that there is an abundance of crude behavior and overt hatred on the Internet emanating from across the political spectrum. Most of it occurs on fringy outposts run by anonymous extremists with tiny followings. But for this sort of dialogue to be hosted by a major so-called “news” organization that seeks to present itself as reputable – even fair – tells us a great deal about the type of audience they cultivate.


6 thoughts on “The Fox News Community Reveals Their Racist Vulgarity – Again

  1. Completely agree. Shame on FOX for not monitoring overtly racist commentary. I realize there is a free speech issue, but FOX is not obligated to accept and publish any and all comments as a result. If they don’t rise up against it, their silence becomes tacit approval.

    I haven’t checked the site, but did anybody make a positive comment? I think I’ll go on the site and admonish both the idiots making the comments and FOX for allowing it.

    • There some positive comments, but the poor souls who risked that were quickly bombarded with insults.

      And you are correct that Fox is not obligated to publish all comments. In fact, they do have a policy of moderating their comments section and, on occasion, I have seen some deletions. This makes you wonder how bad the deleted comments were when this sort of rhetoric is permitted.

      • Those deleted comments may well have been people who put up way too much or too good resistance against the racists or made comments that were too flattering about the picture.

        We may never know however.

        • I made a comment and thus far, only one response (negative) to which I have replied. So far, I haven’t been deleted. I think I’m good.

  2. I look forward to the day when people understand that The Bill of Rights, which includes the 1st Amendment’s protections of Free Speech APPLY TO GOVERNMENT, not a private corporation such as Fox.

    They have the right to allow such racist comments — just as we have the right to call it out. Both have nothing to do with the First Amendment!

  3. I may not live on the same block,but I am close enough to say there is a jealousy epidemic spreading across the country.These pple that say all these rude things,(it shows up in purple)R hurtin’ cause they can’t do anything about it..If all these haters would put their heads 2 gether & consentrate on a way 2 get Obama 2 reinstate the death penalty for killers.That would free up money so that perhaps. education for poor,healthcare for all.(instead of hate,then they would be doing some progress)
    There would not be as many killers on the loose if pple got mental health issues resolved,and if guns were banned.Ur right.these racial comments & insulting photos must stop.but it won’t..untill pple are charged with discriminition..It does exist..doesn’t it?

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