Gun Nuttiness Royale: Refusing To Sell Guns To Police In Pro-Safety States

So exactly how deep is the vein of idiocy that runs through the NRA gun worship crowd? Just have a look at this item from Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze (and associated wingnut media): 44 Gun Companies Have Stopped Selling To Law Enforcement In Anti-2nd-Amendment States.

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This is the sort of thing you expect from lie factories like Fox Nation. But the evil genius in this meticulously plotted protest is not readily apparent at first glance. However, if you let it sink in for a minute it becomes hilariously inept. In fact, it’s rather astonishing how they could get so much wrong in one short headline. Let us count the ways:

1) No states are anti-2nd Amendment.
The gunnies are trying to portray any state that dares to seek solutions to rampant gun violence of the sort that took the lives of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut, as contrary to the right to keep and bear arms as stipulated in the Constitution. However, reasonable regulations and background checks have been upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court and are supported by majorities of the American public, and even by majorities of NRA members.

2) There’s no evidence that any of the listed vendors were ever state suppliers.
The article on TheBlaze lists 44 munitions vendors who are taking an oath to refuse to sell their products to law enforcement agencies. But in no cases have they provided any evidence that they are presently engaged in such sales. And in at least some cases it seems pretty unlikely. I’m not sure that Old Grouch’s Military Surplus or Controlled Chaos Arms are sacrificing much in the way of revenue from police department clients. None of the major arms manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, or Glock are participating in the boycott.

3) Other vendors will happily take up the slack.
These eager activists don’t seem to grasp the concept of boycotts. Generally they are carried out by refusing to buy certain products, thus hurting the targeted vendors by using their financial clout to affect policy changes. Instead, the gunnies are refusing to sell their own products to willing buyers, thus hurting only themselves. It’s a little like demanding that the bank teller hand over all the money and threatening to shoot yourself if they don’t.

4) If effective, the boycott would endanger the lives of citizens.
Setting aside the fact that this protest is pitifully ill-conceived, let’s imagine how it would unfold if it had any chance of succeeding. The apparent goal is to pressure states not to implement gun safety initiatives by, in effect, disarming the officers who are there to protect the people. That seems like a reckless course of action and one that the public would disapprove of in droves. Gun advocates may enjoy fondling their weapons and pretending to be superheroes, but most citizens are not anxious to confront desperate criminals on their own. Grandma is not likely to hear the call on the police scanner, start up the Rambler, and head down to the mall to foil a gang of jewelry store thieves.

5) The law enforcement agencies don’t make the laws.
Perhaps the most tunnel-blind facet of this folly is that the dimwitted gun vendors are aiming their protest at the police, despite the fact that they are only responsible for enforcing laws, not drafting them. So the gunnies are taking a stand to refuse to provide service revolvers to local police because of something that was done by governing legislatures and executives.

Like so many harebrained schemes by far-right extremists, this protest action is not very well thought out. It harms first responders who are innocent parties in this debate; it puts citizens at risk; it blows up in their own faces financially; and it makes no strategic sense whatsoever. Yet it is being heralded by the wingnut press including Breitbart News, and Fox Nation. And in addition to the article on TheBlaze, Glenn Beck addressed the subject on his webcast escalating it into pure conspiracy theory delusion. He warned that the gun dealers…

“…are not going to provide anything to a state where those weapons are going to be used against the citizens to possibly take guns and gun rights away.”

So Beck is afraid that states are plotting shooting rampages by police against residents in pursuit of their firearms and, therefore, the police must be disarmed. This is another demonstration of conservatives leaning so far out to the right that they fall overboard and make asses of themselves. And as if to underscore their dementia, note the ad on TheBlaze about “FEMA Coffins.” Those should come in handy after the cops have killed everybody.


13 thoughts on “Gun Nuttiness Royale: Refusing To Sell Guns To Police In Pro-Safety States

  1. If your gun control measures are to be so fabulous for our safety, we should need less guns, not more in the hands of law enforcement – so it should not have an impact, right. If our access to guns is to be “controlled”, let the “authorities” be controlled too. Your article suggests you fear some outcome your don’t like, even with your attempt at ridicule.

  2. Of course, Gun Nuts continue to prove their Insane Gun Hugging isn’t about safety but their desire to Terrorize and Dominate. The only reasons the Gun Nuts want their Guns is in order to shoot all those people who have ‘Stolen Their Country From Them.’

    They are Terrorists and Murderers.

    • “They are terrorists and Murderers.”

      And you think I’m the crazy one, how do you go on living with so much fear of your neighbors.

      • Scooter, I’m not scared of you. I just recognize a murderer when I see his NRA sticker on his car and stay away from the Loon.

        • You don’t need to be afraid of anyone – the average gun owner is out to kill anyone. If they were, you would probably already be dead as would many others. Maybe you should build a bunker to protect yourself, you big baby.

          • Ironic that you proscribe the exact behavior that Gun Nuts engage in (i.e. Bunker Building) to me. Good use of Irony!

            • I do love Irony – if that is behavior in which gun nuts engage, maybe I should get started as I don’t have a bunker myself.

    • You are a truly pathetic human being. Gun owners(legal) have nothing to do with the insanity and I mean nothing. You lack any common sense whatsoever.

  3. Does anyone really wonder why we are going into sequestration when there are people in our congress whose mindset reflects the total insanity in this ridiculous idea? The stupidity of these people is almost incomprehensible!

  4. I have seen few sniveling rants of blind denial, invincible ignorance and treason as this. Turning the stomach of a certified law enforcement firearms instructor is not an easy task. Congrats, idiot!

  5. 2) There’s no evidence that any of the listed vendors were ever state suppliers.

    One of those companies on the list is Barret Firearms.
    The make sniper rifles, in particular a .50 caliber rifle for the US Army and Marine Corps, and Law enforcement agencies.
    That same rifle is legal to own in most states.

    Magpul, makes polymer ammunition magazines for the M-16 family used by many SWAT units in the USA.
    Many soldiers in Afghanistan buy them with their own money because they are lighter and are more dependable than the standard issue magazines.

    Others are used by individual L.E.O’s as a source of ammunition, parts and firearms as they provide discounts and have items that are hard to find or are custom order items.

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