Sarah Palin At CPAC: Todd Got The Rifle, I’ve Got The Rack (Teat Party?)

The long awaited appearance of Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin at the Conservative Political Action Conference finally went off this morning with a speech that the CPACers gobbled up voraciously. However, as might have been expected by more coherent observers, Palin’s remarks never addressed much of substance.

The entirety of Palin’s Obama bashing and wingnut homilies was broadcast live by Fox News, who didn’t bother to air any of Mitt Romney’s speech yesterday. That should tell you something about Fox News that you probably already knew.

Perhaps the biggest applause line of the speech was after she regaled the crowd with an amusing joke about her boobs. That’s right, her BOOBS! And if you wonder how she worked that into the monologue, it was with reference to the Second Amendment. Still wondering? While extolling the joys of gun ownership, Palin told a story wherein her romantic hubby Todd gave her a gun rack for Christmas. In return, she gave him a shiny new gun. Whereupon she delivered the hilarious punch line: He got the rifle, I’ve got the rack. And the crowd goes wild.

Sarah Palin

The only other notable quote from her insomnia-curing oratory was a rather ironic jab at President Obama. She said that “We don’t have leadership coming out of Washington. We have reality television.”

Sarah Palin

What’s more she opined that it was bad reality television. Well…..I guess she should know it when she sees it.

[Update] Here’s the video:


4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin At CPAC: Todd Got The Rifle, I’ve Got The Rack (Teat Party?)

  1. Poor Sarah, still trying to remain relevant.

  2. WTF happened to this political party? They made a deal with the devil(evangelical end-timers and tea party ignoramuses)and it has really turned them into a freak show! I find them very disturbing but, even though there is always the threat of violence with these people right below the surface, when push comes to shove it’s mostly bluster because in reality they are a bunch of whining cowards!

  3. And this just in from Wonkette:

    “But the amazing thing was, she read her Obama teleprompter joke FROM A TELEPROMPTER. Yes, just before she was to take her turn with the talky-hatey thing, something very odd happened, for the first time all day. The stage crew appeared and set up … teleprompters. NO ONE had used them up to this point, they weren’t even on or near the stage for anyone else at all.”

    Perfectly typical.

  4. CPAC – an annual gathering for conservatives clinging to their Bibles, bullets, and boobies.

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