The Ethics Truce Lives On
Since 1998, there has been an ethics “truce” in the House of Representatives, under the terms of which no member will file an ethics complaint against another member. How could they tell?

Conservative Blogs Rock?
In an argument sure to be challenged in certain sectors of the blogosphere, a story in The New York Times magazine coming up this Sunday declares that conservative blogs continue to best liberal blogs in political and electoral influence.

Phony Story Planted By State Agency to Boost Donations
It was a heart-wrenching story: A 10-year-old boy named John, separated from his mother since the hurricane, was living with other foster children in an emergency shelter, and he had one Christmas wish — to go home…But the story was a work of fiction.

Book Blames Government for Media Crisis
The media crisis is not due to incompetent or corrupt journalists or owners, but rather to a highly concentrated profit-driven media system that makes it rational to gut journalism and irrational to provide the content a free society so desperately requires.

Yahoo Acquires Social Network
In its latest acquisition of a social networking service, Internet powerhouse Yahoo Inc. on Friday devoured Inc., a startup that enables people to more easily compile and share their favorite content on the Web.


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