Hey Tea Baggers: Did You Know That You Are Supposed To Be Boycotting Fox News NOW?

Attention all Tea Partiers. The massively humungous national boycott of the pinko liberal Fox News network is currently in progress. Join the movement that is demanding that Fox News cease to be a mouthpiece for the left.


This crusade is being undertaken because Fox has betrayed the Tea Party and its far right members. They will no longer allow themselves to be taken for granted by an allegedly conservative network that is really just exploiting and deceiving them. The charade is over and these stalwart patriots are standing up to the powerful media moguls who run Fox News.

These “Tea Party Fire Ants” have a list of demands that they insist be heard and obeyed:

  1. We want FOX to become an active, investigative news organization serving the needs and wants of the “far right” audience.
  2. We want FOX to have at least one segment on Benghazi every night on at least two of the three shows in prime time.
  3. Yes, the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Obama’s birth certificate. You know, that thing you mocked and the people you mocked who turned out to be right when they said it was a fake?
  4. We’re not interested in “Fair and Balanced”.

You got that Fox? You can no longer enjoy a free ride. The Tea Bagger Brigade is locked and loaded and ready for battle. Enough already with the leftist BS you have been shoving down their throats. They are already claiming a victory from their first boycott earlier this month which they say caused a 22% decline in Fox’s ratings (even though no such decline occurred). And they are prepared to take their wingnut business elsewhere if Fox doesn’t straighten up and fly (even farther) right. After all, they have Drudge and Breitbart (who they suspect Obama murdered) and this summer will see the launch of the One America Network from the “Moonie” Washington Times.

So if you are a Tea Bagger, be sure to shut off Fox for the remainder of this weekend. Fox needs to learn that the Tea Party will not be taken for granted. Until they commit to 24/7 programming of Benghazi-gate and a pledge to expose Obama’s Kenyan birth, Fox is no friend of the Tea Party or any other conservative.

[Editors note: These freaks are for real, but if they want to stop watching Fox for a few days it couldn’t do them any harm. It would be a brief respite from the brainwashing and lies to which they subject themselves.]


4 thoughts on “Hey Tea Baggers: Did You Know That You Are Supposed To Be Boycotting Fox News NOW?

  1. I’m surprised they aren’t demanding that Sarah the Great Lie be rehired also, too.

  2. A teeny tiny handul of people who think they’re part of the Tea Party movement wants to boycott Fox News? Yawn.

    This pales in comparison to the huge amount of Occupiers, anti-war zealots and left-wingers in general who think the entire mainstream media is too right-wing. Seriously, these people think anything to the right of Democracy Now and Indymedia is fascist propaganda.

    • Oh I don’t know, your “teeny tiny faction” seems representative of the tea party as a whole…in terms of ideology at the very least.

      And it’s that ideology that is prompting these “tiny group” to go against their main media machine up to this point Fox.

      As for your second assertion, I might like to add, who are the ones whining the most about the slant in the media right now? That’s right, the likes of Fox news et al have been raving about ” teh librul media” all throughout the Romney saga, even before that and it continues till this day. And the reason for these ravings? Apparently they target outlets that did not portray Romney, or rather now, their views, the way they want them to be portrayed.

      In short these people think that anything that does NOT submit to their worldview and ideology are “leftist propaganda”, even if its coming from a rag like Fox news. In other words, the proud right are divorced from any other reality other than their own.

      • Wrong. The Tea Party is a large and leaderless movement, and as such, lefties keep pointing to this sub-group or that sub-group to try and say “this is the face of the Tea Party”. No way. That Chris Matthews line of thinking doesn’t pass the smell test.

        Furthermore, the examples of left-wing media bias are unmistakeable and overwhelming.

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