The Fox Frame: Seven Dollar Gas

To the surprise of no one, Fox News has been promoting the notion that the rise in gas prices is the fault of Democrats. Neil Cavuto posited that very theory a couple of months ago in a segment subtly titled, “Democrats to Blame for High Gas Prices?” The introduction to the piece referenced the GOP talking point that current rates are the consequence of the “Pelosi Premium.”

$7.00 GasYesterday, the Fox business program “The Cost of Freedom” featured a segment that stretched even further to predict that Al Gore’s endorsement of Barack Obama would send gas prices soaring to seven dollars a gallon. Nothing in the broadcast explained how a political endorsement could have such a profound impact on the price of gas, but a lack of intelligent analysis never stopped Fox before.

In addition to misleading discussions and graphics, the Fox News Ticker often articulates the right-wing view that fuel costs only became a problem with the advent of the Democratic Congress. The problem for Fox is that, despite their best efforts, the availability of facts persists, and they contradict the Fox propaganda. Indeed, gas prices have increased 78% since January 2007, when the new Congress was sworn in. What the Fox Ticker does not tell you is that prices increased 54% from the Bush inauguration until the January 2007, and 174% throughout the Bush administration. Neither does it tell you that Republicans in Congress and the President, whose signature is required to pass legislation, have worked to stifle every Democratic proposal.

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2 thoughts on “The Fox Frame: Seven Dollar Gas

  1. Yeah, my partner in ‘crime’ on EyesOnFox watched this and got a real charge out of it. Me? I roll my eyes in boredom over the the business block’s redundant liberal-bashing spin.

  2. I enjoy reading the ticker with my morning coffee but is there any way it can be stopped during a commerical break. Always when the break is over, what I was reading is past, never to be seen again. This is frusterating and if it is possible to stop the ticker during ads and continue afterwards it would be wonderful news to those of us who cant wait for it to go around again.

    Thank you
    Norm Moran

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