Fox Nation vs. Reality: ‘Strong Sense’ Fox Authorized Birther Lies About IRS

With the right-wing media merry-go-round spinning furiously out of control over the IRS affair, it is not surprising to find Fox Nation cranking up the speed and ferocity of the misinformation. This morning’s posting of an article on lie-infested Fox Nation was adorned with this “bombshell” headline: ABC News: ‘Strong Sense’ Someone in WH Authorized IRS Targeting Conservatives.

If journalists at ABC News had actually conducted credible research (unlike their Benghazi embarrassment) and concluded that the White House had authorized the IRS to target conservative groups, that would indeed be startling and intolerable. Of course, this being Fox Nation, you might already have guessed that none of that is true.

First of all, the statement to which Fox is referring was made by Trey Hardin, a long-time Republican operative who does not work for ABC News. Secondly, Hardin made the statement on the uber-rightist radio program of Doug McIntyre, not on any broadcast affiliated with ABC’s news division. Thirdly, it was a statement that represented only Hardin’s personal opinion which he backed up with zero evidence.

Hardin: I will tell you this on the IRS front: I have worked in this town for over 20 years. I have worked in the White House; I’ve worked on Capitol Hill. I can say with a very strong sense of certainty that there are people very close to this president that not only knew what the IRS was doing, but authorized it.”

Well then, since Hardin has a “very strong sense of certainty,” that’s good enough for me. After all, who needs facts or evidence or documentation when you have senses. Perhaps he smelled the unmistakable odor of authorization.

Clearly this is an attempt by the Fox Nationalists to slap a veneer of credibility on this Tea-publican’s extremist and unsupported fantasy by dishonestly portraying it as the product of an ABC News report. And to make matters worse, Fox posted the item with a YouTube clip from McIntyre’s radio broadcast that was created by a group called “Birther Report,” whose web site is “”

Fox Nation

Fox is really reaching for the highest standards of credibility – at least for Fox. Their usual sources for fabricated smear campaigns are even less credible: Breitbart, Daily Caller, Washington Times, Limbaugh, etc. Apparently Fox has a very strong sense that Birthers are reliable news sources, but a very low sense of shame.


5 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: ‘Strong Sense’ Fox Authorized Birther Lies About IRS

  1. I always thought Shlox Snooze’s entire research staff consisted of Matt Drudge plus one person pulled off the street willing to say in the loudest possible voice that Obama is the antichrist. Well, live and learn…

  2. Their sense of shame has dropped to a level that qualifies their thoughts psychotic or they are just liars. It must be one or the other?

  3. I….still don’t understand…nothing anyone has said to me about this has changed the facts.

    Extra scrutiny?? Extra scrutiny?!?! NOOOO!!!! Not extra scrutiny!!!

    501c4’s, the shadiest motherfuckers in existence. Massive influx of tea party 501c4’s. Looked at with (BUM BUM BUUUUUUMMM!!) extra scrutiny, all end up approved. Why should I give a fuck about this? Nothing happened… am I wrong?

    • I think someone – Mark – told you why you should care in a previous article post response to your insanity. You’re too blind with anger and hatred of anything beyond your own ideology to see it though. Go read one of your posts on a previous article, Mark responded to your rant very nicely. Maybe you would get it if the scrutiny was biased against you specifically for what you believe, but so long as it’s against those you oppose, it’s ok – yeah, you can be taken seriously.

      • I wouldn’t care. Nothing happened. These are ‘tea party’ groups. They are based entirely on the concept of taxes sucking. I mean, taxes, am I fuckin right? The whole idea is that government is the enemy and we fuckin hate the government. They were subject to extra scrutiny based on politics? Yea, because they, as a core pillar of their ideology, hate taxes. If they were another movement, like say, one that doesn’t hold rebelling against the government as a core facet of proper patriotism, and that also isn’t based on an act of rebellion against unfair TAXES, if even right wing, then I’m sure that there would have been no need for all this tyrannical ‘extra scrutiny’. GASP, they looked at them a little closer, it’s fuckin over! The tyrants have won!!!

        It’s insanity huh? Sure, I mean, why would any of what I just said make sense? I mean shit, even if it does, fuck the government! right?

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