GOP Rep Says Laws Prohibiting Animal Cruelty Are ‘Exactly What Our Founding Fathers Wanted To Avoid’

In 2008 California passed the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act with a 63% majority. The new law established humane confinement standards for certain farm animals including egg-laying hens. A subsequent law extended the standards to all eggs imported from other states for sale in California. Now, this democratic expression of compassion is being attacked by Steve King, a Tea Party congressman from Iowa who thinks the Founding Fathers advocated liberty and animal torture for all.

Steve King
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King has proposed an amendment to a pending federal farm bill that would supersede California’s law and allow farmers in other states to sell eggs in California regardless of their inhumane practices. In justifying this amendment, King argues that states must not be allowed to set local standards and that the federal government should intervene and force states to comply with a national set of rules. Such decisions at the state level that protect animal welfare are, he says, “exactly what our founding fathers wanted to avoid.” That contradicts his position on just about every other law where he believes the feds should stay out of the state’s business. He is a fierce proponent of state’s rights, for instance, when it comes to abortion or gun registration.

King is a confirmed birther who has long held positions that advance animal cruelty. He is a vocal advocate of legalizing dog fights, which he believes are no different than professional boxing among humans who have the luxury of deciding for themselves whether to participate and are not murdered if they lose. King even voted against a law to ban children from dog fighting events. However, there is a certain perverse consistency in his philosophy. Just as he opposes legislation to address violence against animals, King also opposed the Violence Against Women Act. Apparently women, in King’s view, are no better than animals, a position he has also taken with regard to immigrants.

King’s opinion that the California statute violates the commerce clause of the Constitution is unfounded. But worse, it perpetuates a practice of cruelty that compassionate Americans have the right to reject. It also contradicts his core belief system with regard to what he would call “big government.” Thus, it demonstrates a measure of hypocrisy that exceeds all reason. And when he brings the Founding Fathers into it, he just sounds delusional.

[Update] Stephen Colbert added his voice to this issue last night with a brilliant segment that rips King apart.


7 thoughts on “GOP Rep Says Laws Prohibiting Animal Cruelty Are ‘Exactly What Our Founding Fathers Wanted To Avoid’

  1. Of course, let someone advocate violence directed at Mr King and see what happens to that person. Mr King is a typical CON.

  2. States’ rights, but only when convenient.

  3. This gentleman’s position is only common sense. The Federal government should absolutely be able to control who you buy your eggs from. I mean it’s only a natural extension of the Federal government’s right to determine what a woman can or can not do with her eggs. And if they can control a woman’s eggs they certainly should be able to control a chicken’s eggs. We desperately need the Feds to regulate eggs of all kinds, as well as vaginas, love, what someone can do in their bedroom, who can and can not vote (to be determined by which party you support), who can and can not be educated (to be determined by race, ethnicity, gender, or whatever the hell other conditions they feel like imposing), who can and can not eat, and who your money belongs to. But just please, God, get the Federal government the hell away from our guns and taxes. Everything else, pretty much fair game…unless it effects me.

  4. Give the dogs muzzles and gloves…then it might be like boxing, you know with safety equipment and all.

  5. Colbert always has a lot of fun with this incompetent. Look up the clip where he talked about kidnapping and raping children being legal, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

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