Floundering GOP Senate Candidate Turns To Republican PR (aka Fox News) For Help

The race to fill John Kerry’s senate seat in Massachusetts has never been much of contest. Democrat Ed Markey has led Republican Gabriel Gomez from the start and in the few days left before next Tuesday’s election, he has expanded to his lead to up to 20 points in some polls. But that hasn’t stopped Fox News from brazenly trying to manipulate the outcome by juicing their coverage of the race in favor of Gomez.

Fox News

Having concluded that their efforts to boost the Gomez candidacy with phony polling analysis and swipes at Markey, Fox News is ramping up their game in a last ditch attempt to put their man in the senate. Tomorrow, on Fox News Sunday, they will feature an interview with Gomez, just two days before the election. That’s a pretty generous donation of valuable air time on a nationally televised program. Any candidate would be thrilled to get that much free publicity.

However, Ed Markey isn’t so fortunate. The “fair and balanced” folks at Fox will only be hosting Gomez at this critical juncture in the campaign. In fact, Markey has not been on Fox at any time during this campaign, while Gomez has been featured multiple times. And Fox always allows Gomez to advertise his web site and plead for donations.

The booking of Gomez on Fox News Sunday is just another example of how Fox has established itself as the PR agency for the Republican Party. There is no more reliable ally for GOP candidates, particularly when they are desperate and appear to be trailing badly. And even when the candidate isn’t available, the Fox anchors and pundits are there to lavish praise on them and to smear their Democratic opponents. It’s a valuable service/scam for which the candidate doesn’t have to shell out a single penny.


4 thoughts on “Floundering GOP Senate Candidate Turns To Republican PR (aka Fox News) For Help

  1. So F***ing What?

    Mr. Markey should be given his opportunity on MSNBC. Why would he even be willing to go on FOX when it’s clear that’s not his audience? By the way, how much Gomez time has MSNBC given to Markey vs. Gomez, and have they invited Mr. Gomez on their air/

    Considering you claim to be the big researcher of facts before writing a blog, you should know the answers to this. Should I call you lazy for not checking this or simply myopic or deceptive for leaving this aspect out of your post?

  2. Fox just doesn’t seem to have learned their lesson. After providing poll numbers for the 2012 campaign that favored Romney (ignoring their own polling results, BTW, showing the President leading) or having the race closer than what it actually was, one would think they wouldn’t try that on their mushrooms…er, ah, discerning audience again, would they? But, as I recall, viewers left Fox because of their lies/deception/incompetence. I wonder what explanation Ailes will have and what he’ll do when it happens again in the Mass race.

    Fox doesn’t dare have Markey on. The viewers with any brain cells left might accidentally learn something. Or maybe not.

    • Do you lefties really feel that superior to everyone else that you find it so easy to call others stupid or something close to it? It says more about you than those who you are attacking.

      • I don’t feel superior to anyone, Steve. (Well maybe some). For fucks sake, I know I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box. I know my limitations and try to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. Age and experience makes it a little easier so I consider myself rather perceptive and am allergic to bullshit.

        I hate liars and hypocrites. I place them in the same category. When watching fox, I know I’m getting both.

        The are many reasons why they are what they are, but the thing that sends the red flags up for me is if you have to manufacture bullshit to bolster your argument, you didn’t have much of an argument to begin with. I don’t begrudge you your decision to be a conservative, libertarian, teabagger, republican or whatever. It’s a free country. But if you give credence to any of what fox offers or think of it as anything legitimate, then you have fallen for their bullshit, lies, deception and manipulation. It’s too easy to see. For christs sake, they went to court in an effort to be allowed to lie, legally, by submitting that they are not a news organization but an entertainment network. Canada doesn’t allow them on their air because their version of the FCC doesn’t allow “news” that isn’t factual. And they are unapologetic when they take advantage of those that are not so bright. I have no tolerance for that or for anyone who thinks I’m being unfair to fox or anyone who believes anything coming from bullshit mountain.

        So, no Steve, I don’t consider you inferior; I have nothing but disdain for those who dish out the bullshit but am intolerant of those who bury their head in the sand.

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