Wonkette: IRSgate Joins Solyndragate and Benghazigate In Fake Scandal Heaven

I’d like to thank Wonkette for saving me the trouble of writing the post-mortem on the phony IRS scandal. After new evidence emerged revealing that groups other than conservative Tea Party organizations were subjected to stricter scrutiny, I intended to write a detailed report exposing the partisan fraud manufactured by Rep. Darrell Issa and his right-wing cohorts.

Tea Party Republicans

But Wonkette just published a superb summary of the affair with an abundance of humor and righteous mockery. So I’m gonna just leave it to them. Read it here for yourself, but here are a few tasty excerpts:

“In addition to being a cosmic turd straight from Satan’s bunghole, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is now just a laughing stock on Capitol Hill. If anyone anywhere takes this clown seriously in the future, we will be shocked.”

Actually, I won’t be shocked. There will be plenty of idiots at Fox News, WorldNetDaily, and the Tea Party Gazette, who will continue to take Issa seriously.

“[S]uck it all you teabagger crazies complaining about how much butthurt you went through while suffering from your goddam persecution complex. Turns out you are all a bunch of whiny babies who jumped the gun before all the facts were in, and now you look like completely incompetent political hacks who are better off crawling back to whatever cosmic bunghole you came from.”

As reported here at News Corpse, evidence has been emerging for weeks that the whole premise of the scandal was falling apart. Most of the principles turned out to be Republicans. Issa was cherry-picking information to release. The more data that was made public, the more obvious their lies became. And now Issa, who had decided before any of this began the President was guilty of masterminding the whole thing, is whining about prejudging.

“Rep. Issa is worried that someone else is jumping to conclusions! We are pretty sure there is a word for that, but at the moment all that comes to mind is ‘fuck that guy.'”

The article is actually full of relevant facts and links, and is well worth a look-see. Thanks again, Wonkette. Now I can concentrate on more important matters like the Fox News “psycho” analyst who is praising the Unabomber (yes, that’s real).

I’d also like to thank Wonkette for their fantastic review of my book, Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Community’s Assault On Truth, that they called “A valuable contribution to the effort to chip away at Bullshit Mountain.”


11 thoughts on “Wonkette: IRSgate Joins Solyndragate and Benghazigate In Fake Scandal Heaven

  1. No surprise that Wonkette is spewing left-wing hate – and that this site is celebrating that fact.

  2. No Surprise that Republicans lie. Lying is the only move Right-Wingers own. The real disappointment is conservative screeching caused Liberals to question the IRS wheb the “scandal” was the lack of more intensive oversight and regulation of Right-Wing Tax Cheats.

  3. Some memo deep in the bowels of the IRS states that they were supposed to “target” progressive groups as well? Here’s what the left wing is ignoring. The scrutiny that the IRS did to Tea Party groups reached disgusting and unlawful levels. They were not supposed to ask these groups who their donors were, what types of prayers they prayed, whether or not they were planning to engage in civil disobedience, etc. There is no evidence to show that liberal groups got these kinds of questions.

    • No it didn’t. You are making up the scrutiny reached disgusting and unlawful levels. The IRS didn’t investigate those Groups enough.

        • Exactly you are a bald-faced liar.

          Republican Darrell Issa as the House Oversight Committee Chairman gave explicit instructions to the Inspector General in his IRS witch-hunt, “to narrowly focus on Tea Party organizations.” The truth is the IRS investigated Liberal and Progressive Groups, while screening for words like “Occupy” or “Progressive”.

          However, recall Darrell Issa has previously stated, “this was a problem coordinated in all likelihood right out of Washington headquarters and we’re getting to proving it.”

          So, Issa told the IG J. Russell George, a George W. Bush appointee, to manufacture evidence and after receiving testimonies from IRS officials, Issa selectively edited and released partial transcripts in a blatant attempt to create the impression that Conservative groups were specifically and singularly targeted by the IRS because of their political leanings.

          So, we have Republicans telling a Republican appointee to craft a false report and then Republicans releasing out-of-context quotes. Once again we have Republican Bullshit and Right-Wing Lies designed to cause outrage in the Right-Wing Fart Bubble to be used towards Impeaching President Obama.

          There are several crimes and multiple levels of deceit going on here. The immediate crime is that Darrell Issa explicitly ordered exculpatory evidence be ignored. Hiding or ignoring Exculpatory evidence is a serious offense.

          • No, goober. You’re the one who is lying. They still haven’t pinpointed who was the point man who started this witch hunt. As for the “targeting” of liberal groups: The Inspector General’s office admitted that “the term ‘Tea Party’ included instructions to forward such cases to other agents for additional review. There were no such instructions accompanying the term ‘Progressive'”.

            I told the truth.

            • Awww, Scottie little liars always claim to tell the truth even when outside evidence shows them to be liars. Just like all the evidence in this case.

              The IG was specifically directed not to include other searches. This was a manufactured case of lies presented as evidence.

              Any other lies you want to trot out?

              How about the break down of how many groups were targeted?

              The Right-Wing Fart Bubble is quite noxious come outside of it for a time instead of sticking your nose up Karl Rove, Mark Levin and Darrell Issa’s rectums.

            • All the outside evidence shows that you are the one who is lying.

  4. “phony IRS scandal?”

    Can you say, “DENIAL,” boys and girls?

    • Sure I can, but I can also say ’empirical evidence’. Gut feelings don’t trump the evidence to most liberals.

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