Another ‘Twitter Files’ Doc Dump Fails to Make Its Government Censorship Case: COVID Edition

Since his $44 billion fiasco to take over Twitter, Elon Musk has demonstrated just how idiotic a wealthy narcissist can be. He has fumbled every step of the way, antagonizing the most critical components of success in social media: users and advertisers. Click here to Tweet this article Among his many missteps, Musk dispatched a […]

OH-MY: Trump Unleashes Vile Threats in Tantrum Over Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’ Farce (Part 6)

For the past couple of weeks Elon Musk has been hyping a series of pathetically shallow “Twitter Files” document dumps. He has characterized it as an “exposé” of Twitter’s prior management’s alleged cabal against aspiring tyrant and insurrection inciter, Donald Trump. Now episode 6 continues to expose only Musk’s own craven biases and dishonesty. Click […]

Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’ Farce Fails Pitifully in Portraying Poor Trump as a Put Upon Victim

From its outset, Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” Soap Opera purported to expose the social media platform’s content moderation staff as biased against Donald Trump. However, after four episodes it utterly failed to achieve its own blatantly biased objective. Now the fifth and latest installment flops in a similarly humiliating manner. Click here to Tweet this […]

The Sham ‘Twitter Files’ Exposé Actually Proves that Trump’s Coup Plot was Appropriately Muted

The new regime at Twitter has been engaging in what it calls an “exposé” of alleged censorship of conservatives in general – and Donald Trump in particular – on the part of Twitter’s prior management team. However, their efforts thus far have been pitifully underwhelming and have failed to prove any of their outrageous and […]

Trump Blasts Rupert Murdoch for ‘Throwing His Anchors Under the Table’ in Election Fraud Lawsuit

Donald Trump was up very early on Tuesday morning to cry petulantly about how his former Ministry of Propaganda – aka Fox News – was not living up to his egomaniacal expectations of unflinchingly worshipful adoration. It’s a complaint that Trump unleashes whenever anyone fails to recognize his perceived messianic divinity. Click here to Tweet […]

Trump Issues New Statement on His January 6th Insurrection Lies that Actually Affirms His Guilt

More than two years have passed since Donald Trump incited a violent and deadly insurrection against the United States. In the time that has elapsed, abundant evidence of Trump’s complicity has been presented by the press, by law enforcement, and by the House Select Committee investing the January 6th riots, most of whose witnesses were […]

Herr Trump Embraces Fascist GOP Threats to Regulate Twitter and Arrest Their Executives

During his brief but abominable occupation of the White House, Donald Trump distinguished himself from his predecessors by relentlessly expressing his aversion to the free press and the Constitution. He repeatedly referred to the media as “the enemy of the people,” and more recently literally called for termination of the Constitution. Click here to Tweet […]

Is Trump’s Rabid Rant Accusing the FBI of ‘Changing the Election Results’ Proof He’s Nuts?

The mental state of Donald Trump has been questionable for decades. He has been diagnosed by professionals as a malignant narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. He is a pathological liar. He has delusions of grandeur so extreme that he views himself as the sole savior of America and the world. Click here to Tweet this article […]

Fox News Spreads Blatant Lie that the ‘FBI Paid $3.5M To Suppress Hunter Laptop Story’

For the past couple of weeks Elon Musk has been dispatching his flagrantly biased and incurious yellow journalists to propagate obvious falsehoods about Twitter’s previous management. His intent has been to discredit them as disreputable Trump haters and submissive servants of clandestine FBI handlers. Click here to Tweet this article After seven tediously long document […]

Trump’s Real ‘MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT’ Has Nothing to do with His Pathetic Trading Cards Scam

On Wednesday night Donald Trump posted a comment on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, teasing a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” coming on Thursday. The post declared that “America needs a superhero,” and included a picture of him as a Bizarro World cartoon crusader. Click here to Tweet this article Trump’s fantasies of himself notwithstanding, his big […]