Is Trump’s Rabid Rant Accusing the FBI of ‘Changing the Election Results’ Proof He’s Nuts?

The mental state of Donald Trump has been questionable for decades. He has been diagnosed by professionals as a malignant narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. He is a pathological liar. He has delusions of grandeur so extreme that he views himself as the sole savior of America and the world.

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Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

This messianic psychosis is evident in everything Trump does and says, particularly when referring to himself. That is hardly the behavior of a “very stable genius.” It is a neurosis that poses great risks to America’s future should he be elevated again to any position of power. And the sanity and patriotism of anyone who would vote for him should be similarly regarded as deranged. Especially after Trump recently dined with a couple of unabashed Hitler lovers and called for the “termination” of the U.S. Constitution.

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Trump’s deteriorating psychological sickness continues to be displayed in a disturbingly public manner on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, where he posts daily evidence of his mania. More often than not, Trump is in a rage over his having lost the 2020 presidential election, and is consumed by wholly unfounded fantasies that the the election was “rigged and stolen” from him.

That was the topic once again on Friday as Trump unleashed a barrage of pseudo-tweets lamenting what he said was a “massive campaign fraud in the 2020 Election.” And true to form, his tirade was littered with lies. He began

“The FBI has just confirmed that it has paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to Twitter, … but what they didn’t say was that it was for the purpose of changing the Election results, pushing Biden over ‘Trump.’ Wow!”

The reason that the FBI didn’t say anything about purposefully “changing the Election results” to hurt “Trump” (which for some inexplicable reason he puts in quotes) might have been because that never happened. What Trump is referring to in his badly deviated perception of reality is a disclosure in some recently revealed emails between Twitter staffers that acknowledged receipt of payment by the FBI for work they did to supply the agency with information that it requested. It was a routine and legally mandated payment that Trump, Elon Musk, and Fox News distorted as a political stunt to discredit the FBI.

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Notice that Trump has wildly elaborated on the lies exhorted by Musk and Fox News. What began as false allegations that the FBI paid to suppress a bogus story that was tied to a Russian disinformation campaign, Trump turned into a plot to change the election results. That was Trump’s invention and was never even asserted in the “Twitter Files” document dump. But Trump was just getting started. He went on to whine that

“The FBI used Twitter and Facebook to bludgeon the 2020 Election to Biden. Nothing Negative could be said about him, especially as it related to Hunter’s Laptop From Hell, and ONLY Negative could be said about me. They were illegally after ‘Trump’ at a level of ferocity, hate and yes, desperation, that has never been seen in our Country before. Other Media companies were involved also. The change in the Election was Complete & Total, with Millions of votes switched, at least 17%. TRUMP WON, BIG!”

As usual Trump, in his hyperbolic hysteria, characterizes all of his bizarre claims as atrocities that have “never been seen in our Country before.” And he is, as always, the whining target of unending paranoid “ferocity [and] hate.” Here he escalates his baseless accusation to assert that “Millions of votes switched,” and comes up with a figure of 17% that he pulled straight of his asinine imagination. From there Trump launches into an all-caps harangue saying that


Needless to say, no one was “CAUGHT” and no “CHEATING” was proved “CONCLUSIVELY & IRREFUTABLY.” Trump has had more than two years and sixty court cases to provide such proof, but neither he nor his legal toadies have ever managed to produce a shred of it. Trump closed this Trumper Tantrum reiterating the lie that

“The Government of the United States changed our Election Result, and it just doesn’t get any worse than that. Just look at the damage that’s been done to our Country, and the World, in the last two years — It’s incalculable. TRUMP WON!!!”

It’s worth remembering that the FBI that Trump is accusing of switching votes was run by his hand-picked director, Chris Wray, who reported to his hand-picked Attorney General, Bill Barr. And if we are to believe Trump’s crackpot conspiracy theorizing, we also need to acknowledge that all of it happened while he was occupying the White House, but was either ignorant of the corruption in his administration, or incapable of handling it. Why would even Republicans want that kind of incompetent in charge of anything again?

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5 thoughts on “Is Trump’s Rabid Rant Accusing the FBI of ‘Changing the Election Results’ Proof He’s Nuts?

  1. News Corpse is being overly polite to say that this drivel was pulled out of trump’s “asinine imagination.” It was pulled out of trump’s a$$, pure and simple.

  2. This bloated orange baboon operates in a fantasy world, and has for a long, long time. He doesn’t seem to know there is a real world. He makes up all of this insane nonsense about stolen elections and the FBI. His tiny mind can’t comprehend what is real and what he desires to be real. So he makes up things to satisfy his bloated ego. Delusional, mentally deranged misfits like him need to be in high security insane asylums. This orange baboon, TUMP requires immediate attention from mental health authorities. He could be dangerous..

    • Good adjectives. May I add a few, Elderly orange flabby monster, xenophobic, misogynistic, lying SOB, rapist, mob boss, ruination of America and the world if he ever becomes president again, cheat, thief. I don’t want to go on, or Mark NC will say I’m not polite.

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