Fox News Fascism: Laura Ingraham Advocates Government Punishing Corporations They Disagree With

Conservative Republicans have long pretended to champion free market capitalism. It has been among their most frequently promoted political positions. But for the most part it was nothing more than another catch phrase they exploited to deceive the dimwitted rubes who didn’t bother to dig any deeper than a GOP soundbite.

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Laura Ingraham, Fox News, Goofy

On Friday night Fox News primetime propagandist, Laura Ingraham, made it unambiguously clear that the economic “principles” espoused by the right were a fraud. They were merely bait to hook the bumpkins and buffoons into believing that by allowing corporations to walk all over them, they too could become billionaires.

Like most of the Fox News roster of bigots, Ingraham was aghast that the Walt Disney Company had taken a stance against the censorious “Don’t Say Gay” bill advanced by Florida governor, and faithful Trump-fluffer, Ron DeSantis. So Ingraham devoted a segment of her program to delivering a monologue attacking Disney in a manner that reeks of rancid totalitarianism. She not only jumped aboard the QAnon train by claiming that Disney is sexualizing children, she had a decidedly anti-democratic way of dealing with it. Ingraham said that…

“You guys have products and services that 74 million Trump voters don’t need to purchase if they don’t want to. And when Republicans get back into power, Apple and Disney need to understand one thing: Everything will be on the table – your copyright and trademark protection, your special status within certain states, and even your corporate structure itself.

“The antitrust division at [the Department of] Justice needs to begin the process of considering which American companies need to be broken up once and for all for competition’s sake, and ultimately for the good of the consumers who pay the bills.”

RELATED: DeSantis just signed a bill to punish social media firms (Facebook, Twitter, etc) that ban users who violate their terms of service.

Ingraham begins this harangue by threatening to “cancel” Disney with a boycott that she mistakenly thinks millions of Americans will embrace. Let’s just aside the fact that such actions are often criticized by the right. They are nothing if not hypocritical. In fact. Donald Trump is the undisputed King of Cancel Culture.

What makes this tirade even more repugnant is Ingraham proposing that government abuse its power to punish corporations that refuse to fall in line with their partisan goals. She is pushing an oppressive authoritarian agenda. And she isn’t the least bit subtle about it. In a country where Ingraham’s Republican confederates are in charge, private businesses will be forced to subjugate themselves to the state or suffer the consequences.

Ingraham doesn’t say what constitutional means she would employ to challenge a company’s copyrights and trademarks. Probably because there aren’t any. And while antitrust laws can provide a valid protection of consumer rights. Ingraham is explicit that she wouldn’t be pursuing them on behalf of consumers, but rather only “when Republicans get back into power.”

Ingraham is not alone on Fox News fronting for fascism, and making Disney the scapegoat for their despotic dystopia. It’s a network wide initiative. Media Matter has documented that just within the past week, “Fox has been laser-focused on the story, mentioning ‘Disney’ over 350 times this week, and dedicating over 3 hours of coverage, and at least 53 segments, to it.”

By contrast, stories such as Trump asking Putin for dirt on Hunter Biden, and Madison Cawthorn’s tales of GOP cocaine fueled orgies, and Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas’ wife plotting with Trump’s chief of staff to stage a coup, received little or no coverage on Fox News. Meanwhile, Fox is busy attacking Disney – yes, Disney! – as child pornographers upon whom the government must stomp its fascist boot. That must be part of their “MAGA movement to Make America Goofy Again.”

UPDATE: How Fox News is framing the Florida vs Disney story, via Media Matters…

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Trump’s Desperation Shows as He Tries to Shank Schiff But Shafts Himself Instead

Calling out Donald Trump for hypocrisy may seem like a needlessly redundant exercise, but occasionally there are episodes of sanctimony that are so pernicious they simply can’t be ignored. And one of those episodes is playing out now on Trump’s Twitter feed as he feebly lashes out at one of his congressional critics that he fears most.

Donald Trump

Several days ago the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, was awarded four “Pinocchios” by the Washington Post fact checker, Glenn Kessler. It was a controversial call that may be holding Schiff to an overly strict standard.

The issue concerned Schiff’s answer to a question from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on whether he or his staff had “contact” with the Trump whistleblower prior to the filing of a complaint. Schiff said that there was no contact but, in fact, the whistleblower did speak with a Committee staffer, who merely advised him to file his complaint with the Intelligence community Inspector General. No details of the complaint were disclosed, and there was no other coordination of any kind. So is it really considered “contact” if all they did was to tell someone the proper channels to go through?

Despite these facts, Trump and his surrogates in right-wing media immediately seized on this issue to falsely accuse Schiff of some sort of deviancy. Trump even accused Schiff of treason and impotently demanded that he resign. Of course all that shows is that Trump is an ignoramus who is completely clueless about both treason and the limits of presidential authority. However, in his excitement to express his hostility in that infantile manner he is known for, Trump posted a tweet with a doctored version of the song “I Got No Strings” from Walt Disney’s animated classic “Pinocchio.”

The substance of this video is typically littered with lies and dishonest White House talking points. The truth, as noted above, illustrates that, while Schiff may not have been sufficiently clear, he did not lie or intend to mislead. Trump, on the other hand, is a notorious liar. In fact, the Washington Post has documented more than 12,000 lies by Trump since his inauguration. Converted to “Pinocchios” that’s about 48,000, compared to only four for Schiff.

Making matters worse, Trump’s tweet is a blatant violation of intellectual property laws. The video and the music it contains is owned by Disney and is being used without permission. The theft of intellectual property is an issue that Trump has spoken about on numerous occasions, primarily to criticize China. This occurred most recently just six weeks ago:

There’s a lot of idiocy in that tweet, but for the time being let’s focus on the copyright theft. Because that’s something Trump does with frequency. Other recent examples include:

So while Trump is adamant that China not be permitted to engage in the theft of intellectual property, he thinks it’s entirely fine for him to do so – repeatedly. He’s a recidivist thief. And it’s wholly in character for him to believe that he can do whatever he wants, even if he’s chastised others for doing the same thing. That’s a textbook trait of malignant narcissists.

In addition to those incidents itemized above, Stephen Colbert actually made two demands that Trump stop stealing his work. One was about a year ago when he put Trump on notice for cribbing his famous monologue about trusting one’s gut more than one’s brain. What’s sad is that Colbert’s original piece was a joke, but Trump was serious. The other one was just this week when Colbert castigated Trump for stealing his idea to dig a moat at the border and stock it with alligators (video below). Once again, Colbert was kidding, Trump, incredibly, was not. Which means that Trump is not just a thief, he’s a raving lunatic. And in his pathetic and dishonest attempt to flame Rep. Schiff, he winds up burning himself.

UPDATE: Trump has upped the ante is now accusing both Schiff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others of treason. More proof that his dementia is accelerating rapidly.

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Captain America vs. The Tea Crusaders

Tea CrusadersIn an epic battle of good vs. evil, the archetypal superhero, Captain America, has come out four square against hysterical protest movements that embrace racism and disseminate disinformation in pursuit of a greedy, intolerant agenda: i.e. Tea Crusaders (It aint no party).

Actually, Captain America attempted to express his revulsion of the Tea Crusaders, but agents working for the rightist cabal succeeded in getting his publisher, Marvel Comics, to apologize and remove the offending comments from future printings.

The controversy involved a short segment of the comic wherein Captain America’s alter-ego, Steve Rogers, was observing a protest march by a group of right-wing, anti-tax, activists. The marchers, in an accurate portrayal of reality, were an all-white mob of angry tea-volutionaries carrying signs that recall the Tea Party actions last year. The part that got the Crusaders all worked up contained this image with a sign saying “Tea Bag the Libs Before They Tea Bag You.”

I’m not sure I understand what the Crusaders are grumbling about. The sign being carried by the comic protester is one that has made repeated appearances at Tea Party events. David Weigel of the Washington Independent captured it on film. It is a sentiment that they readily accept and promote. Now, all of a sudden, they are outraged by their own slogans.

As a result of their bellyaching, Marvel Comics, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, took the exceedingly cautious (i.e. cowardly) move of apologizing. And since there was nothing about the comic that was false or defamatory, the only reason for the reversal must be to mollify prospective comic book readers who may also be Tea Baggers.

The moral of the story is that, while Captain America may be able to defeat the most vile and villainous enemies ever dreamed up in the imaginary world of comics, he was vanquished by a very real enemy, an international corporate media conglomerate. I’d say we need to call the X-Men, but they are already in the employ of super-villain Rupert Murdoch.