Fox News Fascism: Laura Ingraham Advocates Government Punishing Corporations They Disagree With

Conservative Republicans have long pretended to champion free market capitalism. It has been among their most frequently promoted political positions. But for the most part it was nothing more than another catch phrase they exploited to deceive the dimwitted rubes who didn’t bother to dig any deeper than a GOP soundbite.

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Laura Ingraham, Fox News, Goofy

On Friday night Fox News primetime propagandist, Laura Ingraham, made it unambiguously clear that the economic “principles” espoused by the right were a fraud. They were merely bait to hook the bumpkins and buffoons into believing that by allowing corporations to walk all over them, they too could become billionaires.

Like most of the Fox News roster of bigots, Ingraham was aghast that the Walt Disney Company had taken a stance against the censorious “Don’t Say Gay” bill advanced by Florida governor, and faithful Trump-fluffer, Ron DeSantis. So Ingraham devoted a segment of her program to delivering a monologue attacking Disney in a manner that reeks of rancid totalitarianism. She not only jumped aboard the QAnon train by claiming that Disney is sexualizing children, she had a decidedly anti-democratic way of dealing with it. Ingraham said that…

“You guys have products and services that 74 million Trump voters don’t need to purchase if they don’t want to. And when Republicans get back into power, Apple and Disney need to understand one thing: Everything will be on the table – your copyright and trademark protection, your special status within certain states, and even your corporate structure itself.

“The antitrust division at [the Department of] Justice needs to begin the process of considering which American companies need to be broken up once and for all for competition’s sake, and ultimately for the good of the consumers who pay the bills.”

RELATED: DeSantis just signed a bill to punish social media firms (Facebook, Twitter, etc) that ban users who violate their terms of service.

Ingraham begins this harangue by threatening to “cancel” Disney with a boycott that she mistakenly thinks millions of Americans will embrace. Let’s just aside the fact that such actions are often criticized by the right. They are nothing if not hypocritical. In fact. Donald Trump is the undisputed King of Cancel Culture.

What makes this tirade even more repugnant is Ingraham proposing that government abuse its power to punish corporations that refuse to fall in line with their partisan goals. She is pushing an oppressive authoritarian agenda. And she isn’t the least bit subtle about it. In a country where Ingraham’s Republican confederates are in charge, private businesses will be forced to subjugate themselves to the state or suffer the consequences.

Ingraham doesn’t say what constitutional means she would employ to challenge a company’s copyrights and trademarks. Probably because there aren’t any. And while antitrust laws can provide a valid protection of consumer rights. Ingraham is explicit that she wouldn’t be pursuing them on behalf of consumers, but rather only “when Republicans get back into power.”

Ingraham is not alone on Fox News fronting for fascism, and making Disney the scapegoat for their despotic dystopia. It’s a network wide initiative. Media Matter has documented that just within the past week, “Fox has been laser-focused on the story, mentioning ‘Disney’ over 350 times this week, and dedicating over 3 hours of coverage, and at least 53 segments, to it.”

By contrast, stories such as Trump asking Putin for dirt on Hunter Biden, and Madison Cawthorn’s tales of GOP cocaine fueled orgies, and Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas’ wife plotting with Trump’s chief of staff to stage a coup, received little or no coverage on Fox News. Meanwhile, Fox is busy attacking Disney – yes, Disney! – as child pornographers upon whom the government must stomp its fascist boot. That must be part of their “MAGA movement to Make America Goofy Again.”

UPDATE: How Fox News is framing the Florida vs Disney story, via Media Matters…

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7 thoughts on “Fox News Fascism: Laura Ingraham Advocates Government Punishing Corporations They Disagree With

  1. “When Republicans are back in power…”
    Am not sure which part of that bothers me the most. The fact that it’s always “WHEN”, not if, should be a big concern when coming from the Party that will lie, cheat & steal to take power & has usurped Constitutional rights in order to put in place many ways, in many States, to keep mostly non-Rethug voters from being able to exercise their right to vote…& In case that doesn’t put them in power, have enabled States to ignore voters & send electors of their own choosing. When you consider that Rethugs are minority by large number, what they’re doing is a huge problem for any real democratically elected gov’t. Or what’s supposed to be one.
    “When” suggests a foregone conclusion & them using that term is meant to get us all to accept it ahead of time. There’s no way they should realistically feel so secure about it. Unless, of course, the Party lying constantly about election fraud that wasn’t, is about to do the real thing themselves.

  2. The bad thing about Ingraham is that she is a fascist pig. The good thing about Ingraham is that she is so delusionally stupid, she (1) doesn’t know that government has no power to unilaterally implement her Nazi program; and (2) is also too stupid to remember where her gopper candidates get most of their funding to get elected. The goppers need corporate financial support more than the oligarchs need the goppers. They can get Dems elected instead and still get what they want. Legislating to benefit the moneyed class has long been the program for both parties.

    • In regards to (1):
      Currently, you are correct. I don’t know what horrible things Rethugs have planned, should they takeover power…but I’m sure they do not intend to give that power up again once they get it. They have decided that they are the only rightful rulers over this nation.
      Once in power, I expect them to follow in footsteps of Viktor Orban & Vlad Putin & that’s the antithesis of true democracy. They have no loyalty to our Constitution, or to democratic elections. Any powers they don’t have now, they will make theirs once able to do so. They’re willing to lie endlessly, break our laws, change rules they don’t like & block any bills that would get in their way. They’ve shown that plenty. And sadly, the other Party has shown they don’t know what to do about it, or how to stop them & that they won’t fight back with same veracity. The die is cast & unless OG Dems are willing to let others in Party lead, hard to see that changing. I’m all about taking high road & not doing what’s wrong, but also believe in fighting fire with fire when necessary. It is necessary now. I wonder if both Parties are blinded by big gobs of donor money?

  3. Which she would call tyranny if Biden actually did this.

    But Her Beloved God would be a hero when he DID do this.

    Damnable hypocrite….

    • Indeed! Makes her a dumbass bitch & a good little Rethuglican!

  4. Does FOX management (hello, Rupert/Lachlan) really believe it has the power to subjugate Disney in America? To call for and actually get a boycott of Uncle Walt’s beloved empire? Cheering for Putin may play for the hardcore lobotomized MAGA audience, but a direct attack on Mickey Mouse? Gimme a fucking break.

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