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When Fox News debuted it was crafted from scratch to be a partisan outlet for right-wing propaganda and a platform for advancing a conservative agenda. Its Internet community web site, Fox Nation, serves as the online gathering place for Fox viewers to absorb and spread the aggregated disinformation and conspiracy theories hatched by Fox News.

Two years ago the first volume of Fox Nation vs. Reality was published revealing an Internet operation that was dedicated to fiercely partisan, right-wing distortions of the truth. Its mission was, and remains, to construct a safe haven for the broader Fox News community to reinforce their preferred fantasies and unfounded preconceptions. Since then Fox Nation has evolved into an even more sheltered environment that has taken on many characteristics of culthood.

Fox Nation vs. Reality Volume II: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance, provides an eye-opening look into the lengths that committed propagandists will go in order to fabricate an alternative political reality. And remember, Fox Nation is not some remote outpost on the Internet Superhighway. It is an integral part of Fox News whose executives are wholly responsible for the stain it produces on journalism.

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Trump To Be Interviewed on Fox News, the Network He Says is ‘Dead, Totally Fake, Unwatchable’

Being the subject of multiple civil and criminal investigations can lead to some bizarre behavior. And when those investigations turn to indictments, that behavior becomes even more frenzied and downright deviant. It can lead to frantic outbursts that serve only to reveal one’s festering fears and result in further incriminating statements. Click here to Tweet […]

Crybaby Trump is Panicking Over the Likelihood that He is About to Be Criminally Indicted

The “stable genius” of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump, is once again demonstrating the stability that has become the hallmark of his abhorrent personality, or lack thereof. When he isn’t throwing temper tantrums for perceived insults, he is whining about not being sufficiently praised for things he never did. And he is, after all, the most fabulous […]

Anticipating Failure? Fox News is Already Gaslighting About Imaginary Election Fraud in 2024

The 2024 election cycle has barely begun. There has not yet been a single primary. Many expected candidates haven’t officially announced their plans. No debates have been scheduled. In fact, it hasn’t even been established if there will be debates or who will participate. Click here to Tweet this article However, the Republican National Committee […]

ACCORDING TO TRUMP: His Cult Followers are Deadheads Who Flock to See Him Repeat the Same Crap

From the day that Donald Trump descended from the “heaven’s” of his 5th Avenue tower on a golden escalator, his appeal to the dimwit demographic was apparent. His popularity relies on the same tactics employed to mesmerize the glassy-eyed disciples of a religious cult leader. Click here to Tweet this article Trump has fully embraced […]

After Tucker Carlson Fiasco, McCarthy Will Give January 6th Video to More MAGA Propagandists

From the very start of his tenure, Republican House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy, demonstrated just how brazenly partisan and dishonest his speakership would be. After a historic 15 attempts to secure enough votes to become Speaker, McCarthy was indebted to ultra-rightist underlings like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene to hold onto the post. Click here […]

What’s Troubling Trump Today? The Term ‘WOKE’ that He Has Repeatedly Used Himself

If there’s one thing that epitomizes the multitude of mental defects that Donald Trump displays, it’s that he is a perpetual outrage machine. Virtually every time he opens his mouth he is complaining about something or someone that has failed to supply the unflinching adoration that he demands. He is – in his own words […]

McCarthy Threatens FBI Director with Contempt for Not Aiding His Petty Persecution of Biden

The Republican controlled House of Representatives has rapidly proven that it has no real interest in governing and is utterly unfit to do so. Since assuming the barest of majorities, its concerted efforts to smear Democrats have fallen flat as they held hearings that produced little more than rancid allegations with no basis in reality. […]

Trump Proposes a Flagrantly Unconstitutional Executive Order to Revoke Birthright Citizenship

No one is ever going to mistake Donald Trump with anything resembling a constitutional scholar. He has likely never read it, and wouldn’t understand it if he did. Every attempt he has made to cite it is nearly comical, if it weren’t for the deadly serious consequences of his flaming ignorance. Click here to Tweet […]

DeSantis Issues a Fascist Fatwa on Fox News to ‘Destroy Leftism’ – Meaning Millions of Americans

The race to the bottom in the 2024 Republican presidential primary continues apace now that Ron DeSantis is officially a candidate. Never mind that his announcement on Twitter was glitch-filled farce. And set aside that he is trailing Donald Trump by anywhere between 20 and 60 points. Click here to Tweet this article Despite Trump’s […]

Squeaker McCarthy Desperately Lies About the Debt Ceiling Deal to Save His Shaky Speakership

The morning after it was announced that President Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a deal to avoid a catastrophic debt default, McCarthy began almost immediately misrepresenting the terms of the deal. Click here to Tweet this article McCarthy’s speakership – which took a historic 15 votes to achieve – is on thin […]

Matt Gaetz Guest Hosts Show on Newsmax, Affirming that Both are Unethical Propagandists

The devotion to disseminating blatant disinformation on the part of right-wing politicians and pundits is nothing new. Countless hours, and billions of dollars, have been spent on purposefully lying to advance a repugnant Republicans agenda. Fox News was created specifically to further the goal of making Americans stupider and angrier and deeper indoctrinated in conservative […]

Squeaker McCarthy’s Debt Default Deceit is Wrecked By WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

As the deadline for avoiding a catastrophic economic default rapidly approaches, the dishonest rhetoric of Republicans – led by GOP House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy – escalates to absurd proportions as they remain steadfast in refusing to honor the full faith and credit of the United States by raising the debt ceiling, as previous Congresses have […]

Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee Threatens the First Amendment Rights of American Businesses

The Republican Party has long sought to be the torch carriers for corporations, spearheading their interests by slashing taxes and regulations to the detriment of the American people who are forced to take up the slack. But then, it was the GOP justices on on the Supreme Court who decided that corporations are, in their […]

Fox News Finally Recognizes ‘The Biggest Problem for Donald Trump’ and it Isn’t Ron DeSantis

For the American people, Fox News has never been a reliable chronicler of what is going on in the country or the world. Their staunchly partisan, rightist slanting of current events – or history for that matter – was designed from its inception to deceive on behalf of the conservative agenda and the Republican Party. […]

Fox News Hack Laura Ingraham Draws Trump’s Wrath for Showing a Poll that Affirms He’s a Loser

The 2024 primary for the Republican nomination for president is already in full swing with five declared candidates vying to upset the party’s entrenched cult messiah, Donald Trump. And that doesn’t even include undeclared, but probable, candidates Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence, and at least eight others. Click here to Tweet this article For his […]

Trump Files Ludicrous Lawsuit Against the Washington Post for Defaming His Truth Social Scam

The only business activity that Donald Trump has ever demonstrated any commitment to is baseless and bitter litigation against other enterprises that he is unable to compete with honestly, or simply refuses to deal with fairly. His lawsuits are not much more than personal attacks on anyone he can’t bully into submission. Click here to […]

Wannabe Messiah Trump Claims that Only He Can ‘End the Bloodshed and Bring Peace to the World’

The raging Ego of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump, is once again presenting himself in the terms of the Western hemisphere’s most divine savior of mankind. Trump has often taken on the mantle of holiness despite his conspicuous lack of spirituality and ignorance of the faith he pretends to follow. Click here to Tweet this article Trump’s […]

Eric Trump Wonders Why Lying Cost Fox News Millions, but Truth-Telling Cost Other Media Nothing

Some members of the family of Donald Trump have been a major part of his public life. He has included them in his businesses, his television programs, and even his brief but agonizing occupation of the White House. He has relied on their support to avoid forming relationships with other more qualified people that he […]

Fox News Runs Fake Story About Veterans Being Kicked Out of Hotels to Make Room for Migrants

The discovery that Fox News aired a story that was wholly untrue and manufactured by dishonest partisans isn’t exactly a revelation. In fact, it is what they are best known for. Virtually every day there is a story on Fox News that contains only the scantest bits of reality, if even that. Click here to […]

Jim Jordan Refuses to Provide Democrats with ‘Whistleblower’ Testimony Given Only to Republicans

Jim Jordan’s absurdly named House Subcommittee on the “Weaponization of the Federal Government” held a hearing Thursday that featured three former FBI agents who claim to be “whistleblowers.” However, that claim appears to be rooted in nonsense and crackpot conspiracy theories. Click here to Tweet this article The witnesses that Jordan invited to testify have […]