Trump Issues An Impotent Threat of Mass Incarceration of Imaginary Migrant ‘Election Fraudsters’

The authoritarian compulsions of convicted felon Donald Trump have exhibited themselves in his frequent and public declarations of overt intentions to seek “retribution” against his perceived enemies, including all Democrats, insufficiently worshipful Republicans, independent judges, domestic and foreign diplomats, disloyal business leaders, and, of course, the media that he refers to in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people.”

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Donald Trump, Immigrant, Child

Trump’s obsession with getting revenge on those he believes have wronged him has been the single most motivating factor in his campaign to reoccupy the White House, with the possible exception of his fear of being sent to prison himself for his multitude of crimes. His response to that fear is to threaten his foes with prosecution, including charges of treason that carry the death penalty.

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On Tuesday Trump extended his threats to a group of people that he has long detested: Immigrants. On his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, Trump posted a comment in support of a new Republican bill aimed at making it illegal for undocumented immigrants to vote in federal elections. Which is a blatantly transparent political stunt because, of course, that is already illegal. Trump wrote that…

“Republicans must pass the Save Act, or go home and cry yourself to sleep. Non citizen Illegal Migrants are getting the right to vote […] Our whole voting system is under siege.”

To no one’s surprise, Trump is lying. There aren’t any “Non citizen Illegal Migrants [who] are getting the right to vote.” And his baseless assertion that the “whole voting system is under siege,” is utterly delusional. If that were true, why didn’t Trump do anything about it in the four years that he was pretending to be president? Where is his evidence that it is happening now? But despite his complete departure from reality, Trump went on to issue a foreboding threat…

“If I’m elected President, we will pursue Election Fraudsters at levels never seen before, and they will be sent to prison for long periods of time. We already know who you are. DON’T DO IT! ZUCKERBUCKS, be careful!”

So Trump is specifically threatening to arrest and imprison Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, along with hundreds (thousands?) of others whose names he allegedly already knows, but whom he has declined to report to the authorities. Are you one of them?

This threat is consistent with Trump’s often hyperbolic proclamations that immigrants are running rampant throughout the nation, committing crimes with the approval of the Biden administration. He has promised to deport some 15 million people whose immigration status he can’t even certify. That would undoubtedly lead to untold numbers of American citizens being shipped off to foreign lands that they never knew.

Trump has never explained how his deportation scheme would be carried out. But for the record, it would take some 75,000 flights to transport 15 million people to other countries around the world. That would cost at least $7.5 billion. And that isn’t counting the billions it would take for law enforcement to round them up, or to build and staff the internment camps where they would have to be housed until their status and country of origin were established.

Trump is also advancing the virulently racist “White Replacement Theory” that posits that Democrats are trying to import foreigners in order to shift the balance of the electorate. Never mind that it would take many years for any immigrant, much less an undocumented one, to be granted legal status and eventually citizenship.

Trump is engaging in another impotent threat that is based on solely on his seething hatred and perverse perspective of the world. He couldn’t carry it out even if he were reelected. And reality has shown us that nearly every legitimate case of election fraud in the past several years was the work of Republicans. But Trump has never been one to allow facts to interfere with his fetid fantasies.


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