U.S. Intelligence Warns that Russia is Actively Undermining Biden to Boost Putin’s Puppet Trump

The frantic frenzy in the media for the past couple weeks over whether President Biden should continue his candidacy for the White House has taken on biblical proportions. It’s as if he had eaten an apple from the Tree of Knowledge and is now facing efforts to cast him out of Eden. When will they ask about Donald Trump eating the Big Mac of Madness and his eviction from Realityland?

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Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

The non-stop inquisition of Biden, and any stray Democrat that the press encounters, has become a compulsive disorder that the press can’t seem to exercise any self-control over. Meanwhile, there is nothing remotely equivalent being done to Trump, who is suffering from mental maladies that threaten far worse consequences for the nation and the world should he reoccupy the White House.

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Compounding the risks posed by a Trump reprise is a new report that U.S. Intelligence agencies have identified Russian operations aimed at influencing American elections and, specifically, backing Trump’s bid to assume the throne to which he believes he is entitled. As reported by NBC News

“Russia’s efforts to influence this year’s U.S. election through information warfare have the same aim as in previous elections — to undermine President Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democratic Party and weaken public confidence in the electoral process, intelligence officials said Tuesday.

“Russia’s election influence operations, which include covert social media accounts and encrypted direct messaging channels, are targeting key voter groups in swing states to exploit political divisions in the U.S. and erode support for Ukraine in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion, officials with the Office of the Director National Intelligence, or ODNI, told reporters.” […]

“Former U.S. intelligence officials and regional analysts say the Kremlin has long viewed Trump as more sympathetic to Russia, citing his frequently expressed skepticism toward the NATO alliance, his reluctance to criticize Putin and his critical portrayal of Ukraine’s government.”

Sound familiar? It’s precisely what Russia tried to do in 2020, and did successfully in 2016. It’s what Trump has referred to in his psychotic rants as the “Russia, Russia, Russia hoax.” However, it was never a hoax, and Trump knows it. He has even explicitly sought Russia’s help to hack Hillary Clinton’s email, and to spread disinformation throughout the country.

Trump’s affinity for Putin is well documented. He calls him a friend and a “genius” and has excused his crimes against humanity, saying that the United States does the same things. Trump will never criticize Putin for anything. But he constantly maligns America in the most abhorrent terms (e.g. corrupt, crime-ridden, weak, failing, etc.).

An example of that occurred Wednesday morning during an interview with Fox News wherein Trump was asked a question about Putin’s missiles targeting a children’s hospital in Ukraine. Trump replied by ignoring Putin’s atrocity and, instead, attacking Biden. Because America is always wrong and Putin is always right, in Trump’s twisted mind.

So it’s extraordinarily disturbing that the media is so fixated on whether Biden should remain in the race. Yet they never ask that question of Trump. If the debate were rationally formed it would be a contest between the elderly statesman Biden, or the elderly, convicted felon, Putin loving, wannabe dictator Trump. Under those conditions, which one ought to be driven from the race? It’s not a difficult choice.


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7 thoughts on “U.S. Intelligence Warns that Russia is Actively Undermining Biden to Boost Putin’s Puppet Trump

  1. So, the disproportional, hysterical, over-the-top nonsensical reaction to Biden’s cold symptoms is another example of Russian psyops. Who woulda thunk? How can so many of our supposedly more intelligent Dem politicians be so stupid and naive?

  2. No, it shouldn’t be a difficult choice at all. Why so many people still love Trump is beyond me. And when he claimed not to know what Project 2025 was about or who the Heritage Foundation was although he ‘disagreed with some of their ideas’ ‘some ideas were abysmal and ridiculous but I wish them well and hope they succeed in whatever they do.” How do you wish someone well and hope they succeed if you don’t know who they are or what they do? I told my husband about it, and sent a link from the Project 2025 website to my sister, my husband and some friends of mine.

    • At this point it’s noteworthy when he tells a truth.

  3. Russian internet troll farms have been much less obvious this election cycle. In 2020 you could easily find right wing comments from folks who had no profile but up around 27,000 comments. Now the seem to change their identities after a couple of thousand comments. Of course it’s also possible that a lot of them have been sent to the front.

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