HUH? New Poll Shows Donald Trump’s Popularity is Falling Sharply Among – Fox News Viewers?

Donald Trump is famous for putting himself at the top of every list of achievement. And no one can argue that when the list is: Which president has had the worst approval ratings in modern times? Trump far outpaces all of his predecessors for the most hated national leader. A recent poll showed him at an abysmal thirty-two percent. That’s another new low during what is ordinarily a president’s strongest year in office.

Donald Trump

Now another new survey has some bad news for Trump. Suffolk University asked for opinions about Trump with an interesting angle. They matched answers to the respondent’s favorite sources for news. And what they discovered was surprising:

“Trump likes what he sees on Fox, which means that what he sees depicts him favorably. And yet, according to new polling from Suffolk University, those voters who have the most trust in Fox’s reporting have increasingly begun to view Trump unfavorably.

“Over the course of Trump’s presidency, Suffolk has asked people to weigh in on their views of Trump multiple times. In March, 45 percent of Americans viewed Trump favorably, but 86 percent of those who identified Fox as their most-trusted news network said they did. By June, that number had grown to 90 percent. But in October and in the most recent poll, Trump’s favorability with Fox News viewers has plunged.

“In March, Fox viewers were 40 points more likely to view Trump positively than were voters overall. By December, they were only 24 points more likely to do so.”

The poll found that, among the people who trust Fox News the most, Trump’s approval rating is a bare majority of fifty-eight percent. For a constituency that should be his most ardent admirers that can’t be characterized as anything but dreadful. And it’s a substantial drop from the numbers in June (90%) and October (74%). Historically Trump’s appeal has failed to outperform lice or root canals among the general population (for real). But he has managed to hang on to a core base of deplorables in the Republican Party. Considering the close association between Fox News and the GOP you would think their viewers would also be Trump deadenders.

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So what accounts for Trump’s slumping approval by Fox News cultists? It’s hard to say. Since Fox is virtually Trump’s PR division, their audience is the group of news consumers that see the most of him. Perhaps being exposed so incessantly to his wrinkled visage and grating voice has driven home what a crass and repugnant cretin he is. Maybe they just got tired of his bragging and bullying and whining and lying. He’s become a one-note recording of infantile narcissism with regard to himself and abject hostility toward his critics.

Another possible explanation is that the right-wingers who watch Fox don’t like Trump bashing the FBI, special counsel Robert Mueller, and law enforcement in general. And they may cringe when he smears the intelligence agencies for which he is allegedly responsible. Maybe they’re troubled by his cozying up to Putin and other murderous dictators. And even though Fox News presents an exclusively adoring picture of Trump, maybe their viewers have seen through it and are disgusted and weary of the charade. You know – the fake news.