Fox News: ‘You Don’t Have to Like Donald Trump’ – America: We Already Know That, and We Don’t

The arguments by Donald Trump’s defenders are becoming more strained and ludicrous with every passing day. At the beginning they were happy to exalt him as an outsider who would “drain the swamp” and use his business skills to “Make America Great Again.” But as the nation got to know Trump better, these transparently phony marketing gimmicks made less and less sense.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been a leading member of The Swamp since its inception. As president he’s proven that by his appointments of The Swamp’s most ardent advocates to critical government positions where they have proceeded to fleece the country and enrich themselves. As for Trump’s business skills, most people now know that they consist primarily of scams and bankruptcies.

All of this makes it more difficult to lavish praise on a character that is so lacking in character. The Trump shill army has stopped pretending that he isn’t a serial sexual predator, and now dismiss the issue as having been decided by the election. They avoid any discussion of his financial corruption and self-dealing by staking claim to the current economy, which is still operating under the policies of Barack Obama. And now, even the simple assertion that they just have a personal affinity for the Tweeter-in-Chief is a bridge too far to cross. On Fox News’ Outnumbered, the normally fawning co-hosts all agreed that Trump is just plain not likable (video below):

Lisa Boothe: His Likability – he wasn’t well-liked, if you look at the polls in 2016, that didn’t matter.

Kennedy: The bottom line is a much better metric with most voters than whether or not you want to got to a cocktail party with Donald Trump.

Katie Pavlich: It’s going to be difficult for Democrats to argue against everyday people who are seeing their lives getting better. And the argument that $1,000-2,000 isn’t benefiting you really isn’t going to fly. I think it’s actually very offensive to people who think that is a significant amount of money, because it is. When it comes to how Democrats approach this, and President Trump’s approval numbers, you don’t have to like the President. It’s a likability thing. His approval rating isn’t necessarily based on his policies. His approval is based on not his policies, but his personality. You don’t have to like Donald Trump to like what he’s doing.

So it’s unanimous. Nobody likes Donald Trump. However, the suggestion that Americans still like what he’s doing is a total fabrication by the Fox News Trump=fluffers. The GOP tax scam that was just passed was literally one of the most unpopular bills in decades. Voters know that it rewards Trump and his wealthy pals at the expense of everyone else. And that same negative sentiment sticks to nearly everything Trump touches. The Gallup poll of issues puts Trump firmly underwater on every issue in the survey:

Approve Disapprove
Economy 45 51
Foreign Affairs 33 61
North Korea 35 60
Healthcare 31 64
Taxes 37 55
Immigration 39 60
Terrorism 46 53
Russia 30 66
Environment 32 63
Federal Budget 36 57
Relations w/News Media 34 64
Trade 45 51

Contrary to the glassy-eyed idolatry of Fox News pundits, Trump obviously has failed to connect with voters on any of the important issues that they care about. And now Fox News agrees that even his personality is repugnant. What does that leave for anyone to admire about Trump? His remedial oratory? His gross ignorance? His racism, misogyny, and xenophobia? His infantile behavior? Let’s face it, the only thing that anyone is going to like about Trump is how he looks in an orange jumpsuit as he’s being escorted out of the White House.

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