Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Says George Soros is the Anti-Christ, Freeze His Assets

If you’re looking for more evidence of the civil libertarian bona fides of Donald Trump and his inner circle, you’re going to be looking for a long time. The brazen affinity that Trump has for totalitarian rule, however, just keeps being reaffirmed by his tweets and his sycophants. On Friday Trump-fluffer Sean Hannity proposed a prohibition on citizens access to their representatives in Congress. And today the devolution of American democracy continues courtesy of Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani

The saga of Giuliani’s gaffe prone advocacy of his presidential client is filled to the brim with embarrassing episodes that frequently incriminate Trump. Giuliani is the one who said on national television that Trump paid hush money to Stormy Daniels while Trump was denying it. And he once implied that the reason Trump can’t interview with special prosecutor Robert Mueller is that he’s either a liar or a mental defective. With friends like Rudy, who needs enemas?

Which brings us to Saturday morning’s Twitter romp with Rudy. In an attempt to shore up the hostility of the Trump Brigades, Giuliani retweeted the comments of a random Twidiot who had a perverse notion of how to combat anyone who protests against Dear Leader Trump: “Follow the money. I think Soros is the anti-Christ! He must go! Freeze his assets & I bet the protests stop.”

Let this sink in. Giuliani, a lawyer and former U.S. Attorney, thinks it’s acceptable to seize the assets of a private citizen who has done nothing illegal. He thinks that someone who donates money to legitimate non-profits and educational/activist organizations can have his funds confiscated only because they were given to groups that Giuliani opposes. So this is the President’s personal attorney who is advocating the sort of oppressive behavior of outright tyrants.

What’s more, Giuliani is promoting the lie that Soros is funding citizens engaging lawful protests. There is zero evidence of that, and it wouldn’t be illegal if he were. If Giuliani wants to support legislation to prohibit such funding, he would find significant support from progressives who are troubled by the financial gifts of the Koch brothers to right-wing people and issues. But that isn’t Giuliani’s goal. He wants to silence only the progressive voices in America.

Giuliani is not alone in attacking Soros. He has long been a regarded by the right as the supervillain behind everything that is wrong with America. Never mind that he is the model of the capitalist dream, a man who rose up from a childhood under Nazi occupation, to become one of America’s wealthiest citizens. That’s why he was recently attacked by Sen. Chuck Grassley, who charged him with backing Brett Kavanaugh’s protesters; and by Rep. Louie Gohmert who gave out a “Heil Soros” on Fox News; and by Trump himself in tweet that lashed out at him with no support for his claims.

And let’s not forget the part about the “Anti-Christ.” Of all the comments that Giulian might find to retweet, he picks one that calls a Holocaust survivor a name that’s akin to “Christ killer” and foreshadows the end of civilization. It’s a full blown dog whistle, nay fog horn, of the anti-Semitism and bigotry that is rampant throughout the Cult of Trump. And Trump’s glassy-eyed disciples will will eat it up like they do all the other racist tropes that spew from Trump and his shills.

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Build the Wall? Sean Hannity Of Fox News Proposes Blockading Citizens from Their Reps in Congress

One of the most encouraging developments resulting from the Kavanaugh confirmation debacle is the manner in which Americans expressed themselves. There was an outpouring of opposition from across the country that shook the walls of Congress. Protesters spoke out with heart wrenching stories of personal suffering and with a profound determination to effect change.

Fox News, Sean Hannity

That it wasn’t enough is secondary to the fact that it was powerful and is continuing. The Old Guard that shielded Brett Kavanaugh, and the serial sexual predator (Donald Trump) who nominated him, got their way because they have the numbers – for now. But that’s not something they can count on going forward. The people will have their way in the future. And that’s what a democracy is.

However, the dinosaurs that protect the elitist Halls of Just Us are spitting fire. They saw the peasants rise up and it was a sight so frightening that they’re sending out their martinets to confront them. On Friday’s episode of the Sean Hannity Trump-Fluffing Hour on Fox News, the host spelled out the terms of the coming battle. He called the protests by concerned citizens “meanness, madness, [and] insanity.” Then he added that it was “despicably ugly and disgusting.” And to top it off he unleashed this un-American tirade (video below):

“Now let me say something. I really believe the people should be close to their elected representatives, and it’s sad what I’m about to say. Before somebody gets hurt or worse, these office areas of elected officials now need to be closed to the public. Sad. But it needs to happen. This is now dangerous and out-of-control.”

Really? You have to wonder what the basis was for that nonsense. There haven’t been any reports of violence or physical harm occurring in the congressional offices or hallways. What there has been is outraged citizens letting their representatives know how they feel. It’s the constitutional right to redressing grievances in action. And that is precisely what Hannity is objecting to. Heaven forbid that the people we elect actually do what we want. Had they done so, Kavanaugh would not be heading to the Supreme Court. He is opposed by most voters in every poll on the subject.

Hannity is parroting the view of his Dear Leader, Donald Trump. The President posted two tweets in two days that malign the protesters as “paid professionals” serving the the interests of that perennial right-wing boogieman, George Soros. Of course, he has zero evidence of his reckless and self-serving allegations. And he doesn’t bother to identify the funding sources of his own cult worshiping supporters who range from the Koch brothers and other billionaire corporatists to Vladimir Putin’s network of Kremlin oligarchs.

But never mind all of that. Hannity is convinced that the solution to the problem is to separate the people from their representatives. To make sure that those we elect are free from the burden of hearing what we have to say. Build a wall between us and them to prevent any of the unwashed masses from disturbing the peace of the congressional country club.

In other words, turn our legislative branch of government into something more like Russia’s State Duma: an exclusive body of fraudulently “elected” presidential sycophants. And supported by a State TV network (aka Fox News) that disseminates the Party Line agenda and calls for reforms – like the one that Hannity is now advocating – that divide the people from their government. This is their twisted version of patriotism, and it must not be allowed to prevail. So keep on doing what Hannity, and the government leeches he speaks for, are so afraid of, and do it right in their treasonous faces.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.