Giuliani Says the Reason Trump Can’t Testify is Because He’s Either a Liar or a Mental Defective

Rudy Giuliani continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Every time he appears on television he manages to dig his only client, Donald Trump, into a deeper, more vermin-infested swamp hole. If we didn’t know better, we might be inclined to believe that Giuliani is a part of the “Deep State” that is conspiring to destroy Trump and replace him with a Hillary Clinton lizard clone.

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump

Sunday morning on ABC’s This Week, Giuliani was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. Among the subjects discussed was the special counsel’s investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice. Despite Trump’s repeated, panicky tweetstorms insisting that he’s innocent, this inquiry has already produced dozens of indictments and five guilty pleas. Trump’s painfully obvious consciousness of guilt was on display this week when he accused the Justice Department of leaking a letter to Robert Mueller that Trump or his lawyers most likely leaked themselves.

During the interview Giuliani was asked about the prospects of Trump being questioned by Mueller. For months the Trump team has been wavering on this matter with contradictory assertions that he would love to sit down with the special counsel or that he would foolish to do so. Stephanopoulos eventually asked specifically about the recent discovery that Trump’s lawyers outright lied about whether the President dictated Don, Jr.’s response to his meeting with Russians at Trump Tower. And Giuliani took that as cue to put Trump in a distinctly negative light (video below):

Stephanopoulos: It’s not a complicated thing. The President was there. He was dealing with the letter. First it was all denied. And now you’re saying he dictated it.
Giuliani: Jay [Sekolow] would have to answer that. I think Jay was wrong. This is the reason you don’t let the president testify. Our recollection keeps changing, or we’re not even asked a question and somebody makes an assumption.

Well, that clears things up. Giuliani is saying that Trump must not be allowed to testify because he is likely to commit perjury. Either that or he is too mentally impaired to remember critical details of his own behavior. But it’s even worse than having a poor memory. Giuliani is saying that Trump’s recollections of specific events might actually be different depending on when you ask him. That’s an admission that Trump is, in effect, unfit to hold office.

On an interesting side note, Giuliani didn’t say what he thought Sekulow was wrong about: His first statement that Trump had nothing to do with Don, Jr.’s response, or the one in the letter to Mueller saying that Trump dictated it. Either way, the fact that Giuliani also threw his colleague, Jay Sekulow, under the bus is just icing on the psychotic meltdown that Rudy was having on the air. So far Sekulow has not commented on Giuliani’s assertion that he was wrong about – something.

The bottom line here is that Giuliani is actually right. Trump is very likely to either lie or reveal his decaying grasp of reality if he testifies for Mueller. That’s obviously a dangerous course of action for the President. But more troubling is the fact that if Trump is too impaired to meet with Mueller, then he’s also too impaired to meet with Kim Jong Un, or Vladimir Putin, or even members of Congress. How can Republicans – or America – tolerate a president who, by his own attorney’s account, can’t consistently inhabit the real world?

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5 thoughts on “Giuliani Says the Reason Trump Can’t Testify is Because He’s Either a Liar or a Mental Defective

  1. Donald and Rudi: Dumb and dumber…

  2. I don’t think Rudy understands this lawyering thing. You are supposed to maintain that your client is innocent, you shouldn’t keep implicating him.

  3. Let’s just say whatever the Uncool Ghouliani’s talents as a lawyer, he’s making a hell of a Court Jester!

    This would be funny if it weren’t so scary: Hair Drumpfenfuhrer’s public voice is now a mindless nutjob made world famous thanks to a tragedy he did not stop and could not fix — and so completely clueless that he will say anything without any clue how he has just dug his Beloved God and Master into an even deeper grave. And the God’s worshipers will swallow the slime up wholesale while making every excuse in the book how this PROVES it’s all Hillary’s/Obama’s/the Deep State’s/Fill in the Blank’s fault and that their God is the most brilliant and perfect human being who ever existed.

    Now all we need is for Caligula the God to appoint his horse to the Senate (he has already demanded his Roman triumph in the form of the parade no one is mentioning any more), and Rudy will be right there to justify every move, which the God’s worshipers will accept as if the God had just rid the planet of every terrorist.

    Well, with the exception of the one in the White House, of course…

  4. Ever since 9/11Giuliana has lost his marbles. Now this ^&%$#$%^& expletive deleted , spurts out convoluted illogic to make less sense than does trump!

  5. This is what we have finally achieved after so many years of trying? A cartoon show of how incomptetent, inept wacky people are put into the powerful drivers seat of running a country?
    Just to unbelievable even if it were a comedy on TV.
    The Un-united States of the Banana Republic of America. WOW!!!

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