Herschel Walker Challenges Joy Reid to a Debate – But is Silent After She Accepts

The 2022 midterm elections brought much for Democrats to be thankful for. Despite predictions of severe losses in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, Democrats managed to keep their majority in the Senate and hold Republicans to the slimmest of leads in the House.

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Joy Reid, MSNBC

One contest in the Senate remains outstanding. While the the incumbent Democratic senator from Georgia, Raphael Warnock, received more votes than his Republican opponent, Herschel Walker, Georgia law mandates a runoff if no candidate gets more than fifty percent. That runoff is scheduled for December 6th.

In the meantime, Walker is sparing no effort to humiliate himself with public appearances wherein he rambles incoherently about vampires, 1970’s television, and pregnant cows. Even his surrogates are having a hard time coming up with rational reasons to vote for him…

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This week Walker visited with ultra-rightist Trump-fluffer, Charlie Kirk. It was a typically vapid interview that offered nothing of substance to Kirk’s audience of already committed Republican cultists. However, there was one moment that provided a little comic relief. Walker, a notoriously inarticulate and pitifully ill-informed former footballer, challenged MSNBC host and Harvard grad, Joy Reid, to a debate “any day of the week … on any subject.” What follows is Walker’s challenge and Reid’s response…

Walker: I’d love to debate Joy Reid. You know, Senator Warnock, he’s a slick talking, smooth dressing guy, but in that debate I took him to school because he found out a lot of things he didn’t know. And I can do the same thing with Joy Reid any time of the day.

I think people sit on TV and they talk. It’s easy to talk. But I’ve been a man that have worked my whole life. I built companies. I’ve signed the front of a paycheck. They’ve never done any of that. They don’t know how to do it. I do. And I say any day of the week she want to debate she can show up here and I’ll debate her as well on any subject. She can come up with the subject, and let’s go at it.”

Reid: “Okay, Herschel, come on. It aint but a short walk. We will have you on the ReidOut any day. No, seriously. We reached out to your team. We will have you on the ReidOut any day. And we can debate. Just tell us when.

But I do want to make one thing clear, Herschel. You can’t bring your friends. You see your little friends there? You can’t bring them. You have to do this debate on your own. So come on. The doors to the church are open, like the pastor says.”

Walker has yet to accept Reid’s open offer to debate him. He hasn’t mentioned it at all. So he’s actually proving his point that “It’s easy to talk” on friendly TV programs. But he’s apparently too scared to face Reid for a debate that he insisted he would “love [to do] any day of the week.”

That’s too bad, because It would be an entertaining hour of political television that would put Walker’s unintentional comedic skills on display. Hopefully he will reply soon and set a date for this must see political showdown. Anything would be better than the Fox News donations of its airtime to GOP candidates like Walker.

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