Crybaby Trump Lashes Out at ‘Fake News’ for Reporting Accurately that He’s the Biggest Loser

The Republican Party and their mouthpieces in conservative media are licking their wounds as they come to the realization that their promised “red wave” sweeping GOP candidates to victory never rose to more than a trickle. Now they are testing out various lies and distractions to avoid accepting the fact that their agenda and candidates are simply repulsive.

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Donald Trump

Nowhere is that desperation to deceive themselves and their disciples more apparent than in the reaction by former reality TV game show host, Donald Trump. In the immediate aftermath of the 2022 midterm election, Trump bragged about the nonexistent Republican victory and how successful he was with his endorsements. Of course, neither of those things even remotely resembled reality. So he quickly backpedaled to grasp onto his old faithful excuse for everything: the radical, communist, fake news media.

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Trump spent much of the morning on Thursday posting frantic comments on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, in a futile attempt to assuage his depression. As usual, he displayed signs of a severe separation from reality and a grossly malignant brand of narcissism. He began by writing that…

“There is a Fake Story being promulgated by third rate reporter Maggie Hagaman of the Failing New York Times, that I am blaming our great former First Lady, Melania, and Sean Hannity, that I was angry with their pushing me to Endorse Dr. Oz […] I was not at all ANGRY. Fake News!”

Sure. Trump was “not at all angry” that so many of his hand-picked sycophants went down to humiliating defeats. That’s why he deliberately misspelled the name of his favorite New York Times reporter, Maggie Haberman to insult her as a “hag” (a change from his prior nickname, “Maggot”). He also calls her a “third rate reporter” despite having granted her many interviews. He is probably still hurt by Haberman’s recent book, “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.”

Trump also tried feebly to distance himself from failed Senate candidate, Mehmet Oz, saying that “he was not a ‘denier’ (his mistake!)'” Yeah, that was the problem. Then Trump went on to write that…

“I’d like to apologize to Melania and Sean Hannity for all of the Fake News […] The Fake News Media is ‘Crazed’ and totally out of control […] They MAKE UP stories and then push them down your throats. Our Country is in big trouble!”

Right. Because Melania and Hannity are the victims in all of this, poor things. And Trump once again complains that reporters had no sources for their stories. What Trump is really upset about is that so many of his insiders are willing to become confidential sources in order to tell the truth about him. And then he continued…

“Despite having picked so many winners, I have to put up with the Fake News. For me, Fox News was always gone […] but now they’re really gone. Such an opportunity for another media outlet to make an absolute fortune.”

For the record, most of the “winners” Trump picked were Republicans in safe districts who were expected to win. But in most of the races that were competitive, his candidate lost or squeaked by. And it’s cute that Trump is bashing Fox News here, so soon after apologizing to Sean Hannity. He just can’t figure out who he hates from one moment to the next. But Trump still wasn’t done whining…

“For those many people that are being fed the fake narrative from the corrupt media that I am Angry about the Midterms, don’t believe it. I am not at all angry […] Remember, I am a ‘Stable Genius.'”

If Trump is really not angry, that would just indicate an even greater measure of cognitive collapse. A normal human would be angry after an electoral smackdown like the one he just suffered. But apparently, being a “stable genius” immunizes one from human emotions.

Although, Trump does have some justification for being mad at the press. There were numerous post-election articles published that appropriately assigned the blame to Trump for the GOP meltdown. The problem for Trump is that many of them were by staunchly conservative outlets. Media Matters compiled some examples that include… “Conservatives point finger at Trump after GOP’s underwhelming election results: ‘He’s never been weaker.’”

Daily Wire: “Donald Trump certainly is not the leader of the Republican Party. … His priority is not the Republican Party.”

Wall Street Journal: “Trump is the Republican party’s biggest loser.”

NY Post: “Here’s how Donald Trump sabotaged the Republican midterms.”

National Review: “Trump is the Republican establishment now. He’s the default, the Man, the swamp. And he’s a loser.”

There are many more such articles, as well as commentaries by right-wingers disenchanted with Trump and his destructive, divisive, deceitful, and delusional diatribes. And these are the views of his friends. No wonder he’s going berserk … er … more berserk.

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