Trump’s Truthless Temper Tantrum Over the Midterm Election Results is Just So Trumpy

As the 2022 midterm election morning dawned, Donald Trump could be found up bright and early yammering about election fraud that didn’t exist. His accusations were especially bizarre since they were aimed at the Republicans who were running the Arizona election. So he thinks that Arizona’s GOP officials were committing fraud in order to help … Democrats?

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

Later that evening, Trump changed gears to try to take credit for Republican successes in the election results. Despite the utter evaporation of anything resembling a “red wave,” he posted a comment on his floundering social media scam, Truth social, that boasted about an electoral triumph that existed only in his warped imagination. He wrote

“174 wins and 9 losses, A GREAT EVENING, and the Fake News Media, together with their partner in crime family, the Democrats, are doing everything possible to play it down. Amazing job by some really fantastic candidates!”

So let’s add a little reality to Trump’s feeble fantasies and media bashing. First of all, Trump actually endorsed more than 300 candidates. So he’s cherry picking what he wants to include in his post-election analysis. What’s more, the vast majority of his endorsements were for candidates in safe Republican seats who were expected to win. We can’t know which nine losses he’s referring to in his post because he doesn’t identify them. However, he had at least 22 to choose from in this, still incomplete, list of actual losers…

Gubernatorial candidates: Lee Zeldin (New York), Doug Mastriano (Pennsylvania) Geoff Diehl (Massachusetts), Dan Cox (Maryland), Tudor Dixon (Michigan), Tim Michels (Wisconsin), Darren Bailey (Illinois), and Mark Ronchetti (New Mexico), Kari Lake (Arizona).

Senate candidates: Mehmet Oz (Pennsylvania), Blake Masters (Arizona), Adam Laxalt (Nevada), Don Bolduc (New Hampshire), Joe O’Dea (Colorado), Leora Levy (Connecticut), Kelly Tshibaka (Alaska), Herschel Walker (Georgia).

House candidates: J.R. Majewski (Ohio), Karoline Leavitt (New Hampshire), Yesli Vega (Virginia), Ken Calvert (California), Bo Hines ( North Carolina’), Steve Chabot (Ohio), Jim Bognet (Pennsylvania), Gesiotto Gilbert (Ohio), Robert Burns (New Hampshire), John Gibbs (Michigan)

That’s 22 losers, with many races still uncalled, including such significant potential GOP defeats as Herschel Walker (Georgia), Blake Masters (Arizona), Kari Lake (Arizona), Kelly Tshibaka (Alaska), Adam Laxalt (Nevada) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin). [UPDATE: Blake Masters, Kari Lake, Adam Laxalt, Kelly Tshibaka, and Herschel Walker lost and were added to the lists above]

Perhaps the race that will hurt Trump the most is the one for New York Attorney General, where his arch nemesis, Letitia James, won reelection. Trump has been bad-mouthing her for months, accusing her of being corrupt, biased, and racist (she’s Black), and calling her “Peekaboo” for reasons no one knows. He’s actually racked with fear due to the $250 million civil suit James filed alleging business fraud that could wind up shutting down his Trump Organization and prohibiting his crime from doing business in the state.

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To be sure, there were disappointments for Democrats. But considering that historically the party in power during the midterms suffers an average congressional loss of about 22 seats, Democrats should be pretty satisfied that they held their losses to single digits. They likely retained their Senate majority and may have done the same in the House.

If Trump thinks that these results suggest a positive environment for him to run for president again in 2024, he’s more deranged than previously thought. So it will be interesting to see what his “big announcement” is going to be on November 15. If he does announce his candidacy, his GOP confederates may be less than enthused after seeing his fabled king-making prowess fail so spectacularly. Although Trump will remain blissfully enamored with himself and his divine infallibility.

When Trump was asked in a NewsNation interview about the election outcome to say “How much of that will be because of Donald Trump,” he replied that “I think if they win, I should get all the credit. If they lose, I should not be blamed at all.” That’s consistent with his refusal to take responsibility for everything from COVID-19 deaths, to the deadly insurrection at the Capitol, to his theft of highly sensitive national security documents from the White House, and more. Trump will always find someone else to blame.

That said, Trump did post something on election night that was unarguably true, even if he didn’t know it. He wrote that the “Same thing is happening with Voter Fraud as happened in 2020???” Indeed. There was nothing significant that happened with voter fraud in 2020, and the same is true for 2022.

Another similarity between the two election cycles is that Trump proved to be an impotent force in politics and a pathetic loser who will shift blame to others rather than take any responsibility. No matter how dishonest or hurtful. And naturally one of his most predictable targets is last night’s big winner, Nancy Pelosi…

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[UPDATE: Jim Acosta: “‘Trump is livid’ and ‘screaming at everyone,’ after last night’s disappointing midterm results for GOP, according to a Trump adviser.”]

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