Judge Trashes Trump’s Attorneys for ‘Deliberate Disregard for the Truth’ in Kooky Clinton Lawsuit

The lunatic litigiousness of Donald Trump continues to provide unending hours of entertainment for court watchers who enjoy a good farce. Trump’s lawyers seem to be alumni of Barnum and Bailey’s Clown School of Law and Laughs. They are expert practitioners of the “Pie in the Face” doctrine of jurisprudence.

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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Earlier this year Trump filed a spectacularly ludicrous lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and nearly fifty other people who the suit describes as “her cohorts.” The suit alleged a conspiracy against Trump aimed at “destroying his life.” The list of defendants is itself a comedic exercise in extremist overreaching that includes Clinton, along with numerous Democratic operatives and FBI officials.

That lawsuit was pure paranoid bullpucky that any reputable lawyer – or fiction author – would be embarrassed to be associated with. And it was summarily was dismissed with the Judge ruling that Trump was “seeking to flaunt a two-hundred-page political manifesto outlining his grievances against those that have opposed him.”

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On Thursday Team Trump suffered yet another legal humiliation. The judge presiding over the lawsuit sternly scolded Trump’s attorneys for presenting a case that was “either knowingly false or made in reckless disregard for the truth.” But the judge was just getting started. As reported by CNN the judged elaborated saying that the suit was…

“’Not just initiated by a shotgun pleading, this was a shotgun lawsuit. Thirty-one individuals and organizations were summoned to court, forced to hire lawyers to defend against frivolous claims,’ the judge wrote. ‘The only common thread against them was Mr. Trump’s animus.’

“Middlebrooks added: ‘Plaintiff deliberately misrepresented public documents by selectively using some portions while omitting other information including findings and conclusions that contradicted his narrative. … It was too frequent to be accidental. Every claim was frivolous, most barred by settled, well-established existing law. These were political grievances masquerading as legal claims.’

“‘This cannot be attributed to incompetent lawyering,’ he wrote. ‘It was a deliberate use of the judicial system to pursue a political agenda.'”

The judge concluded by ordering the attorneys, including, Trump’s TV camera-seeking counsel, Alina Habba, to pay $50,000 to the court and more than $16,000 in legal fees to just one of the defendants. So now Trump’s lawyers not only have to worry about never getting paid by Trump, they also have to budget for financial sanctions due to their incompetent representation of him. Will they ever learn?

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