Trump and His Desperate Right-Wing Conspiracy Kooks Go After Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Wife

On Thanksgiving day, Donald Trump posted more than forty fanatical memes expressing undying adoration for Dear Leader. They included expressions of worshipful love and loyalty in words pasted over artificially iconic images of Trump as superhero or savior.

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Donald Trump, Snake Tongue

Missing from this avalanche of self-adulation were any wishes for a happy Thanksgiving. However, interspersed among the exaltations and QAnon-sense were Trump’s own outpourings of rage against “Radical left” Democrats, and “rigged” courts and judges, and perennial “witch hunts,” all in his warped cranium determined to stifle him and his MAGA cult movement. It was a Thanksgiving Day parade of pity and victimhood.

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At the top of Trump’s miscreant mind was Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate his criminal activities related to the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol that he incited, and the theft of national security documents that he hoarded – and lied to the FBI about having – at his Mar-a-Lago bunker.

In utter horror over the prospect of his being held accountable, Trump posted several hostile comments on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, directed at Special Counsel, Jack Smith, and more disturbingly, at his wife, documentary filmmaker Katy Chevigny. Trump ranted that…

“Democrats argue a Supreme Court justice (Clarence Thomas) must recuse from cases, based upon the personal political views of his wife (Ginni). So why doesn’t Special Counsel Jack Smith have to recuse, based upon his wife’s anti-Trump/pro-Biden large political donation and other major advocacy on behalf of Democrats?”

And he fumed that…

“The wife of the Special Counsel Biden chose to investigate @realdonaldtrump (his likely opponent in 2024) reportedly produced the Michelle Obama documentary… Yes America, you are reading this correctly.”

Trump’s ravings are typically ego-based and legally befuddled. Analogizing Smith to Clarence Thomas makes no sense. As a Supreme Court justice, Thomas can (and does) make decisions that bear directly on the activities of his wife, Ginni, who was an active participant in the coup staged by Trump and his traitorous StormTrumpers. Thomas has already made rulings that shield his wife from legal scrutiny and potential liability.

On the other hand, Jack Smith’s work as Special Counsel would have no bearing whatsoever on the activities of his wife. Furthermore, unlike Ginni Thomas, Chevigny, and Michele Obama, the subject of her documentary “Becoming,” have not been implicated in efforts to overthrow the government of the United States.

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Smith’s wife, like the spouses of all Justice Department attorneys, (and all Americans) is free to support whatever candidates and political parties she wants to. So are the attorneys, for that matter. That doesn’t mean that the career prosecutors to whom they are married are going to exercise bias in the performance of their duties. And it wouldn’t matter if they did. Because the judges who hear the cases aren’t going to adopt any alleged biases if the existed.

Smith’s record in the Justice Department is unblemished by any allegations of political bias. He has prosecuted both Democrats and Republicans in the past. That’s routine for the Justice Department. For instance, special counsel Robert Mueller, who probed Trump’s connections to Russia during the 2016 campaign, was a lifelong Republican.

Trump’s temper tantrum is standard operating procedure for him. It hardly matters what the facts are. He will always strive to contort the circumstances into some sort of personal assault, because all he knows how to do is whine. He has actually bragged that he is the most fabulous whiner,” a claim that is hard to argue with. And he’s providing another outstanding example of it with his reaction to the Special Counsel appointment and the unconscionable attack on his wife.

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