Matt Gaetz Drools Over Defunding Law Enforcement ‘If They Do Not Come to Heel’ to the Trump GOP

For a political party that has spent years chastising Democrats for advocating a policy of reallocating funds for law enforcement – sloganized by the GOP as “defunding the police” – Republicans sure have embraced that policy with open arms. And not to address the epidemic of citizens getting shot by cops, but to escape justice for crimes committed by Trump and other Republicans.

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Matt Gaetz, Prison

At this year’s gathering of of the Conservative Political Action Cult (CPAC), the roster of fringy, QAnon extremists are excitedly espousing their hostilities at President Biden and all things Democratic. While the crowd is enthusiastic, it is also noticeably thin, with many empty seats, as attendance has sharply declined. That, even though the it’s keynote speaker is once again Donald Trump, who enticed prospective attendees with his dystopian choice of topics:

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While awaiting the headliner on Saturday, the conference crowd was “entertained” by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Perv). And he surely didn’t disappoint this screwball assembly. Gaetz thrilled his audience with the sort of rancid rhetoric that has made him a popular draw among the wingnut set. He began by affirming his opposition to law and order…

“We either get this government back on our side, or we defund and get rid of, abolish, the FBI, CDC, ATF, DOJ, every last one of them if they do not come to heel.”

That’s right. Gaetz wants to abolish every federal agency charge with fighting crime and keeping Americans safe from lowlifes like – well, like Matt Gaetz.

Notice also that Gaetz isn’t issuing his ultimatum in pursuit of fair justice and the rule of law. He is demanding that America’s legal system favor the radical right by getting “government back on our side,” and forcing them to “come to heel” to a right-wing autocracy. And if you think that’s bad, he was just getting started. Gaetz went on to rant that…

“It is no longer time to go back to the old low-energy Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy days of fake oversight, these are the Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz days.”

Holy Crap! That’s downright frightening. Gaetz just name-dropped the three most repulsive, Trump-worshipping members of the GOP Congress. Then he followed that up with an overtly anti-democratic threat…

“And if the Democrats are going to obstruct our investigation, then I am calling to remove the Democrats from our investigation. They should not be allowed to sit in the depositions and hear the evidence, that they are going to try to use that to get in the way of thorough, rigorous oversight. And I don’t believe that means hearings where we yell at people. That means a fundamental reshaping of this government.”

In other words, Gaetz – who frequently yells at people at hearings – is proposing a straight up fascist reshaping of America where only his side has any legislative power to conduct oversight or to draft laws. This is consistent with his colleague, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has proposed the same sort of political tyranny…

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To be accurate, the only thing that Gaetz is worried about with regard to “get[ting] in the way of thorough, rigorous oversight,” is the prospect of Trump and other Republicans being held accountable for their criminal misconduct. He wants to make sure that he and his ilk are free to violate any laws they want with impunity. While simultaneously ensuring that Democrats are persecuted over phony allegations.

What’s worse, is that Gaetz has the support of the Republican “leadership” in the House. Newly anointed House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy, has become the willing puppet of Gaetz, Greene, and the rest of the QAnon Caucus. He needs their votes to remain in the Speaker’s chair. Which is why he approves of the ultra-MAGA dogma. And it’s why he embraces the totalitarian, one-partyism of dictators.

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