Tucker Carlson Warns that Trump’s Indictment Makes This ‘Not the Best Time to Give Up Your AR-15’

The indictment of Donald Trump by a Manhattan Grand Jury has restored some measure of faith in the American justice system. It proves, at least for the moment, the old adage that “no one is above the law,” and that even the rich and powerful can be held to account when they break it.

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However, this indictment is also revealing a darker side to certain cultish factions of society that despise law and order when it is imposed on them or their idols. They are intensely determined to seek vengeance on any legal authority that dares to due its job. And any attempt to apply the law equally will trigger a violent response.

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On his Thursday night program on Fox News, Tucker Carlson provided a frightening example of the sort of retribution that he favors and urges his audience to engage in. He interviewed conservative activist Ned Ryun, who articulated a dystopian view of the future following the Trump indictment. And Carlson added his own overtly threatening reply…

Ryun: We’re in a cold war, civil war era in this country in which we have to decide and commit to the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction. Democrats are launching nukes at us. We better decide we’re launching nukes back at them until they stop. […] And if you don’t fight it, if you just accept it, we will slouch our way into a one-party state, one-party system, which ultimately ends up in authoritarianism.
Carlson: Probably not the best time to give up your AR-15.

Carlson’s comment is unambiguously threatening. He is exhorting his glassy-eyed viewers to take up arms in “defense” of their messiah. Which is something that Trump himself proposed when he posted a comment last month on his failing Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that urged his disciples to physically fight for him this time. What we got to lose? Carlson and Trump are drooling over the prospect of a violent retaliation for what they see as persecution.

For his part, Trump has already posted more than fifty comments – mostly of his political and pundit devotees – since the indictments were announced. And to no one’s surprise, Trump lashed out personally at the judge saying

“The Judge ‘assigned’ to my Witch Hunt Case, a ‘Case’ that has NEVER BEEN CHARGED BEFORE, HATES ME. His name is Juan Manuel Marchan, was hand picked by Bragg & the Prosecutors.”

Trump has also fired up his grifting operation to squeeze more funds from his flock. This is someone who claims to be a billionaire, but makes the peasants who worship him pay his legal bills. And it’s no coincidence that Trump makes a point of spelling out the name of the judge, who is an American of Latin descent.

Curiously, Fox News can’t decide whether Trump’s indictment is an atrocity or cause for celebration. Many of the network’s hosts are convinced that affirmation of Trump’s guilt will assure his victory in 2024. That includes Fox’s Chief Trump-fluffer, Sean Hannity…

Hegseth: This is, politically, a great night for Donald Trump. It just is. You remember the mug shots of Elvis, and Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash, and Jimi Hendrix, and Mick Jagger? Turned them into even bigger icons than they were. If there is a mug shot of Donald Trump, it will be in dorm rooms and on t-shirts, making him a hero — It will. And rightfully so. Because he’s become a symbol of what elites and those obsessed with power are willing to do when they have that power.
Hannity: You just gave away my business idea..

Hannity also interviewed one of Trump’s most adoring Senate – let’s say “ring” kissers, Lindsey Graham, who made a pathetic plea for donations on Trump’s behalf…

“They are trying to drain him dry. He’s spent more money on lawyers than most people spent on campaigns. They’re trying to bleed him dry. DonaldJTrump dot com. Go tonight. Give the president some money to fight this bullshit. This is going to destroy America.”

Really? It’s going to destroy America if people don’t fork over their funds to an alleged billionaire criminal? And Graham isn’t making a particularly good point by reminding people that Trump has “spent more money on lawyers.” That’s usually a sign of trouble, not the character asset Graham thinks it is. But he wasn’t alone on Fox News fawning over Trump and whining over his indictment. Here’s a nice compilation of what you’re missing if you don’t watch Fox…

What’s interesting is that these are the same people who it was recently discovered were lavishing affection on him on the air, while telling each other privately that they hated him and wished to be free of his lies and disturbances. Can anyone really believe them now?


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