Trump Jr Conjures Up Crazy Conspiracy Theory that Democrats Planted Pipe Bombs on January 6th

Proving the old mixed metaphor of the bad apple that doesn’t fall far from the crime family tree, the namesake spawn of Donald Trump, Donnie Jr, posted a video that promulgated some of the most preposterous crackpottery available on these here Internets.

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Donald Trump Jr

Little Don seemed proud of himself for having made an observation about the January 6th insurrection that his father incited, that others must have missed. He recalled that there were news reports at the time that pipe bombs were found the same day at the offices of the Democratic and Republican National Committees. And what intrigued Little Don was that those stories were not still at the top of the news. So he fired up his webcam, and his constantly air-quoting fingers (a notoriously fidgety feature of his video persona), and commenced reporting his “bombshell” story.

“They had the insurrection narrative. You notice how the the bombers at the DNC and at the RNC, the guy that left pipe bombs there, just sort of disappeared from the news. It’s like, you know what? In case there wasn’t an insurrection or there wasn’t something bad at the Capitol, they had that to fall back on to continue and perpetuate the evil narrative of what was going on that day.

“But since they were able to ‘coreate’ and apparently manipulate footage over that day, as well as just have enough, you know, outrage, cycle and run with it. We can forget about the bomber. We don’t really need that anymore. That was just sort of the backup plan if there wasn’t enough insurrection created in my mind. That seems to be what has to have been done here.”

Trump is shocked that a story about a tangential detail from an event that occurred over two years ago doesn’t still lead every news broadcast. And, in his mind, that is evidence of a nefarious conspiracy of some sort, by a mysterious cabal identified only as “they.” For the record, the story was recently revisited in January of this year when the FBI increased the reward being offered for the perpetrator. Which debunks the allegations by Trump and Fox News fabulists like Tucker Carlson that it was the FBI that orchestrated the Capitol riots.

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Little Don replaces what he calls the “insurrection narrative” with his own narrative that is based on figments of his warped imagination. He posits a plot wherein “they” “had that to fall back on […] in case there wasn’t an insurrection” So he’s also asserting that deadly violence at the Capitol was part of the dastardly plan. Then he concludes that the harm done by the “manufactured” insurrection was sufficient that “they” were able to “coreate” (whatever that means) just enough outrage that they no longer needed the pipe bomber story.

What a brilliantly evil plan. And one that requires no proof whatsoever for Trump or the glassy-eyed cultists who subscribe to his video channel. It even connects to daddy Trump’s wild claims from last year when he told MAGA-naut Candace Owens that…

“A lot of people are being treated very unfairly. This should never happen in our country or any country, what happened to them. Especially when you look at the way the so-called other side is treated. But this pipe bomber or bombers – who knows if it was a pipe? Who knows what it was? They never found him? I’ve seen pictures of him and very clear pictures.”

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See? It must have been the FBI. Never mind that the FBI wouldn’t be offering half a million dollars to capture their own agent. Or that blurry photos of a masked man were the only ones that the FBI released. So who knows what Trump was looking at? Fortunately for the Trumps, evidence – or even a marginal attachment to reality – is not required to convince the MAGA cult.

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