Fox News Lies: Obama Did Not Praise Ho Chi Minh

One of the propaganda tactics most favored by Fox News is the snipping of a comment by President Obama and regurgitating it in a negative, and wholly dishonest, light. They did it last year on behalf of the Romney campaign numerous times with silliness like “You didn’t build that,” and other blatant misrepresentations.

Fox News

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Today Fox News is premiering their latest rhetorical deception by fixating on remarks the President made in a press availability with Vietnam President Truong Tan Sang. While describing the discussion Obama had with Sang, he noted that

“At the conclusion of the meeting, President Sang shared with me a copy of a letter sent by Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman. And we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.”

That’s it. Nothing praising Ho Chi Minh at all. Just a simple recitation of unarguable facts. No one on Fox or the right-wing fruitcake brigade disputes that Ho Chi Minh revered the people and ideas that inspired the birth of the United States. He used the Declaration of Independence as the model for Vietnam’s quest for its own independence from France.

Nevertheless, Fox News is now attempting to twist Obama’s words into something that he never said or even implied. And the “fair and balanced” network brought on two revolting characters with sordid pasts to advance the distortions. Oliver North is the convicted Reaganite who illegally sold arms to Iran in order to secure funding to support fascist rebels in Nicaragua, which was prohibited by congress. Ralph Peters is the Fox strategic analyst who called on the Taliban to “save us a lot of legal hassles” by executing an American soldier. He also advocated military attacks on the media. These two traitorous miscreants spent several unopposed minutes on Fox lambasting Obama as “stupid” and “evil” as they lied about what he said.

Anyone who seriously regards Fox as a credible news source should seek professional help. The unadulterated lie that Obama praised Ho Chi Minh can also be juxtaposed with the documented fact that Fox did indeed praise the Unabomber. This is the level of cognitive disconnect that exists at Fox, and it is the reason that their audience is so pathetically ignorant. It’s a good thing that their viewers are so small in number (less than 1% of the population) and so close to their judgment day (the oldest skewing audience in television).


15 thoughts on “Fox News Lies: Obama Did Not Praise Ho Chi Minh

  1. Standard operating procedure for the Roger Ailes run network that wouldn’t know the truth if it slammed them in the brain. This network is a disgusting blight on the journalistic landscape. If you don’t like the facts then just make shit up. Fox better watch out though, I’m sure some of their corporate sponsors are using Vietnam as a sweat shop for some of the products they sell to their dimwitted audience.

  2. I heard this idiotic segment live today while driving. The tease was “Wait ’til you hear what Obama said about Ho Chi Minh that has home up in arms” (or a close variant). They then aired the above snippet. When they stopped reading, I thought they were pausing for dramatic effect. I hadn’t heard anything that was remotely a problem. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what he said and it was 100% accurate, so I waited assuming there was more.

    Nope. That was it. So then they bring on a guy who should by all rights still be in prison (North) and some brain dead miscreant to discuss whether it was stupid or evil or both. I forget whether it was North or Peters who said Obama didn’t know US history. I would say these two bozos don’t know world history or they do and are quite comfortable lying about it (“I’m not saying it happened; I’m not saying it didn’t. I just don’t remember”–North).

    And in accordance with FixedNoise policy, they went off on a circle jerk tirade that had little to do with reality but had to sprinkle Bolshevik revolution and “post colonial” in there just enough times to confuse their illiterate listeners. It was utterly infuriating. I’m guessing North wants to go back to colonial times (with the rest of the Teabaggers) with how much disdain he displayed toward “post colonial.” It’s clear he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • It (almost) makes you wish the folks at Fox would go blind and deaf….they’re already dumb.

  3. If the president did praise Ho Chi Minh, I would have praised him for it. Ho Chi Minh was a great man and the father of his country. Stan Karnow (think I spelled name wrong) wrote a great book about Vietnam, Vietnam. Oliver North is a disgraced Marine, and dose not know shit. Fox News is good for a chuckle, but NEVER to be taken as truth.

  4. I just…. I can’t….. I can’t handle the stupidity! My brain hurts!!!

  5. Stupidity does stun ones brain. 15 minutes of Fox minions is comparable to torture.

  6. It just makes me sad that people believe a word they hear on FAUX “News”. What frightened people they must be!

  7. “Ho Chi Minh was a great man ….”

    It depends on how you define “great”.

    I used to believe that crap when I was a member of the radical Left …. but by any sane definition of the word, “great”, it isn’t true. Ho Chi Minh initiated mass murders AFTER the defeat of the French.

  8. I was absolutely astonished to hear several guests on FOX insinuating that Hillary Clinton said the deaths in Benghazi “did not matter”. Of course she said it didn’t matter what the motivation behind the attack was, the tragedy was the loss of valued citizens. Apparently it is now generally believed by FOX news devotees that the Secretary of State did not care about the lived lost. I was livid- I was screaming at the idiots on the screen- I don’t think my blood pressure can handle FOX!

    • Why weren’t you upset with the lack of response from Hilary and the President. And then the lie about the video that they knew had nothing to do with it. And then the President continues on to Vegas for a fund raiser. I don’t have a problem with you being upset with FOX but why the lack of anger with Hilary and the President.

      • You wouldn’t understand if I explained it to you.

      • Every point you made is false.

        -Both Hillary and the President DID respond to the Benghazi attack. That has been confirmed by every investigation.
        -The video WAS, at first, suspected as inspiring the attack, just as it did in Cairo and elsewhere.
        -OK, Obama went to a fundraiser, but why should he upend his whole schedule (and screw over hundreds of people expecting him) over something that was being handled by his team, including the Defense Secretary, and which he could deal with just as well wherever he was?

        Why are you more angry at Hilary and Obama, who acted appropriately, than the terrorists?

  9. From the inanity of Hannity
    To the dreck that spewed from Beck
    From doofus Doocey’s brainless quips
    To O’Reilly’s artless blech
    No truth in sight, all fact-free spin
    A carnival of shocks
    Murdoch’s gift to feeble minds
    Nobody…does stupid…like Fox

    Pass it on, and on, and on…

  10. I find it fascinating that you never addressed my primary concern- that Hillary never said what the FOX believers are quoting. Please try to be honest and factual in your comments.

  11. I have to turn this network off. You just can not believe a thing they say. They “manufacture” their own false news.

    I think everyone should just stop watching them. No one needs a trashy network.

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