The Stupid Party: Louisiana Republicans Blame Obama For Katrina

In a jaw-dropping display of pitiful ignorance, Republican respondents to a new survey have sunk to lows previously thought unattainable.

George W. Bush
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The survey asked: “Who do you think was more responsible for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina: George W.Bush or Barack Obama?” When I first read the question I thought it was a joke. Surely everyone knows that Bush was president during the Katrina debacle and that Obama wasn’t even a candidate for the office. It would be three more years before Obama would be inaugurated. Only a complete idiot would choose Obama in response to that question.

Well, I suppose I shouldn’t underestimate the idiocy of the southern Tea-publican. While 44% said they were not sure who was more responsible, 29% picked Obama. Only 28% chose the correct answer, George W. Bush.

It should be noted that this was a poll of Louisiana Republicans. You know, the Louisiana where New Orleans is. The New Orleans that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and later by Bush. It’s also the Louisiana whose governor, Bobby Jindal, warned his Republican Party not to become the “stupid party.” Apparently they aren’t listening.

There are obviously consequences to aggressively rejecting science and math and fact-based observations of reality. Likewise, there are consequences to opposing education and the funding necessary to implement it effectively. Republicans take pride in dismissing higher education as the folly of snobs and elitists. They advocate policies that severely harm public schools and students. So it comes as no surprise that they wind up embarrassing themselves before the rest of the nation with displays of ignorance that are almost painful to observe. And isn’t a fluke. Take a look at the academic profile of the ten best and worst educated states (per Fox Business):

Red/Blue State Education


17 thoughts on “The Stupid Party: Louisiana Republicans Blame Obama For Katrina

  1. This is no surprise to me, Mark. Millions of republicans still believe that President Obama bailed out Wall St., even though President GWB signed TARP in October 2008, before Obama was even elected. I think some republicans live in a state of denial because it’s too painful for them to own up to the role they played in voting for GWB twice. In their world, TARP was signed by President Obama and invading Iraq for no reason was an overwhelming success.

    • Southerners have more dignity & self pride, this is just another ploy, guess you like being the Pawn! The only ones who aren’t telling stories are those who were there 2 days (me) after Katrina feeding first responders EMS Firefighters Army Air Force HS, Police, Nat’l guard including the NYPD. So the Evacuees could have a cot to lay their head on while these men were watching for looters.I lived in tent city ( Army Tents w/ Heat & A/C…for 6 months in Chalmette right outside the 9th ward.Did Sandy Victims get any? We were up & running in no time Hot Showers, Bathrooms, laundry clothes hygiene needs. WE made a Christmas from our own efforts 12 of us! Got bikes, blankets clothes & even flew Santa in on a helicopter. We were there 24/7 2000 squares a day & lunches for the workers on the go. Charlie took out my town, Yes I is a cracker, which I consider a compliment as they were hard working pioneers! Jersey was a joke, none of above was done & it was cold. It I’m not correct then prove me wrong, I may be southern, but I’m not ignorant nor racist (at first, but his agenda is moving that right along) He’s (trying, but not as long as i am breathing) stealing our God given rights daily & you people who keep making excuses & never answer a question, but turn it around to blame someone else. One crisis & mainly crisis of the racial kind are almost a daily occurrence, since his first year w/ Fast & furious so it will take precedence over the last one, he thinks your dumb & if you believe he cares for you or America YOU ARE! His close underground ties, you know “Rules for Radicals” When they use to hate the man & America. NOW he’s the man & still hates America Wake TF up…he’s surrounded by his underground in every part of OUR Gov’t. Want to see what he does w/ his time just go to WhiteHouse.Gov. Broad band money for his “over concern” for broad band for the Navajo Nation, well 90 % went to salaries, astronomical amounts! He lied over & over again & my lord this isn’t your grandma’s dem party anymore! He can’t even address a room of adults, it’s all colleges, Because us REAL SMART SOUTHERN FOLK WILL CALL HIM OUT! THERE ISN’T ANYMORE EXCUSES, THAT’S WHY HE ALWAYS LEAVES WHEN SOMETHING GOES DOWN! HE’S THE FREAKING RACIST, TAKES UP FOR BLACK AMERICANS, LIKE THE BLACK PROFESSOR WHO HE ACCUSED THE POLICE OF “ACTING STUPIDLY”. RACE BAITING THE TRAYVON MARTIN CASE. HAS HE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE BLACK YOUTHS WHO SHOT A BABY IN THE FACE, THE YOUNG AUSTRALIAN, panther intimidation at voting precincts & even putting a bounty on Zimmerman! A TRUE AMERICAN HERO (WHO FOUGHT FOR YOU TO HAVE THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID)88 Y.O. WW2 VET BEATEN TO DEATH BY 3 BLACK YOUTHS! Where’s the President, I have my empty chair out front for him! We have an Injustice Dept. just another fall guy, so he can TRY to accomplish his elitist life & those of his “Stature” Like Zuckerberg….What you didn’t know he was on the White House staff? He’s the worst pres. so far & hopefully always will be! What you didn’t know his self serving arse (I guess it makes him feel better about himself, no it’s that “I’m the rock star mentality inserted himself into the past Presidents biographies? Yepper, no president felt the need to do that! But then again, we never had a “Rockstar” President. FRUITCAKES EVERYWHERE! EDUCATE DON’T HATE! 5 Years I will no longer deal with a Patronizing, Ignorant, maybe book smart (which isn’t really smart at all except for finding ways around the constitution!) (NO BS I WAS RAISE BY MY MOM 1 PARENT, POOR & WE DIDN’T DO THESE THINGS!) NOW WHO’S IGNORANT BEATCH? THOSE OF US WHO DON’T AGREE WITH HIS TACTICS or his hate mongering preacher Farrakhan (right out Rules for Radicals) are racists…That’s your ignorance, self denial no freaking clue of what he’s doing DO YOUR HOME WORK BEFORE OPENING YOUR MOUTH! I KNOW I’LL GET THE TYPICAL RESPONSE, BUT HOW ABOUT SOME FACTS NOT EXCUSES. MY FOREFATHERS HAVE FOUGHT IN EVERY WAR SINCE & BEFORE THE REVOLUTION & THEY DID IT FOR US TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE. YOU’RE NOT ONLY DISGRACING MINE, BUT YOUR AS WELLS (UNLESS THEY WERE STALIN OR HITLER FANS…ANOTHER TID BIT OF INFO LA’S POLITICIANS ARE MULTI-GENERATIONAL, YA KNOW THE “GOOD OL’ BOYS? MINE DIDN’T FEED OFF THE PEOPLE, THEY TOOK CARE OF THEIR OWN & NEIGHBORS AS WELL….SO JUST COME ON DOWN i’LL SHOW YA SOME SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY, MIGHT NOT BE WHAT YOU’D EXPECT, BUT WHAT YOU DESERVE! Keep playing this radical card & BO job will be done, we will no longer be a United States of America. It will be Shah Barack’s Empire…LMAO….NEVER

      • That is just an epic run of absolute nonsense. Can’t even read it in most places. Are you trying to prove the point of the article? You did.

          • No, you don’t have a clue how much Bo has brought this country down, probably because you’re not educated! As far as Katrina, someone wanted to blame Bush again! Hard to get in when the whole freaking place is under water even the interstate! I surely won’t be disappointed when you see what is the end result of the clown called Obama 😉 So ask the Sandy victims what BO did for them? I can’t believe so many of “YOUS” lack common sense!

        • I’m sure who ever came up with this survey asked the stupidest people! Like Jesse Waters, most Libs & Dems don’t have a clue & don’t care!

  2. I’ve seen that graph a few times and every time I see it I can’t help but respond with: “You get what you pay for”. That graph is a perfect illustration of what you get for properly spent tax dollars and conversely the results if you don’t mind your children remaining disadvantaged and ignorant.

    But, you no, FREDUM and LIBBURTY!?!

    • “But, you no, Fredum and libburty?” – you must have come from one of those states you ridicule given what you wrote (and I’m not talking about the purposely misspelled Freedom and Liberty – nice.

      • (Witty, I guess? Is that what you were going for?)

        Indeed, I did. And raised southern baptist to boot. Not proud of that, mind you. I’ve seen who makes up the tea party, up close and personal. Back when it was just called the right wing of the republican party. It’s not any different.

        And when you don’t spend money on your children’s education, they remain ignorant and disadvantaged. How does that not make sense?

        • Single mom 5 kids, she still working @83 washing dishes, broke her back twice last year! We didn’t have what we wanted but had what we needed. Imagine working 60 years of your life & getting less than 900.00 month. But these aren’t the impoverished people who get a fair share, because they freaking work & don’t whine! We’ve become a bunch of whiners except me I’m a beatch w brain I actually use. Oh & she never would take welfare, food stamps, reduced lunches,,,,Too proud, grew up in the depression & learned early nothing in life is free. That’d be my slogan Teryble for President. We were raised not drug up, respected our elders & I was lucky enough to have a very strong, independent mother with good values. Oh wait she got a whole 25.00 month for each child. in 1970 we lived off of 3228.00 a year 4 kids & mom. So this sob story of poor unfortunate but “otherwise good kids” Is just another form of racism his core component, because God yes GOD forbid he condemn the brutal killings done by black Americans, but 1 white guy & how many have been killed since? Too many! Oh & the new spiel of “CONGRESS PAYING IT BILLS” HE NEGLECTS TO TRUTHFULLY TELL AMERICANS IT WAS THE DEMS IN THE HOUSE SINCE 2006. HIS INFOMERCIAL ONCE AGAIN ALSO MAKES YOU THINK “HE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF YOUR NAIVETY & MAYBE STUPIDY, BUT I TRY NOT TO BE RUDE , SO LET’S SAY “UNIFORMED” MY OPINION OF ANYONE WHO BACKS THIS JETSETTER, SCAREMASTER, CLOWN, HAS TO BE THE LAST

          • That’s the perfect poster story for welfare. I never understood that argument. ‘Our lives were/are super shitty because we dont have enough money but we never took assistance.’ that’s what it’s there for. To make life just a little easier for a little while so you can find better prospects, maybe even an education. Also, he does make statements about those things, they just aren’t always picked up and broadcast by media. You actually have to look for some of them. Also, that’s a weird topic to get hung up on…..unless its a predisposition.

            • Once again you’ll be sorry, I outta here, don’t even know how I got here w/ liberal idiots! Do you understand Bo had Senate, House & presidency, for 2 whole years. It was his game plan not pass a budget or anything that was good for our country!
              Now it’s time for congress to pay their debts,,,who’s debts Dems debts! But every time he plays president & makes stupid statements like these there is so many stupid people who haven’t a clue

  3. Just Some some Facts:


    1.reluctance to accept change: unwillingness or slowness to accept change or new ideas
    2.right-wing political viewpoint: a right-of-center political philosophy based on a tendency to support gradual rather than abrupt change and to preserve the status quo
    3.desire to preserve current societal structure: an ideology that views the existing form of society as worthy of preservation

    Tea Party:

    Who are the people in the Tea Party movement?

    Various polls and surveys have yielded conflicting results on who the people who lead and subscribe to the tenets of the Tea Party movement. It is generally agreed that the Tea Party movement constituency is predominantly white. Some polls say there are slightly more males than females while others say females are the majority, and in particular, mothers.

    Most of the Tea Party movement constituency is older than 45 and are married, and they tend to be generally more conservative than the general population and are most likely to be registered as Republicans and hold favorable views of the Republican party and negative views of the Democratic Party.

    Tea Party Supporters Better Educated

    The people in the Tea Party movement also tend to have more education than the general population and are wealthier. Aside from the political differences, income and gender the Tea Party movement members are demographical similar to the general population.

    Some prominent polls from respected sources (e.g., Bloomberg, Gallup) have said that nearly half of the members of the Tea Party movement are “born-again” Christians in contrast to an estimated 34% in the general population.

    An estimated 40% of the Tea Party constituency was said to be older than 55 with 79% being white, in contrast to about 23% of the general population being older than 55 and 75% being white.

    A Gallup poll claimed about four-fifths of Tea Partiers were Republicans leading some to believe the Tea Party movement is somewhat of a rebranding of traditional Republican policies and candidates.

    Others see a much broader movement going on that is indeed forcing a reshaping of both major political parties especialy the Republicans who need to either heed the Tea Party call or face being voted out.

    • We’re unwilling to accept change that results in us having less freedom with the government getting ever bigger and wanting to tell us how to lives while stealing as much of our hard earned money as it can to fund all the progressive goodies. Come up with some good ideas that don’t involve us on our hands and knees supporting/worshiping your precious state and agreement may be possible.

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