Tomorrow’s Conservative Facebook Blackout: A Great Day To Be On Facebook

Conservatives have selected Sunday, August 25, 2013, as the day they will show Facebook a thing or two. Their ingrained paranoid hysteria leads them to believe that Facebook is discriminating against them by censoring their racist and violent posts and pages. But they aren’t sitting still for it, and have issued this challenge:

Facebook Blackout

“We are organizing a nationwide “blackout” of Facebook to protest their arbitrary and capricious policies targeting conservatives with censoring and suspensions. We are asking for all conservatives to suspend (deactivate) their accounts for at least 24 hours on August 25th.”

So far the Facebook Event page promoting the Great Facebook Blackout shows about 28,000 people pledging to “deactivate” their Facebook accounts. That amounts to approximately 2/1,000 of one percent of Facebook’s membership. Zuckerberg must be shaking in his Birkenstocks.

This is typical of the whining that emanates from the right whenever they invent some atrocity being thrust upon them. However, as usual, there is no evidence that their protestations are legitimate. Just like their opposition to reforms addressing health care, climate change, voting rights, gun safety, education, and the economy, teabagging right-wingers assert unsupported allegations and then mount hokey protests to combat the phoney complaint they invented.

This latest wingnut declaration of war is not the first time they have ventured to target Facebook. Last January they even launched an alternative to Facebook that they predicted would lure all the conservatives away. If that had been successful, of course, there wouldn’t be any Facebook conservatives to join in Sunday’s blackout.

The good news is that the 28,000 blackout participants are probably among the most vocal and annoying conservatives on the InterTubes. And with them signing off for the day it will be like a picnic free of those pesky red army ants. So liberals should take advantage of the holiday and enjoy themselves for that 24 hour period free of racist, ignorant, blather inspired by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Fox News.

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21 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Conservative Facebook Blackout: A Great Day To Be On Facebook

  1. Poor Regressive jerks, they still think that they are actually an important part of American society. They forget that they are a fringe group that is throwing a tantrum because they are being relegated to being a footnote in history…

  2. Yeah. Not happening. Liberals might think they’ve won or something. We’re just messin with your little minds… Now go enjoy more Koolaid. Carry on.

  3. We don’t care what you say or think. We are sick of the lies you libaturds spew, you are all in for a rude awakening. You socialistic, Marxist progressive left wing nut job.

    • Well, if anyone can provide an awakening that’s rude…..

    • Oh, dear… what *ever* shall we do without you 28k lunatics and wingnuts? boy, are *WE* ever in for a world of hurt!!

  4. It doesn’t matter….facebook won’t let them deactivate their accounts ANYWAY!!!….NOT EVEN temporarily…..

    • FB can’t stop you from deactivating. I tried it.

  5. Yep….tried it….facebook just tells you your password is incorrect when you try to temporarily deactivate…but it accepts the password to log on…..tried it ten times in a row. Lets me log back on every time. Tells me the password is incorrect every time I try to deactivate. Wonder why they are so worried about people participating in this event???….what effect could it actually have???….makes me think they REALLY ARE AFRAID of people leaving….even for a day….Hmmmm…….

  6. Wow, what proof do you have that “right-wingers” are racists? I love the fucked up stereotypes that you promoted with your little paragraph on this facebook blackout. I hate to break it to you, but your president is the biggest race baiting pos out there. To those of you that say “right-wingers” are irrellevant in this country, think again. We are the ones who pay an ass load in taxes to fund your entitlement hand out programs, that which keep you voting to the slave master. So, enjoy your foodstamps, section 8, title 20, medical cards and tax funded abortions. Keep on inciting the racist murders of old white WWII veterans in the name of Trayvon Martin. We teabaggers are not blinded by the liberal media and the stereotypes.

    • “… what proof do you have that “right-wingers” are racists?”

      Your comment, for starters.

    • Yep, and they are in charge now, so you better get used to saying “Comrade” when ever someone speaks to you. If you don’t tow the line you will most certainly be shipped off to one of those FEMA camps. You might even be forced to gay marry an illegal immigrant from Kenya, its the only way we can think of to get them their green card.

    • “We teabaggers

      Well, at least you got one thing in your post right.

    • That’s funny because red states are overwhelmingly funded by progressive states. And it’s a fact more conservative are on social welfare programs than progressives.sorry darling.

    • You should check who gets what, bucko….Red states are takers…..they spend every dime and then some. Blue states send federal tax money to you low lifes sitting on your couch in the front yard.

  7. You conservatard keyboard warriors used to be fun to screw with, now you’re just boring….back to moms basement with your hot pockets you brave and Nobel numbnuts….

    • Ahhh…the mouth breathing cretin trolls of the 4th Reich decided to show up on this comment thread and spout some bigotry directed towards anyone whose actually READ a real book. Thanks for proving the entire article 110% correct you clueless delusional sociopaths. We come for you…in MASS.

        • Actually, if you look at how fat and out of shape many of the baggers & tin foil hat brigade are, I think that “in MASS,” is entirely appropriate. LOL…

        • Also, “who has”. Whose implies possession or an action from someone. “Anyone whose actually READ a book” would mean “anyone owning a book actually READ a book.”

          But to be fair, Jeffrey had to take a long time away from fucking his sister in order to write that post, so it would make sense that it is full of errors.

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