Fox News Commemorates MLK’s March On Washington By Promoting A Vulgar Racist

On this day fifty years ago, Rev. Martin Luther King led 250,000 Americans to Washington, D.C., and inspired the nation with his dream of freedom and equality. Commemorating that historical event, Fox News led their reporting with an obscure, three day old story about a thoroughly repulsive bigot who was discovered to be working for the Department of Homeland Security.

Fox Nation DHS

Ayo Kimathi was a mid-level office drone with no management authority or responsibility. His job was as a small business specialist in a unit that helps department clients procure items such as handcuffs, ammunition and guns. He was also the man behind an overtly racist web site that advocated violence and civil insurrection. When his supervisors found out what he was up to, they immediately put him on administrative leave pending further disciplinary action. On multiple occasions Fox has deceitfully said that the DHS approved of his web site, however, the approval was only granted because Kamathi misrepresented it’s content.

The web site was discovered by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that studies and documents the activities of hate groups and works to expose the dangerous extremists amongst them. In the past, Fox News has disparagingly characterized the SPLC as a leftist operation that incites terrorist acts against conservatives. But on this occasion, Fox eagerly cites the SPLC’s reporting for one reason: The bigotry is that of a black man directed at whites.

Fox is only interested in racism when whites are the victims. On every other occasion Fox will portray the accuser as a race hustler who lacks any sense of personal responsibility. But the case of Kimathi is unique in that, while he is plainly prejudiced against whites, he is also fiercely opposed to President Obama whom he called a “faggot” and belittled as a “mulatto.” Setting aside his abhorrent contempt for Caucasians, Kimathi actually has much in common with the Tea Partying viewers of Fox News. In fact, many citizens of the Fox Nation have said the very same things about Obama. For instance…

Fox Nation Comment

By the way, if you haven’t read my ebook, Fox Nation vs. Reality you are missing out on an indispensable collection of documented dishonesty from the folks at Fox Nation.

Fox Nation Comment

So, in effect, Fox gets to whine about so-called reverse racism, while still disseminating a message of hate for President Obama. It’s a Tea Party Twofer. And in the comments attached to their story, the Fox Nationalists expressed themselves in particularly repugnant ways, including advocating mass murder:

Fox Nation DHS Comments

Despite this story having been published last Wednesday by the SPLC, Fox chose to feature it as their top headline today, the anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Could there possibly have been a worse time to hype up an incident involving a lone crackpot with the only purpose being to inflame racial division?

That’s just the way Fox News operates. Rather than celebrating the achievements of one of America’s greatest civil rights leaders, or acknowledging the positive progress that has occurred over the last fifty years, Fox went for stirring up animosity and pandering to their bigoted audience.

RELATED NEWS (sorta): Glenn Beck also had something to say about this twisted freak at DHS. And as usual, it was wrapped in a cryptically insane conspiracy theory. Beck has connected the imaginary dots between Kimathi and the debunked nonsense about the DHS buying up all of America’s bullets so as to leave the citizenry unarmed and vulnerable to the jack-booted thugs of the federal government who intend to kill us all.

Beck gets pretty much everything wrong (naturally), beginning with his assertion that Kimathi “just happens to be the guy in charge of buying all of the weapons and the bullets for the Department of Homeland Security.” Of course, that’s an outright lie, but it makes for a hilarious video clip. See for yourself:


6 thoughts on “Fox News Commemorates MLK’s March On Washington By Promoting A Vulgar Racist

  1. Palin said the same ting as Beck…that this guy was important and in charge of buying ALL the ammo for the government. Reading the same Fox feed, are we, guys? How about you use some of your inflated salaries to hire a researcher? And how about mentioning the most important march in US history too? Of course not. Because you ‘not a racist’ types can’t admit a true hero if he doesn’t look like you. What a couple of creeps you are. And throw in the entire Fox staff and rightwing radio, too.

  2. Mark: Is there such a thing as “negative progress”? I suppose there could be.

  3. “Fox News…their bigoted audience…”


    Only in Mark’s feverd mind can anybody attempt to take the story about this bigoted DHS employee and try to make it sound like Fox News is the racist element. Why? Becuase Mark didn’t like the timing. How stupid. How dishonest.

  4. What’s f$%ked up in the current media environment is that nothing that proves Beck is lying will be good enough to prove to his sheeple followers that he is a liar. NOTHING! They believe him no matter what because he’s used a tactic of programming articulated by J. Goebbels to repeat, over and over, that he “tells the truth.” “The truth lives here,” and “Truth has no agenda.”

    So, Mark Howard, who is responsible for the acquisition of bullets by DHS? I can get bullets for my rifle, but the price is going up because of the overall increased demand.

    Good piece BTW.

  5. Racism is in essence a fear of what’s different. In modern America there’s far less racism than there was 100 years ago, and the reason for that is familiarity and acceptance.

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