Fox News Spews Knee-Jerk Defense of Wannabe Dictator Trump After FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago

In what everyone – including Donald Trump – is calling an unprecedented act by federal law enforcement authorities, the Trump compound at Mar-a-Lago was the subject of a search warrant by FBI agents in connection to Trump’s potentially criminal removal and possession of classified documents from the White House.

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Donald Trump Fox News

Republicans and right-wing media are fixated on the unprecedented nature of this operation, while desperately seeking to ignore the criminal part. But the only reason it is unprecedented is because no president has ever acted so brazenly in the commission of crimes as Trump. And even while he rages over the indignity of being held accountable to the law like any other American, Trump frantically scrambles to shift attention away from his legal troubles, to unrelated matters about everything from the his Russian collusion scandals to Hillary Clinton.

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As soon as the story of the FBI visit to Mar-a-Lago broke, Fox News went to work obediently excusing Trump’s legal malfeasance and baselessly accusing President Biden and the Democrats of engaging in an improper persecution of The Former Guy. In an Olympian feat of projection, they likened it to third-world and/or fascist tactics. Never mind that they couldn’t provide a shred of rational support for their wild charges.

The usual suspects at Fox News launched into hysterical defenses of Trump, affirming their role as boot-licking sycophants. It began with Jesse Watters who presented a parade of Trumpist Fox contributors such as Dana Loesch and Dan Bongino to malign the “radical leftists” at the FBI.

That led into Will Cain, sitting in for Tucker Carlson, who somehow managed to book Lara Trump on a moments notice. The thrust of her attempt at whitewashing the affair was that her sugar-daddy-in-law just “loves to save things like newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, photographs.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. He was just scrapbooking. She went on, of course, to divert the low attention span Fox viewers, directing them to “Look at Hillary Clinton. the 33,000 emails that she just deleted.”

The headliner for the night was Sean Hannity. And he didn’t disappoint, so lang as your analysis is based on flagrant deception and hostility. Hannity brought on another unbiased guest, Eric Trump, who said that…

“Going back to Hillary [Clinton], There’s a whole lot of other things. How about the Benghazi scandals? How about the Clinton Foundation? I mean, how many shady oligarchs from Russia were contributing to that? How about Uranium One? You want to talk about scandals that were never investigated, never vetted?”

Literally every item that Eric uttered was a non-scandal that was indeed investigated and had been proven to be fabricated. Clinton testified under oath for eleven hours (something Trump is too cowardly to do), and no evidence of wrongdoing was found. The Clinton Foundation is a pillar of the charitable world, receiving the top rating from charity watchdogs. As opposed to Trump’s foundation that was shuttered by New York authorities for committing fraud. The Uranium One matter was a wholly contrived sham created by Fox News and the GOP.

Eric also explicitly accused Biden of being at the head of the imaginary cabal against his father. And for an added serving of comedy, Hannity punctuated his propaganda by dementedly messing up the old adage about dotting i’s and crossing t’s…

Much of the wingnut argument on Fox News has been centered on a campaign to literally defund the FBI. That’s quite a reversal from their prior position attacking Democrats for being anti-police. What’s more, they have entirely – or conveniently – forgotten that the FBI director, Chris Wray, is a Trump appointee. They even brought in felon Steve Bannon, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, but was later pardoned by Trump. Bannon advocated for cutting off funds to the agency that he lied to:

“The House leaders right now need to step up and recommit Jim Jordan. Full investigation, I think, cutting off appropriations to the FBI to get to the bottom of this. This is gonna continue on. The FBI right now is the Gestapo.”

At least Bannon didn’t insult the FBI as being gazpacho. However, this take by Fox’s Todd Starnes may truly be the most deranged…

One thing all of this Trump-fawning settles is the question as to whether Fox News is still on Trump’s side. Clearly they are as worshipful of Trump as ever. There may have had a brief moment wherein a couple of Murdoch’s newspapers went off script, but Fox News itself is still a fully indoctrinated mouthpiece for the Trump cult.

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Trump Whines About Media Covering Hurricane Ida Instead of Bashing Biden On Afghanistan

America’s most flagrantly dishonest and flamboyantly narcissistic president, Donald Trump, is affirming just how little he cares about the American people. Apparently it wasn’t enough for Trump to preside over the deaths of more than 620,000 Americans. He still felt compelled to exploit the victims of a terrorist bombing in Afghanistan in order to advance his “Big Lie” about election fraud.

Donald Trump Sweating

And yet, that still didn’t satisfy Trump’s obsession with slandering President Biden, even at the expense of more suffering by fellow citizens.

On Monday morning Trump visited with the radical Christianist radio host, Todd Starnes, who was too over the top for Fox News, who fired him two years ago. In the course of their mutually admiring intercourse, Trump unleashed a round of the moldy oldies he has been spinning for years.

Trump railed against his omnipresent foes for having “the fake news, and they have all of the big tech, and all of the crooked politicians,” while delusionally claiming that “we have the people.” Well, except for the people in every poll and the 81 million majority who voted for Joe Biden. Then Trump hauled out this bit of inanity:

“[The people] are not taking what’s happening in Afghanistan. If you look at last night, all they talked about was the hurricane. You look at CNN, and you look at MSDNC, these are horrible … they’re way down, fortunately, they’re way down in ratings. But all they want to talk about is the hurricane, or anything else that they can talk about. Because Afghanistan is not something that can even be discussed in a rational way, The level of stupidity – and we had a great agreement.

So in Trump’s warped view, a catastrophic, category 4 hurricane bearing down on some of the nation’s most populated cities isn’t deserving of media coverage? This was the most severe weather crisis in the region in years. Millions of people were thrust into darkness. Homes and businesses were flooded. It’s too soon to assess the death toll because it isn’t safe enough yet for rescue and recovery operations to begin. But Trump is whining because this has allegedly interrupted the non-stop coverage of Afghanistan. He obviously couldn’t care less about the Americans currently in harms way at home.

You have to wonder what “news” Trump was watching. While there was extensive and warranted coverage of Hurricane Ida, stories about Afghanistan continued to be broadcast by all of the legitimate news networks. The only reason that Trump wasn’t satisfied is that the coverage of Afghanistan was unduly negative toward Biden, which Trump and his GOP confederates were fueling with their own disinformation and partisan criticisms. He was more interested in those attacks continuing than in the public being informed of imminent danger.

For it’s appropriate decision to focus on the hurricane, Trump lashed out at the media with his tedious complaint that they are “the enemy of the people,” adding that they are “fake and crooked and corrupt,” and that “They’ve got to hate our country.” But like almost every insult that Trump casts, these all sound like better description of his own fatal flaws. Trump is a textbook example of psychotic projection. And he is a bigger threat to the welfare of the nation than a hurricane.

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Fox News Defends Traumatizing Kids Because ‘President Trump is Not Gassing Children’

Ever since the story broke about how Donald Trump is ripping children from the arms of their mothers and fathers, Fox News has been trying very hard to help the President obfuscate the issue. They have been variously claiming that it wasn’t happening, or it that it was happening before Trump, or that it was an act of mercy, or that it was horrible but the fault of Democrats. They have been so shaken by the public reaction that they can’t seem to pick a lie and stick to it.

Fox News Todd Starnes

Now Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio has found a whole new approach to the matter. He’s delighted that he can defend Trump’s child abuse initiative by noting that the President isn’t gassing children. No, really. Here is what he said:

“President Trump is not gassing children. President Trump is not loading up train cars with illegal alien children and sending them to the death camps. Lady Liberty is in tears because the Democrats and the mainstream media would rather side with illegal alien invaders than stand alongside their fellow Americans. That’s treasonous and that’s traitorous in my book.”

When you have to sink to finding the goodness in your policies by being able to say they aren’t as bad as Nazi atrocities, you might want to rethink those policies. Unfortunately for Trump and the Republican Party, it’s too late for that. They are now married to this heinous practice after repeatedly sending out administration officials to defend it.

And Fox News may be the worst among them all. Their hosts from Fox and Friends in the morning, to Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity at night, have all taken Trump’s side. They try to portray the detention centers as “summer camps” where kids are confined by “walls of chain-link fences” which, for some reason, are not cages. They claim the kids have regular meals, televisions, and play sports. That is, when these toddlers aren’t curled up in foil blankets, crying for their mothers.

And Starnes calls critics of this cruelty “treasonous” and “traitorous” based on his perception of them as siding with “illegal alien invaders.” That’s right. He sees these children as warriors from hostile nations, and anyone who has compassion for their suffering is betraying America.

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For the past week there have been a lot of nauseating efforts to justify what the Trump administration is doing to these kids. But Starnes may have hit peak assholiness. At the same time he has rather succinctly summed up what Trump and the GOP have wrought. They are apparently aiming for a horrendous method of terrorizing children and deterring asylum seekers without quite reaching the depths of the Third Reich. Perhaps we should congratulate them on their success.

Fox News Attacks Superman Because He Defended Immigrants From a Racist Slaughter

For twenty years Fox News has marketed itself as an ultra-patriotic mouthpiece for conservative principles. Their editorial posture has brazenly taken the side of what it considers American exceptionalism. Never mind that such bias is a breach of journalistic standards. An ethical news operation cannot be seen as exhibiting such favoritism. It would make it impossible to objectively criticize the U.S. when necessary.


This makes the commentary by Fox News host Todd Starnes all the more peculiar. Starnes unleashed an opinionated column that viciously attacked the concepts of “truth, justice, and the American way.” That’s right, he’s taking on Superman. And the offensive behavior by the Man of Steel was that he saved the lives of brown people from a murderous racist. In an article titled “Superman defends illegals against angry American,” Starnes writes that:

“The Man of Steel has now become a propaganda tool for the defenders of illegal aliens. In the most recent issue of Action Comics, Superman comes to the rescue of a group of illegal aliens — under attack from a white guy wearing an American flag bandana and waving around a machine gun. The man is reportedly infuriated because the illegal aliens took his job,” […]

“Instead of rounding up the illegals and flying them back to where they came from, the Man of Steel snatches the white guy and with a menacing look snarls, ‘The only person responsible for the blackness smothering your soul — is you.'”

So Starnes is outraged that our fictional superhero prevented the mass slaying of innocent human beings. Which is pretty much what Superman has been doing for seventy-five years. But Starnes is unconcerned about the killer’s admitted racism and intention to kill Latinos he believes cost him his job. Apparently Starnes would have preferred a version of the story with more bloodshed and dead immigrants. He concludes his tirade with a lament that D.C. Comics is “turning its stable of iconic heroes into political pawns” and “indoctrinating our kids.” The author of the comic, however, sees it differently:

It’s notable that nowhere in the comic are the Latino victims described as undocumented. But that doesn’t stop Starnes from repeatedly referring to them as “illegals” And even if they were undocumented, that wouldn’t justify them being murdered to anyone but bigots like Starnes. Their hatred is exactly what heroes like Superman are dedicated to fighting against. And the comic contains a thought that could easily be applied to Starnes and his pals at Fox News and in Donald Trump’s White House:

“Something darker is at work here. As though anger and ignorance have boiled over all at once. Where people can’t look past their own selfishness and the common good is a foreign concept.”

Precisely. The dark anger and ignorance that is boiling over at Fox News is a product of selfishness and prejudice. It’s too bad we don’t have actual superheroes to protect us from the cretins who peddle such hate. But it’s even worse that we have to suffer idiots like Starnes who wallow in it.

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The Fake Fox News ‘War On Christmas’ Just Created Some Very Real Victims

For several years now Fox News has been engaged in a raging “War On Christmas.” For the most part it is a conflict that is wholly the product of their warped imagination. And despite the fact that victory was declared by its general, Bill O’Reilly, several times, peace has still evaded us. And now this phony war is having all too real consequences.

Fox News Todd Starnes

An elementary school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, made an administrative decision not to put on a Christmas show this year. The principal cited the fact that its production requires 15-20 hours of classroom time that couldn’t be spared. However, the program’s cancellation was all that Fox News needed to bolster their war propaganda. Host Todd Starnes put out another in his series of bogus tirades against imaginary assaults on Xmas. According to LancasterOnline (via Media Matters):

“A Hempfield elementary school is under fire for ending its longstanding production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” and a Jewish family has fled the county in fear because it’s being blamed for the cancellation. The unfolding controversy at Centerville Elementary School played out this week in national conservative media outlets including FOX News and Breitbart News Network, which portray the school’s move as part of a ‘war on Christmas.'”

After the play was canceled, classmates were reported to have harassed the Jewish student whom they blamed for the cancellation. The parents denied that they had complained or asked that the play be canceled. All they did was to request that their child not be required to participate. The principal responded to the rumors about parental objections by posting a notice stating flatly that they weren’t true. But that didn’t stop Fox News, Breitbart, and other right-wing outlets from exploiting the contrived controversy.

As a result, the family was forced to flee their home in order to avoid the hostile reaction from Fox viewers. [See update below] LancasterOnline reported that:

“Since the Fox and Breitbart stories, a spokeswoman for the school district said, the school has received at least 200 emails and phone calls either supporting or objecting to the decision or asking for additional information. The Jewish student’s parents say some of the reactions to the stories frightened them. After seeing reader comments like ‘It would be nice if we had the addresses of those concerned citizens and, I bet, this info is known to people living in the area’ on the Breitbart story, the parents pulled their child out of school and headed out of the area for a bit. ‘There’s no way we’re going to take a chance after the pizza incident,’ they said, referencing the man who fired an assault rifle in a Washington D.C area pizzeria after reading a fake-news story that said Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of there.”

The stories from Fox and Breitbart focused on the false assertion that a Jewish family objected to the play’s Tiny Tim character saying “God bless us, everyone.” That’s absurd on its face because there would be no reason for such an objection. Jews are not averse to blessings from God. However, the attempt to stigmatize a Jewish family reeks of the anti-Semitism that frequently portrays Jews as Christ-killers. Casting Jews as opponents of Christianity and its holidays was a favorite tactic of the Nazis in 1930’s Germany.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
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Now Fox News is carrying on that loathsome tradition in an effort to advance their Christmas Wars agenda. And they are not the least bit concerned about the harm it is doing to innocent families. They are devoted to their campaign of hate and division without regard for the victims. And it is perfectly aligned with Donald Trump’s divisive agenda. He often fires up his rallies by promising that “If I become president, we’re all going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.” It’s that 1930’s totalitarianism that makes him think he can decide what we are all going to say.

UPDATE: The Anti-Defamation League investigated the claims that the family fled their home due to threats following false stories about the cancellation of a school Christmas play. They found that the family actually left on a planned vacation, but the other facts remain unchanged. There were stories that accused the family of being responsible for the cancellation, and they were harassed.

Fox News Host Uses #Brexit Vote To Call For A New Civil War In The U.S.

The pseudo-patriots at Fox News are constantly waving the Stars and Stripes as they espouse a philosophy of American Exceptionalism (aka American Supremacy). They consider themselves to be the palace guards of a near fetishistic nationalism. They pounce on President Obama for any slight that their imaginations perceive and berate those they feel have not been sufficiently deferential to their brand of jingoism.

Fox News

For some reason, however, when it comes to honoring the unity of the United States, Fox News is often less than loyal to the country. Yesterday’s vote in the United Kingdom on whether to remain in the European Union has brought out some of that anti-American fervor that is always just slightly below the surface of the Tea Party StormTrumpers at Fox News. Todd Starnes, host of Fox Radio’s News & Commentary program, was so exhilarated by the U.K.’s vote to leave the EU that he rushed to tweet his response to Brexit saying, “Hey Texas — did you see what the British just did? #freedom.”

The unmistakable message of that tweet was that Texas ought to follow in the U.K.’s footsteps and secede from the U.S. It’s a message that isn’t particularly original. There has been a Texas secession movement (now being called Texit) going on for many years, led by groups like The Republic of Texas and the Texas Nationalist Movement. Former Governor Rick Perry was not averse to hinting at the idea while he was in office and running for president. But being advocated by a the host of a major “news” network is a new wrinkle.

Given a shallow analysis, one could find some compelling reasons to let Texas go, including the immediate loss of millions of right-wing crackpots and two wingnut senators. Governing the remaining forty-nine states would become noticeably easier without the largest red state mucking things up. Republicans would lose their largest source of electoral college votes.

But with closer scrutiny you would also have to be concerned about the millions of other rational, progressive Texans who would suffer undeservedly. What’s more, the conservative utopia about which the secessionists fantasize would not likely be forthcoming. For the past several years the population of the state has been trending more liberal with a growing community of Latino citizens. That’s probably not the demographic profile that the mostly white secessionists have in mind.

What Fox News and these anti-patriots fail to grasp is that there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for secession. About a hundred and fifty years ago some southern states, including Texas, had sought to set up their own government separate from the United States. That turned out badly for them, and it wasn’t so great for anyone else either. It was the bloodiest war in the nation’s history. How Texas would achieve a separation today is not explained by the proponents.

For a Fox News host to advocate for what would be another bloody civil war is beyond irresponsible. It is insane. It’s the advocacy of once again pitting Americans against one another with no hope for successfully attaining their goal. It would result in untold fatalities and economic catastrophe as demonstrated by the response of the world’s financial markets today. Clearly there is very little optimism about the prospects for England’s future by those who are most affected by it.

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Just the suggestion of pursuing Texit inflames the same sort of bigotry and division that has fueled the campaign of Donald Trump who, after an embarrassing moment when he revealed that he didn’t know what Brexit is, he came out in favor of it. He literally announced his support for one of the most consequential events in history just moments after saying “I don’t think anybody should listen to me because I haven’t really focused on it very much.” And that pretty much sums up the low level of thought that has gone into the issue by Trump and his ilk. It’s an embrace of ignorance that is both mind boggling and frightening. And it is being furthered by irresponsible propagandists on Fox News.

Fox News Anchor Attacks Student’s Freedom Of Speech As “Repulsive”

Todd Starnes is the resident Fox News televangelist and Christaria Law proponent. As the host of Fox’s American Dispatch he devotes nearly every segment to some perceived blasphemy on the part of government, schools, or businesses. He is convinced that the huge majority of American Christians are being oppressed and are at risk of losing all of their rights. He sees conspiracies in popular culture to rob good Christians of rewards to which they are entitled. And he preaches a twisted gospel that casts Jesus as an ass-kicking warrior.

Todd Starnes

The latest episode of the Starnes Stories concerns a photo that was posted on Facebook showing a high school kid standing on an American flag. The story came from the Education Action Group, a right-wing organization that is funded by the Koch brothers and has a rotten record for honesty. Starnes posted an article on Fox News reporting that “Teen’s flag-stomp stunt at HS spurs investigation.” That act of disrespect was castigated as “repulsive” and “detestable” by Starnes. In his highly biased presentation of the facts he said that…

“The repulsive photograph, reportedly posted online over the Valentine’s Day weekend, shows a young man standing on Old Glory as a female student stands nearby with her middle finger raised.”

Setting aside that fact that there was nothing to investigate, the incident would have been forgotten had it stopped there. It would have been nothing more than an ordinary expression of opinion, to which Starnes is entitled. However, the article went on to hail the school administration for coming out strongly against this student’s extracurricular activity.

“The district solicitor posted a message online promising a ‘timely and thorough review of this incident and will implement appropriate legal discipline.’ They called the photo ‘unfortunate and unpatriotic.'”

Starnes was thrilled that there would be legal consequences for the student’s outrageous behavior. The only problem is, he didn’t break any law. The Supreme Court has ruled that the flag can be used as an instrument of expression. Despite the hurt feelings of patriopathic zealots, it would be unlawful to constrain speech merely because it involved the flag. According to Starnes, however, this treasonous tot should be forced to undergo some sort of punishment. And when the ACLU was asked to comment on the affair, their answer only enraged Starnes further. He wrote that…

“The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania doesn’t seem to think there’s a problem with desecrating Old Glory.”

‘As long as they were trying to send a message of protest, it sounds like they are protected to me,’ legal director Witold Walczak told the Tribune Democrat.

“The ACLU enjoys nothing better than an old-fashioned American flag burning.”

Actually, the ACLU enjoys nothing better than old-fashioned freedom of speech. And as has been observed in events like this since the founding of the nation, it is primarily speech that some people find offensive that is most in need of protection. After all, no one is trying to censor speech that everyone likes.

In addition to Starnes demonstrating an aversion to the First Amendment, he is also affirming the blatant hypocrisy of conservatives like himself on Fox News and elsewhere. For some reason he never bothered to complain when George W. Bush and his wife Laura stomped on an American flag. Nor did it disturb his tender sensitivities when Fox News paid tribute to flag desecration on the 4th of July. And while putting Obama’s face on flag was considered a disgrace, there was no such anger when the Tea Party did it. Clearly flag desecration is permitted when the offender is a conservative, but reviled otherwise.

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Starnes has developed a reputation as a dishonest purveyor of religious propaganda. That’s surely how he got his job at Fox News. One particularly grievous example of his lack of principles was the time he reported on a five year old girl whose father claimed she was prohibited from praying in her school’s cafeteria. There was never any evidence that this happened and it was later discovered that the girl’s father was the VP of Sales for his publisher (which he never disclosed) and he had a book that was just about to be released on this very subject. The whole thing was apparently a lie concocted to sell his book. And that’s not an uncommon modus operandi at Fox News where virtually every anchor is hawking their books.

Fox News: It’s Open Season On Christians In America

Good news for the satanic sportsmen of the country. Fox News has announced that “It’s Open Season On Christians In America.” That’s right. This sorely put upon majority of crybabies is at imminent risk of total eradication from the Secular Progressive cabal of evildoers.

Fox News

The creeping danger that is casting a shadow on these righteous Americans now was identified by Rev. Franklin Graham and brought to the attention of the faithful by the Fox News resident evangelical correspondent, Todd Starnes.

In a conversation with Starnes, Graham fretted that “I believe we are perilously close to the moral tipping point for the survival of the United States of America,” and he declared that he would “refuse to be silent and watch the future of our children and grandchildren be offered up on pagan altars of personal pleasure and immorality.”

Well, that’s comforting. After all, he has already witnessed the Supreme Court redefining marriage, the rise of Islamic radicals, and the horror of Christians losing their First Amendment rights (which he freely said to a national news network). What this all leads to is the foreboding reality that…

“There now exists deep-seated antagonism and hostility toward Christianity in every seat of power in this nation – government, media, courts and education.”

To this Starnes stood up proudly to proclaim that “Instead of ignoring the rotting of America’s culture,” Graham promised to do something about it. And that somnething is to embark upon the “Decision America Tour,” a series of prayer rallies at the capitol buildings of all 50 states. Graham insists that this is not a political movement, but an appeal to the Almighty. He says that he will “lead this nation in prayer, confessing the sins of our country, asking for God’s forgiveness and encouraging Christians to get engaged in the political process.” Because, of course, this is not at all political. And to further confirm the non-political nature of this campaign, Graham complained that…

“The churches have allowed the government to take away their responsibility and so the government is feeding people, the government is clothing people, the government is now in charge of health care.”

Never mind the fact that there is nothing stopping churches from fulfilling their mission to provide food, clothing, and assistance with health care and other necessities to the many people who are still in need. Many churches are doing just that while Graham is busy whining and politicking. And he is way off base with his assertion that government is charge of health care. All government is doing is making it more affordable and accessible.

Where these paranoid Christianists constantly get the idea that they are under attack and likely to be defeated by some vague enemy is a persistent mystery. Aren’t they supposed to have an omnipotent, all-powerful God on their side? And even better, they have an omnipotent and all-powerful cable news network proselytizing on behalf of their Lord, who apparently has a bad PR agent and has to turn to Fox News.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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And yet, with the help of God and Fox News they are still convinced that they will meet their doom at the hands of the infidels whom they greatly outnumber. So they are forced to take to the streets and inspire their believers to get politically active. And they run to Todd Starnes and Fox News to achieve that goal. It must be an awful burden to live constantly in fear of the handful of pagans that apparently are more formidable than their creator and savior. Maybe they should seek a mightier Almighty.

Thanksgiving Day On Fox News: Anchor Refers To Immigrants As Cattle

Always anxious to reflect the spirit of America on its revered holidays, a Fox News anchor took the time to produce a commentary that expresses his views on immigration. And what better occasion than Thanksgiving to contemplate the sacrifices of people from far off lands enduring long and perilous travels in the hopes of a better life in a new world?

In that spirit Todd Starnes, Fox’s Christian Taliban representative, sought to demonize immigrants as less than human with an obscure reference to a classic TV program. Starnes opened his commentary saying…

“Most Americans agree with Donald Trump — the illegal aliens have to go. Head ’em up, move ’em out.”

Todd Starnes

Fans of the old western show “Rawhide” will remember its theme song by Frankie Laine (video below) that went: “Move ’em on, head ’em up/Head ’em up, move ’em out/Move ’em on/head ’em out Rawhide!” It was a cowboy ode to wrangling livestock, often on long, arduous cattle drives. did he think that no one would notice the sly way he equated immigrants with cattle?

Apparently Starnes regards that as an appropriate way to address the issue of immigration, and particularly the plan by Donald Trump to round up some 11,000,000 undocumented residents and “herd ’em out” of the country. Starnes’ choice of that phrase proves that he regards immigrants as animals. But it is also typical of the racist rhetoric so prevalent on Fox News and among Republican bigots. In this context the lyric perfectly expresses the hatefulness of people who don’t see the irony of their own past as immigrants, especially in the part of the verse that says em>”Don’t try to understand ’em/Just rope and throw and grab ’em.”

Starnes continues his rant by citing the results of a Fox News poll that found that a slight majority of 52% of respondents favor deporting immigrants who are living in the United States illegally. He then characterizes that as proof that “Americans agree with Trump – Illegals Must go.” But in his own commentary he reveals that it isn’t Americans so much as it is Republicans. The breakdown of the poll shows that 70% of Republicans hold that view, but a majority (58%) of Democrats oppose the inhumane act of mass deportation.

Starnes also misrepresented another question in the poll that asked “Which of the following best describes how you feel about identifying and deporting millions of immigrants who are living in the U.S. illegally?” The responses were that 41% considered it “a smart idea,” which Starnes included in his commentary. However, for some reason, he left out that 54% considered it “Silly because it would be impossible [or] Wrong even if it were possible.”

Taking the numbers in their totality, it is ridiculous to conclude that Americans agree with Trump on immigration. Only someone intent on deception would make such a case. But Starnes wasn’t finished with his offensive diatribe. He went on to enumerate a series of known falsehoods about immigrants:

“Americans are frustrated — they see illegals taking away our jobs. They see our tax money funding sanctuary cities and funding social programs that a good many legal citizens don’t have access to. They see a government that turns a blind eye to the illegals as they murder American citizens and pillage and plunder local economies. They see a White House that favors the illegals over immigrants who are trying to enter the United States legally.”

There are so many outright lies in that paragraph it’s hard to know where to begin. But let’s start with the observation that Starnes, a self-appointed martinet of allegedly Christian values, repeatedly uses the racist slur “illegals” to refer to undocumented residents.

As for the immigration myths he is perpetuating, the facts are not with him. No one is stealing “their” jobs. The jobs are being offered to immigrants by American employers, yet nobody talks about punishing them for violating the law, and no one calls them “illegals.” What’s more, immigrants are actually responsible for expanding the job market and growing the economy. And they do this without tax money or burdening the welfare system because they are not entitled to most benefits.

The contention that immigrants are “pillaging and plundering” is both repugnant and entirely without basis. In fact, the undocumented immigrant population in the U.S. has a lower rate of criminal activity than native-born citizens. And Starnes’ assertions that the government is “turning a blind eye” to murders, and that the White House favors “the illegals” over other immigrants is downright delusional. He doesn’t bother to cite any examples because there weren’t any up his ass with the rest of what he pulled out for this commentary.

So what we have here is a Fox News anchor fabricating blatant lies in order to foment hatred toward a vulnerable population. He couches the whole tirade in a racist theme that casts his targets as sub-human cattle. And he chooses Thanksgiving Day, a day meant to celebrate brotherhood and the welcoming of strangers, to insult and smear people who want nothing more than to provide for their families and enjoy the blessings of liberty. Nice work Your Assholiness.

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Fox News Host Floats Delusional Miss America Conspiracy Theory

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Todd Starnes, he is Fox’s Christianist Ayahtollah and host of the webcast “The Dispatch.” He is primarily known for spinning fables about the alleged persecution of America’s oppressed majority Christians. In most cases he invents the stories himself and provides no independent corroboration. And there is generally a stench of overt racism wafting from everything to which his name is attached.

Fox News Todd Starnes

Take for example the time that Starnes reported on a five year old girl whose father claimed she was prohibited from praying in her school’s cafeteria. It turned out that the girl’s father was the VP of Sales for his publisher and he had a book that was just about to be released. There was no evidence that the incident ever occurred and Starnes failed to disclose his close personal relationship with the allegedly abused family. Starnes has a resume of dishonesty that has hounded him throughout his career. Which, I suppose, is what makes him such a perfect employee for Fox News.

Starnes latest outrage involves the selection of the new Miss America. He took to his webcast (video below) to rhetorically ask “Did Miss America Judges Shoot Down Pro-Gun Contestant?” Starnes asserted that one of the contest’s runners-up, South Carolina’s Daja Dial, had been robbed of her victory because her answer to a question on assault weapons didn’t call for banning them, as the pageant’s overlords wanted, according to Starnes. He said…

“It was quite a night on the boardwalk where a distinguished panel of left-wing judges tested the ladies intellect on a number of the most pressing issues of our day. […] Miss South Carolina turned out to be one of the few ladies who refused to kowtow to the judges agenda, shooting down an anti-gun question by saying she opposed banning firearms. Needless to say, the pride of the palmetto state did not win. Liberals frown on pistol-packing beauty queens.”

Left-wing judges? Where Starnes gets that idea from is never revealed. Nor does he explain how any of the other candidates “kowtowed” to some imagined agenda of the liberal beauty queen cabal. In fact, the panel of judges included a country singer, a Disney star, an investor, and the widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. None of the judges could plausibly be characterized as liberals. But what makes Starnes’ bitchfest so strikingly stupid is that the contestants who gave answers that liberals might agree with also failed to get the crown. For instance:

  • Miss Mississippi, Hannah Roberts, was asked whether the religious freedom of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis was violated by the court order to issue marriage licenses to all legal applicants. She said that “It absolutely does not violate her religious freedom,” and that “she did violate the law there.”
  • Miss Alabama, Meg McGuffin, was asked why she thinks that Donald Trump is leading the GOP primary race by such an overwhelming margin. She answered that he “is an entertainer,” but that “the Republican Party should be absolutely terrified of all the attention that he is taking.”
  • Miss Tennessee, Hannah Robison, was asked if Planned Parenthood should be defunded by Congress. Her reply: “I don’t think Planned Parenthood funding should be cut off.” She continued to correctly point out that none of those funds go toward abortions, but are spent on screening for cancer and mammograms, and without it “women will be out of health care.”

It is worth noting that all three of these contestants were from conservative, southern states and gave impressive, well-reasoned, liberal answers. And they all lost despite Starnes’ insistence that the pageant was rigged in favor of liberals. If Starnes’ theory was correct, one of these contestants would be Miss America today. Instead the winner was Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, who was handed a non-political question about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his involvement in Deflategate (she thought he cheated).

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time that Starnes whined about his preferred lady being passed over in the Miss America pageant – and for the same reason. Two years ago Starnes was infatuated with Theresa Vail of Kansas, but she lost to a beautiful, talented Indian-American from Syracuse, New York, Nina Davuluri.. Starnes responded with a noxious blast of racism in tweet saying that…

“The liberal Miss America judges won’t say this – but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values.”

Of course she did. She is a white, Christian, soldier. How could she lose to a dark-skinned, Hindu, with a funny name, who could not possibly represent American values? In another tweet Starnes attributed Vail’s loss to her being a gun-toter. He really is obsessed with women and guns.

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When Starnes isn’t slobbering over well-armed beauty queens, he is fretting about gays threatening the sanctity of marriage, and pagans defiling America’s Christian foundations. He is as deranged as any religious extremist and holds that his faith is superior to that of anyone who would dare to disagree with him. His views are not only ignorant and riddled with falsehoods, they are dangerous. And Fox News gives him a platform to spread his bile to an eager and dimwitted audience.